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Hello Atlantans,

I am sorry I have been so out of touch in the past few weeks with posting. I have always encouraged you to reach out if things are keeping you busy or if life goes sideways. Typically I tend to keep things private but it’s time to practice what I preach.

Having to teach online to non-verbal students coupled with my husband needing brain surgery last week has kept me focused on real life quite a bit. I know we all have a lot going on. As you can see I have also. Just know that I am always here if you need me or if you have any questions While I might be on LOA that doesn’t mean I am ever out of touch.

Now for the positive stuff. The good news is the surgery went fine and he is home recovering now. I have found a rhythm with school so for better or worse on line learning is a go.

I will try to get to everything I have missed in the next few days. Please bump if I miss anything. Thanks for being such a great crew. I really appreciate you guys.


That sounds … incredibly challenging. I’d be a basket case. On the upside we didn’t blow up the ship.
Take care!!

Always here for you boss!


Glad to hear the surgery went well!!! And as a teacher of students with special needs myself, I can certainly understand the challengers you’re going through. My situation is just the opposite, though students are TOO verbal most of the time. Luckily, we’ve still been able to attend school in person!! –Terry

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