Shuttle Bay

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=^=Alfo to The Darkness…=^= he paused as he looked at what was clear to be a communication device. He looked over at Shade whose motion was similar. He squinted at his comm device.

“Our communications devices seem to be drained of power.” The looked at the lights. “A localized draining effect… but your systems seem unaffected.”

Shade grunted… “Its only us, isn’t it. Captain Kelly?” He didn’t reach for the energy weapon on his side, in case his action be misconstrued. “It a weapon… a clever one, we think we have a shield but we instead don’t.”

Alfo and Shade

Kelly knew her crew would have been hanging in every word. Jen was in the bridge already a step a head of her preparing for comm lines for the guests to be opened. “As you said we are in need of a few repairs. External communications must be in the fritz. Lemme see what I can do for you.”

Activating her comm badge Kelly used plausible deniability to her advantage. =/\=. Bridge our guests are trying to contact this ship. Can you boost power to the external communications relay to see if we help them get that call through? =/\=

Kelly Bordeaux

“Convenient.” Shade said sharply. “Very.”

Alfo smiled broadly as he interrupted. “I’m certain it was either an error on our part, or a wise precaution on yours. I would suggest that in the interest of fairness. You bring no weapons or communication devices on to our ship.” He opened his hands, “In the interest of fairness… and since we are all friends here.”

Alfo and Shade.

Warning bells went off in Revna’s mind. Oh things just went b.a.d. Alfo might seem genial but it was past that now. And the sharpness of Shade’s voice, the man who hadn’t spoken until now, didn’t escape her either. No weapons, okay that was fair. And if Mardusk and Odinson were going along, she was pretty sure they wouldn’t need weapons. But no communication, well granted they had blocked that, but still, that was a bad idea.

There was no way they would buy the external communications bit. They’d been using external communications to set up this meeting. But with a still calm demeanor Revna spoke softly. “Yes, we are all friends here, Mr. Alfo. I’m sure whatever the problem is they will have it fixed immediately. But while we wait we have for our new friends, a gift.” She took the items she’d asked for and she was tempted to offer the one for Shade first, to see what they would do, but the tension was already high, so taking the ornate comb, black bone with amethyst, she stepped closer to their guests and offered it to Alfo. She turned to Shade offering him the leatherman multitool. She took a single step back and mimicked the bow Alfo had offered earlier.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Ahhh…” Alfo started… “Gifts,” He smiled broadly. “You have us at a disadvantage yet again. We did not bring items over for an honorable exchange.” He gave a bow crossing one arm against his chest as he did so. “You are both noble and generous.”

In the passageway outside, Mardusk listened to the exchange and his brow furrowed. Thinking about what that meant, he tapped gis communicator and said =/\= Mardusk to Security. Bring me a half-dozen homing beacons from the armory. And dig me up an old Phase II communicator. Bring it to my location asap. =/\=

Mardusk, CoS

Shade for his part curled his lip slightly as he looked at the leatherman tool. “I wouldn’t presume to take such an… item.”

Alfo continued unabated. “We can exchange gifts of equal preciousness on our own ship and there would be no debt incurred.” The smile disappeared as he looked at Shade and gave him a minute but firm nod.

“I am in your debt.” Shade forced out as he now, encouraged took the tool. “I’m sure it will do whatever it does, well.”

Shade and Alfo

Revna stepped back. She could put them at ease. She could claim that the gift was in thanks for the supplies they were going to help them acquire. But her job here was to be the captains gofer, servant, or yeoman. In appearance anyway. It was up to Kelly and Ian to decide if they wanted to put them at ease, or have them in their debt. The offering of such a simple thing could have so many uses. It was up to the Captain to decide how she wanted to use it now. She still didn’t like how this was going after Alfo and Shade realized their communicators and guns weren’t working.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“It’s us who are indebted to you. The gifts are our way of saying thank you for your help and generosity with procuring supplies and introductions to others in this area of space. There is no need for reciprocation. A gift is given to say thank you not given in expectation for something to be returned.” Kelly could play the diplomatic game when needed. She didn’t care if Shade was annoyed or not. All she wanted was move this little meet and greet along. The sooner they did the sooner the Atlantis could get the supplies they needed and return home.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Indeed, If you would call the our ship and have them to recall the shuttle we can be on our way.” Alfo continued. He looked at Shade who could wipe the aggravated look off his face no matter how hard he tried.

From his monitoring station one deck above, D’vash realized he had missed an excellent opportunity to gather intel on their visitors. He offered a silent Orion curse under his breath as Revna offered Alfo and Shade their gifts. Had she informed him of the gifts beforehand, he would have had time to plant a bug on one or both of the items.

Can’t blame her, though–it was probably a spur of the moment decision as an offer of good will. It would have been nice to have been privy to their conversation as they headed back to their own ship. The other option would have been to plant a bug while the shuttle was in the bay, but he had missed that opportunity as well.

Damn, too many years in command has made me sloppy. Going to have to work on that, he thought.

The CIO hit his comm badge. =^=Odinson to Nash. I’ve got a job for you. I want you in the shuttle bay so that when our guests shuttle arrives, can you try to plant a listening device on board?=^=

Odinson (CIO)

It was a few kinutes later, but Ensign Hormel arrived and handed the requested equipment to Mardusk in a black shoulder bag. “Here you go, Chief. Threw in a few holdout phasers as well as a pair of tricorders. Didn’t know what was up, but you always tell us to over prepare if we can.”
Mardusk patted the slender young man on the shoulser and said “Good job. Send a security detail to the shuttle bay, surveillance in the guests as they leave. Tell ‘em to keep it low-key, got it?” and Hormel noded and walked away.

Mardusk, CoS

“On our way Captain.”


Mardusk tapped his comm badge and said softly =/\= Mardusl to Security. Our guests are making their way to the shuttle bay in a minute. Standby. =/\=

Mardusk, CoS

Revna resumed her seat calmly. On the other hand she really wanted these pirates off the ship before things went from bad to worse. She contemplated a moment, at least it would make Alfo happy, maybe give them a leg up. If they had to leave the communicators on board to go for this dinner party Kelly agreed, maybe they could use Alfo’s desire to play with a new toy to their advantage. Her fingers began to tap Morse code again, hidden in her lap, Can you plant a bug in mid transport? “Captain, our guests have been so accommodating, and I hate to deprive Mr. Alfo of the chance to experience our transportation device again. With the power level down, perhaps we could allow them to transport from here to the Shuttle Bay. A shorter trip?” Revna’s brief time on the command track showing itself just a bit.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

ooc: I’ve never seen any canon information about beaming an object inside a person during a transport. I would suspect its not possible, but I would welcome any referential information that proves or disproves this.

OOC:I have no idea, it was just a thought. I mean we can deactivate weapons and even remove them from the person in transport. We can use old patterns to heal injuries and cure illnesses. I thought I’d go out on a limb and ask. :)
“Its not necessary to use your wondrous device for no real purpose, but I appreciate the offer.” If Alfo suspected something there was no visual or verbal cues. Shade continued to say and do relatively nothing beside scanning each Federation crew member slowly. It was a disquieting experience despite the lack of expression on his face.


Revna wasn’t intimidated by a staring contest. So has Shade’s gaze traveled to her she returned it, unnerving or not, she had neither the desire to win a staring contest or engage in one. She simply returned his gaze for however long he wanted to hold it. Her gaze wasn’t a challenge towards him, but she wasn’t going to cower either. It unnerved her, deep inside, but Shade was a mystery she hadn’t figured out yet, and that was her job, her responsibility to the captain. To figure out whatever she could about their guests.

“Then let me escort you to the hangar bay. Shall we,” Kelly gestured to the door.

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

“Of course.” Alfo was the perfect gentlemen the entire trip. He was social if they gave him an opportunity. If not he politely quiet as he moved through the ship.

“Given the size of this craft… it remarkably powerful. I presume there is no way I could purchase it from you?” He said hopefully.


Revna rose to join them, falling into step beside Shade, walking quietly seemingly bored with the walk to the shuttle bay. Revna admited, to herself, where it didn’t show, she was probably provoking a very dangerous man, but for someone as stoic as Shade, some times you had to be innovative, and sometimes not so innovative, such as now.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

As the group exited the Conference Room, Mardusk pushed off the wall and stood respectfully to the side with his hands clasped behind his back. He allowed for a bit of distance between himself and the party before falling into an easy walking pace behind them.

Mardusk, CoS

OOC: Fixing the Split.

With the meeting concluded, D’vash began saving and makng copies of the entire meeting. There may have been subtle actions, inflections, or nuances he may have missed. Letting Revna, Mardusk, the Captain and XO watch the record would help to see if they noticed or had missed anything as well.

Odinson (CIO)

The pirate ship’s shuttle was made a text book landing on the Atlantis. The shuttle bay was far smaller than the landing bays of the pirate carrier but the Atlantis landing systems were far more advanced with tractors assisting the procedure.


The hatch opened with a clank, the system was automated but made with heavier material than Federation standard. The pilot peeked around the corner for a brief look before standing in front of the open hatch. The pilot carried a web vest with numerous unidentifiable items, but a pistol was one of the things clearly known.


“Well Mr. Shade, Mr. Alfo it was a pleasure meeting you. I hope this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship,” Kelly stuck out her hand. Their guests were definitely on the armed side seeing at least one type of firearm. What the other items were Kelly didn’t know but any item could be a weapon. Nash, Odinson, and Mardusk could probably kill you seven ways from Sunday with something as innoculous as a cotton ball or napkin given all their training so Kelly wasn’t assuming anything on the webbed vest was just for decoration.

“Mr. Shade I will assume you will be more talkative the next time we meet,” Kelly asked. “Mr. Alfo was a extremely engaging but if you let your second speak for you I will be sure to bring Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir to represent the Atlantis.” She let her words hang tired of the dog and pony show of the meeting. They were definitely playing good cop bad cop in some fashion the question was why.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

She wasn’t certain what in her comments Shade found amusing but he snorted back what could only be thought of as a laugh.

Alfo paused looking at the Captain slightly confused. “I thought you were coming with us for a meal and discussion of the the terms of our relationship. I thought we were going to make a deal?”

OCC Fixing a split.

“I thought we were meeting in an honest negotiation. I didn’t realize we were going to pretend we aren’t who we were the first time around.” Kelly looked between the men feigning confusion as she turned facing Shade head on completely ignoring Alfo. “At first I figured it was some cultural thing where either you are too afraid to speak to a woman or you think we would try to target your captain and take you out. I can assure you we come as friends but while I am positive Alfo is a jolly happy soul, I am having my doubts about your forthrightness Captain Shade. So are we going to still pretend Alfo here calls the shots. If so I can call some random crew up, slap a few bars on them and tell you they are the captain.”
Kelly was tired of the charades. It was up to Shade to show his hand one way or another.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

OOC: adjusting my intial response to coinside with the GM’s correction

Upon entering the shuttle bay Revna let her pace drop back from walking beside Shade, taking a position to the back and right of the captain. She knew if she noticed the pistol the security around the bay did as well. She resisted the urge to glance at Mardusk, but behind her back, where she was standing slightly in front of him, her hand made the shape of a gun and ‘fired’ in a subtle movement. What was more disturbing to her was Shade’s laugh. Her mind racing analyzing the captains words and his reaction. At the same time noticing Alfo’s confusion. “You did say Mr Alfo, that the captain could bring a party of 6. The captain will need a little bit of time to collect those individuals. Can we assume the same curtesy of arriving in our own shuttle as you had?”
Lt. Edman, Counselor (putting her nose where it doesn’t belong)

“Those were my words… I stand by them.” Alfo nodded. “I wasn’t allowed to come in my own shuttle… you used that energy teleporter of yours, but if you’d like to bring your own shuttle you are of course welcome.... No scanning while aboard, respectfully.”

Mardusk saw the weapon as he took in the ship and the pilot, and when the Counselor made the gesture he responded with a deep but barely audible grunt. His peripheral vision noted the presence of the Security team he had requested. Most were buying themselves with looking busy, and there were four who were intentionally making thier presence known. He smiled internally. ‘Good on ya guys…‘ he thought to himself.

Mardusk, CoS

OOC: Just for clarity, the pistol is holstered… and the pilot is ‘wearing’ the web vest with items hanging on it. My description was poor. I apologize, and there is not evidence that the pistol is chemical or powered.


=^= Jen to Commander Mardusk. How is the farewell going? =^=
- Jen, XO

Mardusk didn’t hide his tapping of his commbadge and his eyes never left Alfo or Shade. =/\= I’ll let you know when I know, sir. =/\= There was an edge to the Orion’s voice that indicated he was not pleased at the course the conversation was taking.

Alfo looked at Shade for a moment and then laughed… even Shade lips turned upward as he shook his head in a negative fashion. At the conclusion of what started as a natural cackle continued a little long and became rich and again almost theatric. “Captain… please,” Alfo started. “Shade is, what I said he was, in charge of my tactical operations. I am in command here… well over there.. on my ship.”

He continued to smile as he looked as the stoic feline face of Shade. “I can’t imagine what led you to the conclusion he was in charge. Perhaps strong silent types are well regarded in your culture.”

Alfo and Shade.

Mardusk, CoS

“No they are typically the ones up to something,” Kelly shrugged it off. The truth was the Atlantis needed an ally even if it was a fair-weather ally for a bit to find their bearings. “So how long will it take us to get to the nearest starbase you mentioned earlier?”

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

“Well, I can’t deny that might be true. Much like your rather large officer tapping his uniform icon and looking generally unhappy.” Alfo responded. “I will keep the distance to our base of operations secret for now, but I doubt your wonderous ship would take long to get there. My real issues is control of the situation and information. Once you get there, what is to keep you from revealing its location or simply blasting out of existence. Your ship is almost a challenge to the Lorn.”


“So lets cut to the chase, what are you willing to do to make us secure in the fact that you wont just take what you want or make a better deal with one of the primary races.”


Kelly looked at her command team and then back at Alfo. No one here was trusting anyone. “Can we take a shuttle to the base? Just my command team and yours. Maybe if we spend a little time together without either of us pointing guns at each other we both will trust each other more?”

Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk looked at the Captain and said “Or perhaps we could meet at a neutral location for some face time, Captain. Im sure there must be somewhere we could all meet to discuss the… particulars… of our burgeoning venture.” His voice was calm and even, but his tone indicated that the idea of taking just the command staff to an unknown location with an unknown number of potential adversaries with suspect motivations was not going to set well with him.

Mardusk, CoS

She glanced at Mardusk. She was in total agreement with the security chief. Revna refused to shake her head, but she really wondered if the woman needed to have her head checked by her and the good doctor. The command crew? Going in a shuttle to a hidden star base? Really? Well good thing she wasn’t on the command crew. The captain had the bad ass routine down, a little too well. Problem with it, was sometimes you ended up having to do something you never intended. Where was Mr Bordeaux to work his diplomatic magic?

“Or perhaps we should stick to the original plan of dinner? Mr Alfo along with his advisor Mr Shade, can take some time to see what they can offer us as far as our supplies and then Captain you can discuss it with them over dinner? Then Mr Alfo doesn’t have to worry about giving away the location.” She didn’t want to go to their ship, but it was better than taking a tiny shuttle to a starbase the rest of the crew didn’t have the location for.
Lt Edman, Counselor

Alfo looked back and forth between the three different speakers. “I would agree to a shuttle, but either ours, or piloted by one of our pilots with the navigation and the any tracking functions disabled.... Or would you rather get your team back together so your orders are countered? I would bring a list of your repair needs.”


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