Side Sim: Angelina reports to Odinson (CRIT)

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“In that case, you’re dismissed, Lt., as I am now officially off duty. With that being said, I’m on my way to get some chow. Care to join me? We can have another conversation. One that is much less official this time.”

Odinson (CIO)

She was so surprised by the invitation, her reaction was immediate. “Sure, I’d love to.” She took a couple larger steps which placed her once more at his side. She laughed to herself about how silly it was to be excited about an invitation to lunch with her supervisor. It was just the galley. Nothing special. But she was, indeed, glad he had asked. “So I understand you are new on the ship as well. Are you getting settled in all right?” They had come in on the same shuttle, but there had been enough others of higher rank, she just figured he had talked to them. She had been preoccupied most of the trip with looking over the ship schematics. Boring, but she hadn’t anything else to do at the time.


“I’ve had to get use to the smaller quarters. I was the XO on the Olympic before she was decommed. The perks of being an XO were all well and good,but I’m okay with this. It gives a chance to get back in the field. Less office requirements and a chance to apply my skills again. I’ve missed that part of being the head of ship’s Intel.”

“What about you? Finding everything adequate and accommodating,” he inquired?

Odinson (CIO)

Ange nodded. “It’s the opposite for quarters on my end. I was sharing last time and it was hard to find solitude. This time we have an odd number of women. So I don’t currently have a roommate. It’s been nice. I’m looking forward to ranking up to get a ‘real’ room and not a shared common area though.” She laughed and nodded at his XO comment. “I imagine it’s nice to step back for a little bit and not have to always be on alert. I mean, we all are anyway, out here in the deep dark nothing. But to be able to once in a while say ‘at least it’s not my problem this time’ must be nice.” They rounded the corner and the lift came into view.

“As to finding my way around. I’m doing well. Not gotten lost, yet, thankfully.” She laughed as she took a quick double stride to tapped the call for the lift. “What were you before you were XO? You said using your skills so I’m gonna guess Security. Makes sense since you are heading up the special task force.”


As the lift doors opened, D’vash stepped to the side to allow her to enter first. “I’ve spent my whole Starfleet career in Intel. My father was an Orion pirate. Never knew him, but my mother told me all about him, regaled my with his trials and tribulations. She was able to teach me all about the culture, the pirate life, and a lot about the syndicates.. Knowing who I was, Starfleet Intel kept an eye on me as I grew older. I was recruited right out of secondary school into the Academy, then fast-tracked into Intel.”

A moment later and the lift stopped at Deck 17. As they stepped out, D’vash continued. “I did my share to shut down the piracy taking place along the border, as well disrupting Syndicate activities. Actually, I was pretty high on the Syndicates Most Wanted list, until I was betrayed by my partner on a deep cover mission. I was left for dead, but my back-up arrived in time to keep me alive. After I healed up, I seriously considered calling it quits. Just go back to Norway and spend the rest of my days on the slopes.”

Eventually, they reached the door of 17 Forward and before entering, the CIO finished his Starfleet History. “I was offered the XO position on the Olympic and stayed there until she was decommed and the reassigned as Chief of Intel here, aaaand, that brigs you up to date. Any other other questions?”

Odinson (CIO)

Angelina was so astonished at it all, that as they entered 17 Forward, she bit back a laugh. “Wow… well, I can’t think of any. It makes what I’ve done in my life seem insignificant. Other than a couple years in security on the Bollenger, I haven’t done much of note. Sadly, I don’t know any pirates, and I have yet to make any great mark on any star system or in any position. It’s one of the reasons I am hoping this new CRIT team you are putting together will be a stepping stone for me.” She moved with him towards the replicators and smiled. “I used to want to be in Intel. Didn’t test high enough for it in Academy so didn’t think of trying again, to be honest. But I imagine it has some amazing rewards, personal and professional, I mean. To know you made such a great difference.” She was a bit in awe of him and hoped she would be able to learn more from him during her time here.


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“It can be a stepping stone, but I honestly hope that’s not the main reason for being a part of the CRIT team. You truly need to have the the Federation’s citizenship and ideals of Starfleet at the forefront. Physical skills and mental abilities are important for the job, but just as important is your emotional fortitude. Your morals and values will constantly be under pressure and scrutinized.”

He stepped aside and let Angelina order from the replicator while he continued.

“You won’t get recognition or glory. Much of what we do will be classified and most likely the only people that know what you did are your immediate superiors and your team. You may get an award or a medal but you won’t get to keep it, a notation or citation in your file, but it’ll be very vague as to what you did to earn it. On the other hand, when you screw the pooch, chances are a lot more people are going to know. It’s going to be a lot like Intel work–high risk, low recognition.”

Odinson (CIO)

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