Side Sim: The Ex-borg and his dolls

Posted Oct. 18, 2020, 2:05 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Ensign Three of Five (William McRaven) (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim: The Ex-borg and his dolls

Three of Five was in one of the recreational halls. He was off in the corner, with a drink, half full on the table. He had a bag beside him, with yarn coming out of it, and more dolls that were not fully finished. In his hands, he had stitching needles. He was making a doll. If you looked close enough, it looked like it was starting to resemble Lt Marshall, the Chief Engineering Officer. The top doll in the bag looked like it resembled the captain.
Three of Five, engineer.

Angelina came in looking freshly showered and in simple black slacks that hugged her body in all the right places, and a tunic top in a deep emerald tone that highlighted the subtle tint of the same color on her skin. Her dark hair was still damp and pulled back in a loose, simple braid. Getting a glass of juice, she nodded to a few scattered folks here and there who greeted her. As she passed the engineer, she stopped. “Did you make all those?” The tone of her voice was one of bold admiration. “They are impressive.” She smiled and nodded to the man as he worked. Her half Orion eyes watching his hands move as if trying to figure out how he did it just from looking at a few motions.

Lt JG Angelina Markeson

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