Side Sim - Lera's second shift

Posted Oct. 27, 2020, 9:27 p.m. by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

(takes place the afternoon after Mar and Revna have spoken ( ) ((there is more, that’s just before snip)) )

Lera had spent the night with Mardusk, as she often did nowadays, and had left for work with him after breakfast. She was, fortunately, unaware he hadn’t gone straight to security, but to see Revna. The Counselor and her had spent an interesting evening watching an old Earth movie Princess Bride and Lera remembered a bit of a partial meltdown about what she had been thru before coming to the Atlantis.

With her usual morning bounce she set to work on the console they were working on so Astrometrics could get some boosted readings for some nebula they were passing in the next day or so.

Shortly after lunch, NE Barrows came and asked if she could cover his second shift. His wife was still sick and he was going to help out with her school class that afternoon. She agreed, because everyone knew she was the one willing to do extra shifts. For them, she was a blessing. To her, it just kept her mind occupied more so she didn’t have as much down time to think and become bored.

Near the end of the shift, the young engineer tapped out a missive to Mardusk apologizing for not being able to make dinner that night. She was going to cover Barrows’ shift. And because she’d be off late, she’d just sleep in her own quarters that night so she didn’t wake him coming in late. Once it was sent, she headed for the Chief’s office. He hadn’t worried about her extra shifts as long as he was aware of them. So, as usual, she swung her head into his office with a smile. “I’m covering Barrows tonight, Chief. His wife is still sick. Just letting you know.” She nodded her head and swung back out, about to head back to the project they were working on.

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