Side Sim: The Ex-borg and his dolls

Posted Nov. 18, 2020, 6:52 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Ensign Three of Five (William McRaven) (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim: The Ex-borg and his dolls

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) in Side Sim: The Ex-borg and his dolls

Posted by Ensign Three of Five (William McRaven) (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim: The Ex-borg and his dolls
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Three of Five was in one of the recreational halls. He was off in the corner, with a drink, half full on the table. He had a bag beside him, with yarn coming out of it, and more dolls that were not fully finished. In his hands, he had stitching needles. He was making a doll. If you looked close enough, it looked like it was starting to resemble Lt Marshall, the Chief Engineering Officer. The top doll in the bag looked like it resembled the captain.
Three of Five, engineer.

Angelina came in looking freshly showered and in simple black slacks that hugged her body in all the right places, and a tunic top in a deep emerald tone that highlighted the subtle tint of the same color on her skin. Her dark hair was still damp and pulled back in a loose, simple braid. Getting a glass of juice, she nodded to a few scattered folks here and there who greeted her. As she passed the engineer, she stopped. “Did you make all those?” The tone of her voice was one of bold admiration. “They are impressive.” She smiled and nodded to the man as he worked. Her half Orion eyes watching his hands move as if trying to figure out how he did it just from looking at a few motions.

Lt JG Angelina Markeson

“Yes, thank you. I make the dolls myself. It’s something my mom taught me to do. It’s the only thing I remember before being assimilated.” Three of Five told her.
Three of Five, engineer

She watched him for a moment before getting the courage to ask. “I know it seems silly, but do you think you could teach me? I mean, you make replicas of the others so well, I’d never think of trying that. But making some for the school might be something I can do. I hear kids like dolls.” She had been encouraged by a friend in the Academy to help support the families if she was ever on a generation ship. Seemed as good a time as any to do just that. And this was a way she could help.


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“Oh yeah, I can show you. That would be nice for the kids to have.” He told her. “Most of the kids I grew up with liked dolls before they were assimilated.” He continued.
Three of Five, Engineer

Angelina moved to sit across from him and watch. After several minutes she laughed. “You make it look so easy, but I can barely follow.” She had asked and was too chicken to back out now, but she half wondered if this was a futile effort and probably left to those who knew what they were doing.


“It’s like tying your shoe, with needles. You take this string, attach it to the needle here, and this string attaches to the other needle here, and then you weave the two together so that they intertwine with each other. It just looks harder than it truly is.” he said chuckling. “All it takes is practice. You’ll have it down like phaser training, in no time.” He said referencing her position on the ship to help her feel more at ease.
Three of Five, engineer.

This time she tried a bit slower and smiled. “Phaser training was difficult, I admit. You would think they were easier to fire than they really are. There’s no kick like projectile weapons, it’s true. But with a phaser, you can accidentally cut someone rather than merely stun and drop, if you aren’t careful. It certainly takes a steady hand and a knowledge of just how long to hold the trigger.” She laughed and held up the small circle she was working on it looked more oval than circular and the stitching was of different tightness to leave large holes in some places, nearly no space at all in others.

“Well, it seems I certainly have a long ways to go. Perhaps not a doll today, but soon,” she laughed shaking her head as if admitting her helplessness at it. “At least it doesn’t cut them in half.”


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