Side Sim: Angelina reports to Odinson (CRIT)

Posted Oct. 18, 2020, 1:59 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Angelina reports to Odinson (CRIT)

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D’vash rose an eyebrow in mock surprise. “Recommended, huh? “Well, I do take Mr. Mardusk’s recommendations quite seriously. I’m on my way to the lounge to grab a bite. Care to walk and talk?”

“Sure,” she responded and fell easily into step beside him as if they’d walked together all the time.

The CIO clasped his hands behind his back and began strolling down the corridor. “Having a background in security is a plus for a spot on this team, Lt. With that, I’m sure your marksmanship ratings are adequate, as well as your hand-to-hand skills and small unit tactics. Tell me, Lt. what else do you bring to the table?”

Odinson (CIO)

Angelina smiled. “I will confess that though my marksmanship is far more than adequate, I admit my hand to hand needs some work. I can defend myself well enough in a pinch, but Chief has me working on some things. As to what I bring to the table, I believe a desire to learn and be a part of something is key. Too many join special teams and activities for accolades or ‘cause it sounds like fun. I want to work and be useful for more than wandering the halls at night or standing watch in an empty transporter room. No offense meant, of course.” She shook her head. “I also tend to look at situations differently than most. While it’s probably no secret, if you check, I failed the test Mardusk gave me on the holodeck a bit ago, it was because I was analyzing the situation and he wanted an impulse reaction. I can prioritize a situation to see what’s the most critical in need of responses, so my team isn’t all over the place with each person doing something different. And I can organize in a pinch and work extremely well under pressure.”

“As long as you learned something from it, I wouldn’t consider it a total failure.”

She wasn’t sure if it was enough, given her experience with the holodeck earlier. She probably didn’t have to tell Odinson that, but she didn’t think it was something she should keep from him. She was sure he and the Security Chief would be discussing her at some point, so why hide it. She just hoped her decision to tell him hadn’t been her ticket back the other way down the hall, either.


“I’m impressed by the fact that you like to analyze situations, but I’ll be completely honest with you. Being part of the CRIT team often means you won’t have time to analyzze the situation. Being able to make split-second decisions is an important skill to have.”

Odinson (CIO)

Angelina nodded. “I understand. I can do that.” She knew this Team was going to be unlike anything she had been a part of before. But something told her it was also something she wanted to be part of for quite some time and wasn’t even aware of it. “Can you tell me more about what the Team, or Teams, will do? You said I need to make split second decisions, so I am guessing combat, or at least fast paced, high stress situations. But how will this be different from any other security team that we have for emergencies?” All she had gathered from Mar was she was going to be part of something new and different. And the way the CIO was talking, it was a hand picked group. So what would make them so special to need this kind of vetting?


“This is going to be a team made up of specialists, from each department on the ship, not just security specialists. Id the mission calls for a science specialist to solve the problem, we’ll have one on the team. Not only will he or she be the best in their field, they’ll also be trained in weapons and tactics, stealth and infiltration. . . . the same will be needed from an engineering and medical perspective, as well. As a security officer, you’ve already got a head start in those areas, but I still want a heavy weapons/demolitions expert, close combat expert, as well as a long range expert.”

“This team will need to be ready on a moment’s notice, sometimes with very little prep or intel. Training and selection will be very selective. I’m only on planning on taking the best of the best.”

Odinson stopped in the middle of the corridor and faced the tall Orion. “You say you failed Mardusk’s test, but he must’ve seen something in you, something about you that you become a recruit. I have the final word on who’s on the team. The security chief’s input will be an important part of my decision’s. He obviously thinks you have what it takes.”

He turned and began walking down the corridor once again. “I would suggest you don’t let him down or you might find a permanent duty guarding the reclamation center, Lt.”

Odinson (CIO)

She stopped short as he suddenly turned and faced her. “Long range I got covered for you. And as to the rest, I won’t let him, or you, down, Sir.” She grinned slightly with confidence, not arrogance. “With all due respect, Sir, I didn’t come have way across the universe to guard an empty brig. I’ll do what it takes to earn my place and keep it. You just let me know when and where and I’ll be there for you.” She nodded and smiled.


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“That’s good to know, Lt.” A corner or his mouth began to turn up into a grin. “I’m hoping to make a final decision on the team within two weeks. I have more interviews and results to go over. In the meantime, I suggest you get in as much hand-to-hand training as you can. It can only improve your chances. I’ll notify when the final decision is made.”

D’vash turned and began to walk the corridor once again with hands clasped behind his back. “Any other questions, Markeson?’

Odinson (CIO)

Angelina moved once more to walk with him, but this time behind instead of beside him. She felt a dismissal coming on. “No, Sir. Not at the moment that I can think of. Though I am sure I will.” It was always that way. No one ever thought of them up front when put on the spot. Or at least, no one she ever knew. Something told her D’Vash would have had a million had roles been reversed.


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