The Harshest of Reality Checks

Posted Nov. 24, 2020, 6:57 p.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

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Revna was actually wearing very warm sweater like pajamas and socks already. She’d started doing that to help keep her body warm incase something like this happened. Much good it did her now. She closed her eyes adjusting to the lower pressure of the air and squeezed Danica’s hand in acknowledgement. Revna wanted Runa, but at the same time she didn’t. Runa was amazing and loved her dearly, but she was also a bit high strung at times. And there was no way to know how Runa would be if woken in the middle of the night for this. More strongly there was the memory of a warm hand holding hers, but even in this condition, Revna wouldn’t ask, she wouldn’t be that selfish. And then she wondered if she was too unfit for duty and would have to retire her commission after this.
Lt Edman, Couselor

Danica felt the squeeze and nodded. “All right. Well, we’re gonna get you straight to Medical. Doc should be meeting us there.” She tapped her comm and ordered the immediate site to site transfer. As transporter acknowledged, she kept a hold of Revna’s hand. “We’ll be there in a sec, Revna. I gotcha the whole way.” She was being as supportive as she could, despite knowing the woman was in pain and struggling. Once they were in medical, she could help her more.

NE Danica

((leaving space for Doc or Revna to react… otherwise, we’re gonna be in Medical with Revna on the biobed))

The blue swirl engulfed them. It always amazed Revna that despite being torn apart into the endless number of atoms that made her herself her body could still register feeling and thought. This was no different and instead of an expected moment of stillness and calm there was still the endless struggle to breath and the pain and panic. A moment later Danica and Revna reappeared in sickbay. Revna closed her eyes, there wasn’t anything she could do at this point except continue to breath. The doctors would have to decide and she’d have the time to choose, or they would choose for her. She wanted Runa, but she’d only be in the way. And she had no way to ask for her, she had to breath instead. If it was bad the med staff would call her, so that was probably a good thing. If Runa showed up, Revna would know it was really bad.
Lt Edman, Counselor

Once they were settled, Danica set to making Revna more comfortable. The Doc would join them shortly, but the young woman wasn’t going to just stand around and do nothing. She got a blanket and set it to Revna’s usual body temp. It would warm or cool her till the oxygen in her body stabilized and her extremities weren’t so cold. She also set the breathing device on and fixed the setting so it wasn’t forcing air into her lungs faster or harder than she could handle. And she made sure the bed was barely reclined. Enough to keep Revna comfortable, but not too upright, or prone, to make breathing even more difficult.

Revna tried to push her self up on her arms to relieve the pressure building from being flat but it made her dizzy. She was immensly relieved when Danica inclined the bed for her. The warmed blanket was calming. Though not overly heavy the added weight gave the illusion of compression and calmed the muscles and nerves that were over active from the panic. It also reminded her of home. Her Da used to leave blankets by the fires to warm when they were would be gathered outside late into the nights in the summer or all day during the winter. He would wrap her and Runa and their mother in the warmed blankets and hug them. He would switch them out as soon as the warmth faded. It was a calming and Revna’s respiration slowed with the memory.

As she did this, in a near matter of fact type of way that made it seem ordinary and not so pressing, she kept up her small chatter and soothing tones to help keep the Counselor as calm as she could. As she finished, she moved to Revna’s side and smiled. “There, hopefully that’s helping a bit more. I don’t want you to be scared. Doc will make you right as rain again, I am sure.” She smiled and held the woman’s left hand in her own to both keep a human contact with her for comfort, as well as help warm it.

NE Danica

Revna appreciated Danica staying with her and keeping a hold of her hand. She’d done it so many times for people back on Centurion. Revna was trained as a medic but had no real practice with those skills. She’d always been there as a counselor, but that had been equally useful as medical skills. Their patients were often panicked and disoriented. She’d had a way of soothing them. Often telling them outrageous stories. The lilt in her voice carrying the tales to everyone in the room. Revna had an uncanny ability to read a room and know what to do to calm it. That often turned out to her telling stories that seemed to get everyone’s attention. Being human she had no empathic abilities but it was as if she did the way she could pick a story to control a room and change the feeling of it. But that skill had failed her the day she’d been injured and she had lost her confidence. It wasn’t that she would change the events, but she didn’t understand how she’d missed something so vital in the room.

So in this case Revna was grateful for Danica doing for her what Revna had always done for others. This time she was able to nod her head without making her breath catch or hurting in acknowledgement of Danica’s words. She knew, and had suspected for the last week or so, that the scar tissue was starting to block off her lungs rather than protecting the parts of her lungs that were healing. The doctors just hadn’t said it yet. It was like she’d told Nash. She had to make a decision, but it was up to the doctors what choices she had or if she even really had one. But right in that moment she was very ready for whatever procedure they thought she should have.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

The oxygen was working and Revna made a very painful mistake…she tried to take a deep breath, which set her off coughing, which made it worse and then she was seeing spots in front of her eyes again. If she wasn’t such a calm person she’d be thumping a fist on the biobed in frustration. Like she had 3 days after she woke up on Centurion. Cpt Jameson had laughed at her. Calm down there, princess, we don’t allow royal temper tantrums in sickbay. Then leaning in closer despite his joke he shook his head. It won’t help, Revna, you have to be patient, and unfortunately for you, everyone is watching you for an example. Hang in there.
Lt Edman, Counselor

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