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Posted Oct. 14, 2020, 11:14 p.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in pre-sim - Movie and Revelations - Revna’s Office

Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in pre-sim - Movie and Revelations - Revna’s Office

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in pre-sim - Movie and Revelations - Revna’s Office

Revna squeezed her hands back, keeping Lera anchored to their conversation. She held Lera’s gaze. “I know you aren’t.” She nods her head towards the dark screen, “You’re afraid of THOSE Orions. And that is two totally seperate things.” Lera was feeling the trauma though. Her body felt it, but her mind was unable to process it. Lera was either going to panic or she was going to bolt. She was going to use a grounding technique with her, she’d tell Mardusk about it too so that if Lera was in the middle of a flashback he could walk her through it.

Lera shook her head and glanced around. “I don’t know. I just know it’s him.” She let her hands go loose in Revna’s grasp

“I know this is going to sound strange, but Lera, tell me something you taste right now.”

“What?” Lera looked at her confused a moment. “Ummm my drink, I guess…”

“Two things you smell”

“Three things you can feel”

“Four things you can hear”

“And Five things you can see.”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

She shook her head. Lera wasn’t sure why Revna was asking. She pulled her hands back as if the woman was asking more of her than she could give. “I see you, smell the food, hear the holo…” She shook her head again and stood up, using her calves to push her chair back so she didn’t topple the woman over. “I don’t… I can see and hear just fine.” There was a moment of panic in her eyes. She wanted to bolt. But in that moment it was as if she wasn’t sure which way to go. She was watching a holo with Revna, she shouldn’t be this upset. She took a very deep breath and pulled back in on herself. Revna would recognize the signs. Lera was rebuilding her armor. She knew she had let loose more than she meant to and was trying to take it all back.


Lera wasn’t ready for this. Revna was concerned that Lera wasn’t even aware of what she’d shared. Lera was in a lot worse shape than she’d realized. She let Lera pull herself back in. That wasn’t a great long term solution, but the mind did that for a reason. The grounding technique had certainly helped her refocus, but now how much to tell Lera. Revna kept a hold of her hands though as Lera stood up. She tugged on Lera’s hands to indicate she needed help. There was no way Revna could get up on her own, not easily. She stood with Lera’s help and moved with her back over to their pile of pillows, popcorn, and drinks. Revna looked up at the screen…perfect timing!

She tugged Lera back to the floor with her. “Hey Lera…look! It’s Mardusk!” The scene showed a guard harrasing the spaniard swordsman and calls for the Brute Squad. Fezzik, the giant, appears, “I’m on the brute squad.”
Guard, “You are the brute squad.” Fezzik thumps the guard on the top of the head with a fist, knocking him out.
Revna elbows Lera in the side playfully. “Am I right? Tell me I’m right. Please?” Revna turns the conversation back to girl talk and being friends. “I am so going to call Mardusk the Brute squad the next time I see him.”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

When Lera felt Revna pull on her, something inside her shifted. She eased up and helped Revna to her feet, then helped her settle on the cushions. “You all right?” She asked, but then Revna was pointing to the screen and a man that was certainly nearly the size of Mardusk. With one hand still holding the Counselor’s, she didn’t realize she was moving to her knees on the cushions beside the woman.

She watched the scene and actually laughed. It was genuine. She was pulled back inside herself now and the painful moments of a few minutes ago was temporarily forgotten. At the elbow to her side, Lera nodded and smiled. “It is. It is. But if you call him brute squad you do it at your own risk. I’m not taking the chance.” She laughed. Reaching over to Revna’s almost empty glass, she rose and took up her own to go and get refills. “And something tells me a slight bump on the head wouldn’t drop Mar as easily as it did the Fezz fella.” She was smiling at the image of some person standing up to Mar and trying a single thump to his head as his chance of escape. It wasn’t boding well for the ‘other guy’ in Lera’s thoughts.

“Oh agreed. Totally at my own risk, but maybe I won’t do that. I used to be fast, but now, I can’t even make it across the hall without stopping. I mean I need at least the illusion of being able to get away.” Revna is still smiling, but it doesn’t quite reach her eyes now. She sighs, “Maybe I’ll just clip this scene and send it out to everyone labelled, ‘Can you find Mardusk in this scene?’“

She came back over and handed Revna the drink. “What else do you need? You look tired. Maybe we should finish this later?” She could tell that standing up had been difficult and now the engineer was once more in protective mode. Her own issues so far tucked back in her mind she wasn’t even aware they had occurred.


Revna was tired. Nash had been right, she was going to have to do less, but she couldn’t leave Lera at the moment. She had a feeling too many doctors had left her, hadn’t really paid attention to her, and now her friend was in a dangerous place, and she didn’t even know it. She needed to make sure that Lera was going to be okay the rest of the day, that she was on solid ground, at least for the moment. Then…then she had a hard decision to make.

She patted the cushion. “I just need to sit here and breathe carefully. Let’s at least finish the movie. I mean I did rearrange all my furniture for this. It’s be a shame to waste such a good movie, and snacks. Come on. Then maybe you’d walk with me.” She took the drink from Lera and turned back to the movie. She knew it by heart so she was able to pay attention to Lera while the movie played. She wasn’t sure how far she’d get on her own to her quarters. It was getting worse, and she was on the maximum dosage of meds.

Lt Edman, Counselor

Breathe carefully not ‘take a breath’ or anything so benign. Revna was hurting and she probably hadn’t meant to let Lera know, but she had. Lera settled beside her, close enough to grab her if she tottered over. She watched the movie, half an eye on the Counselor. It was intriguing enough. And though the trials and tribulations the characters faced were vast, and comical, in the end, the kiss made it worth it. Deep in her gut, Lera wanted that. She had something close, with Mardusk, the Security Chief. But she knew they were both holding back. Both worried about being hurt, yet both wanting the totality of the love they both dreamed of.

Revna loved this movie. In the end it was all worth it. She doesn’t laugh as the grandson finally tells his grandfather he can read the “kissing” stuff. Normally she would, but laughter, like so many things was out of reach now. Just like that perfect kiss at the end of the movie.

At the end, drinks, empty, food nearly gone, the screen went dark and Lera turned to Revna. After a moment of silence, she cocked her head. “What’s wrong? With you, I mean. And are you breathing all right, now?” There was a deep sound, and feeling, of concern in the engineer’s voice. This was something she was used to, helping others.


Revna wasn’t one to hide things. She’d found long ago trying to be perfect and strong and unharmed made her inhuman. And a counselor should never be that. But in this case a friend should never be that. It would come under Lera’s notice that Revna always spoke low and soft, and measured. Her speech was never hurried and though had inflection it was controlled by how she breathed. Her breath was always, just more than shallow, and never deep. “I told you at dinner, I have a lung injury that I got caught in the cross fire. Well it wasn’t quite that.” She shrugs, not out of indifference by to ease the ache. “I served on a hospital ship. One of the patients, he…he snapped, went after another patient with a knife. I stepped between them. My lungs are very damaged and I can’t breath right now.”

Lt Edman, Counselor

Lera frowned. “I hadn’t realized it was ‘that’ bad. Surely the Doctors can help. I mean, they should have been able to repair you a long time ago.” It escaped her notice that she had allowed her own deeper injuries and scars to remain from that captivity. The frown deepened as she glanced around the room. “And you moved this by yourself? Next time, don’t. I’ll help you. Or Mardusk will. Promise me you won’t try this again. Please?” She patted the woman’s hand reassuringly. “You are far too valuable on this ship to be pushing yourself with foolish things.”

She made a mental promise to fix the furniture after Revna went to bed. She’d ask Mardusk to come help if she needed it.


Revna smiled sadly. “Oh, the doctors did everything they could. The doctors on Centurion are the best out there. I was doing really good, but now…” Revna shrugs, in acceptance. “Sometimes wounds can only be healed so far. So only time will tell, now.” She grins, but doesn’t laugh. “No, Lera, I did not move this on my own. That couch I ordered for Mardusk, I couldn’t move even before I got hurt. No the other counseling staff came in and moved it for me. They’ll put it back if I ask them.” Lera still had a hold of her hand and she squeezed it reassuringly. “I promise I won’t move any furniture. You haven’t met my sister yet, she’s scary when she’s mad. I wouldn’t risk her wrath.” The compliment meant a lot to Revna, but only time would really tell how valuable she was. That was yet to be established, but she appreciated Lera saying so. Revna wasn’t really sure she was up to doing her job anymore. She felt like she kept making mistakes.

She pulls her feet up under her and using the wall and Lera’s hand she stands up, and then bends over slightly to grab some of the smaller pillows and blankets. She uses the wall for support, she doesn’t need to fall over.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Lera laughed. “Then don’t get to her ire now. Sit!” She laughed and pointed to the couch, taking the cushions from the Counselor’s hands. “I’ll clean this up. Least I can do.” She didn’t wait to see if Revna sat down, but she absently kicked the other pillows out of the way so she couldn’t just bend down and reach them. A laugh on her lips as she moved to pick them up and place them back on chairs and couch. She took up the blankets and started folding them. “You are lucky to have your sister around. I don’t have any family. I guess the upside is, no one to miss. Downside, no one to yell at me when I overdo it. Well,” she shrugged and actually blushed slightly before turning away. “Except for Mardusk, anyway.”

Revna sits down as ordered. She was in no position to argue with Lera over it. She shook her head, instead of laughing as Lera kicked the pillows away from her. Revna grins, “I’m really lucky my last CO was able to get her a job as a teacher here. I hadn’t actually seen her in almost 5 years. I mean we talked all the time, but it’s not quite the same.” Revna listens, “So it’s not any of my business, but can I ask, how series are you two? I mean, to be honest, I’m a little envious. At dinner you two just seemed to flow together so perfectly.”

Once the room was decent, in case it didn’t get set to rights before tomorrow, she finally turned back to Revna. “Now, I’m going to see you back to your quarters.” She grinned and the edge of her smile crept a bit higher. “Or I can have Mardusk come carry you? He does that quite well. I can attest to it, personally.” She winked teasing in her knowledge of what she spoke was truth.


Revna shook her head, holding back the laughter the mental image of Mardusk carrying Lera caused. “He could probably carry us both. But no, the rumor mill on a star ship isn’t always kind. I wouldn’t do that to either of you.” Besides Mardusk was not the man whose arms she wanted to be in. Oh she had to stop because as far as she knew that wasn’t going to go anywhere. It couldn’t go anywhere. Shaking off her thoughts she stood up and headed to the door. “Come one. I’m all the way down on deck 18.”

The walked, slowly, Revna setting the pace at one she could manage without having to stop before they got down the corridor to the turbolift. They waited for the lift to arrive. The doors swished open and Revna stepped in waiting for Lera. “Deck 18.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

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