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Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in side-sim Girl Time: Revna meets Kelly

Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in side-sim Girl Time: Revna meets Kelly

Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in side-sim Girl Time: Revna meets Kelly
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Revna can recall the list from memory. She’d been doing a little research to find out where these particular officers liked to spend their off duty time. As another officer found out, she wasn’t above invading their down time, if they couldn’t make it during their on duty time. “Lt. Cmdr Ian Bordeaux, Lt Cmdr Ashlynn Summers, Cmdr. Jacen Drayke, NLt Hodesk, NE Elbbirt, NE Dontdie, and NLt Iknowitall. And oddly enough Cmdr Heathcliff Rinker is coming due. But not over due yet, and he’s unavailable so I’m not worried about that one yet.” Of course there was still the issue of Lt. Cmdr Nash and his eval, but she’d pushed that one on to Rinker. He’d requested Rinker and really that just made the whole situation smoother and no lines were crossed.

She smirked, “Oh do tell Cpt. Are you about to offer an incentive to make them show up? Cmdr. th’Jir offered that if I get any flack or delays about any appointments to inform them that they will be scheduled to attend his morning run. Apparently there is a circle around the saucer section that is 1.5k and he does four laps. He said that anyone giving me grief he’ll take them for six laps. If they give me a lot of grief they will have a backpack with them. With sand in it.” She laughs remembering the conversation. “I told him I was pretty sure that those avoiding would probably just willingly show up for his run, two backpacks of sand, and then suggest they do 8 laps instead. His solution: he’d invite me on the run to interview them during it.” She suppresses a laugh, but her eyes show her amusement at it. “He called it a captive audience. I really like how the XO thinks. So what incentive shall you be offering?” She leaned back, she liked the captain and found her easy to talk to. Revna hoped the feeling was mutual. She was hoping to have a new friend in Kelly.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Free booze,” Kelly laughed. “If Jen is taking the bad cop route I might as well aim for the good cop.” Looking around the room, Kelly let out a deep sigh. “It’s not you, you know that right. People just have things they either don’t want to talk about or find a way of living with bad choices they made. Booze can help. Not completely orthodox but it does tend to get people to open up. Loose lips sink ships,” Kelly threw out the old adage.

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

“Of course it’s not me. But people forget that a fitness for duty evaluation is different from a counseling session. So they tend to avoid both. Someone can have demons that they struggle with, choices they regret, fears that they face, and still be fit for duty. It’s when those things interfere with their duties and their personal lives that they have to worry about being forced to sit on my couch.” She shrugs. It’s her job to determine when that is necessary. “And as for the booze, it might be unorthodox, but it wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve been known, in the past, to go shot for shot in order to loosen lips into talking.” Revna was known for doing a lot of things in an unorthodox manner if it helped her patients. “And really, it might be easier if they came to my office, but not nearly as much fun as having to track them down. The looks on people’s faces when they realize that the counselor, without knowing them, just out smarted them, is priceless.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Back in the USS Longsword Dante and I used to joke we needed to put a bell on Lt. Felicity Lightwater. That girl could make a sneak theif proud,” Kelly let out a long laugh. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this but Dante and I would make up stuff early in our careers to tell her. She was sweet as anything but she could not solve the issues he and I were dealing with. The problem was she knew enough about us to question how our personal lives were doing. I had a husband no one saw except for on the holo and Dante had a girlfriend he skipped out of two weddings on. Yeah we were moody and at times a downright butt hole in duty but it wasnt. like we had a choice. So we would google the Life force women’s network and share one of those tales. Yeah kinda a dork move on our part but the problem was the Lt really just wanted to make thingg HHh s better. We didn’t want to talk about it so in a way it was a win win until she saw the holo movie Love Separated by Stars.” Kelly broke out laughing so hard she snorted.
“Ol’ felicity did have some spunk. She came marching on the bridge and called Dante and I out. He still blames me for getting caught but when she called us Lt Susan Starlight and him Captain Donovan Darklight I could not stop laughing. For weeks later people joked we sounded like actors but not the kind you want to be remembered as if you catch my drift.”

The more Kelly talks, the more Revna wanted to laugh. She was sure that Lt. Felicity Lightwater meant well. She was one of those counselors though that wanted to FIX the problem. And Revna knew counselors can’t fix anything. They can listen, provide a sounding board, and offer suggestions, but the counselor can’t fix it. Only the patient can do that. She understood the need to fix it. She’d gone into counseling because she had a predisposition as a child to try and fix problems, to defuse conflict. She’d been idealistic like Lightwater when she’d first started. Her first tour on the Saratoga had taught her differently, very quickly.

But those thoughts aside, the story was humorous and gave her an interesting insight into the captain. She grinned and shook her head, holding back the laughter, which hurt almost as much laughing. Revna grimaced, forced one of those annoying shallow breaths she was reduced too and forced herself to relax.

Polishing off her coffee Kelly looked at Revna getting serious. “Please dont thinking I was belittling your profession sharing the story of me being a dipstick in my youth. Our stunt earned my compatriot and two months of KP duty. We deserved it. I only shared it because if there was a stunt to be pulled I swear I tried it. Let me know if you have any issues. I will make sure they are resolved.”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Revna shook her head. “Don’t worry captain, I didn’t take it that way. We counselors learn to let things go while we’re still in the academy. Those who can’t, do make the cut.” She takes a sip of her coffee. “As for the stunts, it breaks up the boredom. The crew will either willing show up, or learn it’s easier.” Revna smiles with a wicked smile across her face. “So when I was at the academy, I was older than most of the other cadets. I’d already earned my bachelor’s from Cambridge before deciding to join Star Fleet. They tended to default to my recommendation. We had this simulation we had to do. And well, the cadets on the command track, never picked anyone from the counseling department. Pity too. Our cadets on the command track were top notch.” Revna sips her coffee. “Anyway, in these simulations, we always ended up with holographic crew because no one wanted to work with ‘counselors.’ So we used that to our advantage. The night before we snuck onto their ship and left them a few surprises. Jenik Fanzillic had a knack for…let’s just say, replicating people, and with access to psychological profiles…they got to face their fears. When we boarded, they had no idea what hit them.” Revna snickers a little. “Not one of my more, honorable moments, but a victory is a victory as they say. Of course we lost by default. Claimed we cheated.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Okay that was brilliant. Too bad we weren’t there the same time,” Kelly let out a laugh. Getting serious for a second she looked at Renva concerned. This wasn’t the first time she noticed the counselor wincing.

“Well it was one of my better plans. I haven’t had the chance to really use those talents in awhile, but it was fun.”

“Is the lung condition permanent?” The question was blunt and to the point. Kelly ninety percent of the time was laid back and humorous but when needed she could cut through the red tape like a knife through butter. This business side of her was in stark contrast but needed to be there as a captain.

There was no way Kelly was going to let Revna’s answer change her position on the ship. The woman was a perfect fit for the ship however that did not mean some adjustments might not be needed that Kelly had to be aware about.

Being a counselor held unique challenges. Only stupid captains kept them at arms length or locked away in their offices. Their insight on the mental abilities of others at times was more important than whose phaser was bigger. From what Kelly could tell nothing would stop the officer from excelling at her job but there was no reason if an accommodation had to be made Kelly wouldn’t make it for Revna to do her job better or easier.

captain Kelly Bordeaux

Revna sighed, lost in though for a moment. “I don’t know. Long term, certainly. I go to sickbay every 3 days for treatment with the dermal regenerator and tissue migrator. The progress is slow. Some days I can’t even tell a difference. If it had been possible at the time, I probably would have two artificial lungs right now. But the last ones on hand went to officers whose lungs were, gone, and mine were salvageable. Most people think that getting an artificial organ is a simple request of a replicator, but it’s not.” She shrugs a little. “I was told that eventually the treatment might not work. That as the tissue migrator sped up my bodies own healing process that it might heal incorrectly. Surgery, to reopen the wounds and fix them might be possible, but the risk is very high. I haven’t gotten there yet, so for now I wait.” She sips her coffee a moment. “But I will admit to you captain, that some days it’s hard. It’s hard to remember to not laugh, to walk at less than half a normal pace, to fight the urge to not yawn because that is the lesser of the pain. But I’m alive, and I intend to be for a long time.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Kelly nodded at her explanation. It spoke the steely will and drive the woman possessed after experiencing things that would make most other officers crumble. “I admire your tenacity and spirit but in truth what else can someone do but give up or adapt like you have.” Taking a long sip of her coffee, Kelly leaned back relaxed and happy enjoying her time with Revna on a personal level instead of a purely professional one. “So what is it like serving with your sister? I know if Mike and I were on a ship together we would have a mutiny.”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

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