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Runa stood there staring at this Oaf in front of her. “A ski hill? I haven’t been on a ski hill in 4 years. There is no way you were there.” She looks him up and down, “I’d remember you.” Runa always had a knack for names and faces. A benefit for being a teacher and students show up years later and all grown up. She nodded absently. Legal representation? She didn’t know anyone to call. The man was serious, and she whispered to Revna, “Will you call, Da?” Surely their father could find the paper work she needed and get this cleared up.

She walked with them towards the door a few steps and then stopped, dead in her tracks. And D’Vash would see steel in her eyes. They had played her. Both of them. She shrugged Revna off, she’d get back to her sister later, and she advanced on the Cmdr, laughter in her eyes. The years between suddenly gone, and she remembered, and the affection for that 7 year old boy still there. Oh she’d been awful then. And she deserved everything she was going to get. Runa loved a good prank, and this was certainly a good one. She’d play along for a bit. “Well then Cmdr. if you were there I think you’ll agree the little weasel deserved what he got. Always sneaking in and looking where he shouldn’t. Torturing the girls, making them cry in fright. Teasing them mercilessly. Poetic justice it was.”
Runa Edman, Teacher

“Who are you kidding? You loved every minute of it!!!” He opened his arms, inviting Runa in for a hug.

Laughing Runa practically tackled D’Vash in a huge hug. “Vash!” She hugged him tightly and kissed him on the cheek. “I did love every minute of it, and so did you! You even volunteered to be rolled down that hill.” Runa turned to look at Revna a wicked gleam to her eyes. She might be too shocked and thrilled to find D’Vash here, but her sister was going to get payback, “Revna Freja Edman! You will pay for this!”

Revna smirked and bowed just a bit. “I’ll take any punishment you give to see that look on both your faces.” She knew Runa would be just as surprised and happy as she had been to find out D’Vash was on board.

“You’d have a much harder time pushing me down now. I’ve gotten bigger,” he said looking down at her. “I’m a much better skier now, as well. Got the trophies to prove it, too.”

“Oh I don’t know, I have my ways. It just takes a little leverage.” But from the looks of D’Vash he wasn’t as easy to fool anymore. What she couldn’t figure out was how Revna could keep that secret from her. This was D’Vash! But at the mention of skiing. “Oh now that’s a challenge. And I happen to have the perfect holodeck program.” She grinned, “I have a program of Sleipnir’s Mane. So anytime you want to be embarrassed.”

Revna’s eyes lit up, “You have Sleipnir’s Mane on a holo program? Oh tell me you have the whole resort with the bonfire clearing?” She didn’t know her sister had that a program. Runa must have recreated it herself from memory and maybe pictures. “When you go, tell me, I’d love to watch.” She’d rather go down the slope with them, but that wouldn’t happen for awhile. “I’ll be the judge of who wins. Stop you two from arguing,” she teased.

He put his arms around the two sisters and ushered them back to the table, holding out the chairs for them in a gentlemanly fashion. “I don’t drink very often, but I think this is one time I can make an exception. What’ll it be?” he asked waving a waitress over.

Odinson (CIO)

Runa, one arm around him, hugged him again. “What have you been doing all these years D’Vash?” As they sat she wondered, “I think Revna has something planned.”
Runa Edman, Teacher

Revna sat after D’Vash pulled out her chair, “Who would have thought you would have turned into such a gentleman, Vash.” She grinned. She hadn’t felt this carefree in a long time. Her sister and her brother. The Norns surely had something in mind for their fates.

“My mother tamed the savage beast. She certainly wasn’t going to let her little boy to grow into one, despite his genes.”

Revna snorted, “I love your mother, really I do. So I won’t tell how horrible you still are.” She grinned. Runa and D’Vash were the ones always getting up to mischief, but Revna was a mastermind. She never forgot the small details, but more importantly she knew when to use the information she had. “I mean just the other day, Runa, he was telling everyone at the staff meeting about the dimple on your left butt cheek.”

Runa blinked-once, in Revna’s direction. Revna had to be joking. And at her sisters half quirked grin, she knew her sister was telling the truth. And the telling her just to see what would happen. Her sister loved causing trouble. But still…he told everyone at the staff meeting? And then that fiery gaze turned on D’Vash. “You. Did. What?!” Runa leaned toward him, all indignance. “I would have though you were smarter than those science idiots on this ship. You know what I’m capable of D’Vash.” She turns to look at Revna, “First I’m a biological hazard, and then…This?” She glares at D’Vash. “That’s okay though. I have plenty of secrets I can tell about you, if that’s where you want to go with this?” Runa leaned back in her chair, and shrugged. Clearly a challenge.

As the waitress came over, “We have food waiting from the kitchen. Ask Harry to forget the Brandy and send three glasses, and the bottle I dropped off last night.” The waitress grinned and returned shortly with the food. Chopped steak with bacon and mushroom gravy served with a big plate of boiled parslied potatoes, traditional danish rye bread with sourdough served with Lignonberry jam, and then a Danish kringle for desert. “A feast for celebration.”

“And to drink,” Revna grinned as the waitress set down 3 small banded onyx wine glasses. She took the bottle from the waitress. A bottle of 2359 Edman Mead. “From Da’s own hands. He always said the year we were born made the best batch. He sent me a few bottles.” She passed the bottle to D’Vash, the honor to pour-his. “Now incase you two cretins have forgotten, this is the same vintage we stole from your grandfather’s study,” she said to D’Vash, “along with your Grandmother’s Danish Kringle. It’s aged quite a bit more than it was then. Let’s try not to pass out in the woods this time.” If she could have managed it, she would have laughed. They’d had good times then.
Revna Edman, Counselor

D’vash laughed heartily, something he rarely did. Being with the twins brought back fond memories of a simpler time. A time of less worries and more fun. They made him feel young and carefree . . . .

“I’m surprised I didn’t die of alcohol poisoning that night, thanks to you two. If not for that strong Orion constitution, you both would have been in prison for long time.”

Odinson (CIO)

“We’re lucky we didn’t get into more trouble than we did. Remember Revna, Da and Mom were SO mad. Forbid us from even looking at D’Vash for the rest of the trip.” She laughed, “And then you snuck us out through that floor board under your bed in the cabin. The three of us took one of the skiffs out and were gone till morning? Trying to man a boat meant for 15.” Runa laughs and it carries across the room. “We’d have had better luck landing on Gothi’s island.”

Revna shook her head, “I told you to get the 2371, you and Runa got the wrong bottle. But we’re all lucky we didn’t die that night.” The three of them had finished the whole bottle, on empty stomachs and no idea of how strong the bottle was they had pilfered. “What’s REALLY lucky was that we decided NOT to go to the docks to enjoy our spoils.”
Lt Edman, Counselor

“Okay come on already, Vash. Pour the drinks so we can start eating.” Runa started serving plates. They’d had a lot of fun back then. “You know we could take this bottle and head to the holodeck. I’ve worked a long time on that program. I’m sure I’ve missed a few things, but we could light one of the fires, and really enjoy the mead.” She looked from Revna to D’Vash. She put a plate in front of each of them.
Runa Edman, Teacher

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