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Runa walked up to the control panel and pulled up the program she had worked so long on. A piece of home, and the best skiing she’d ever seen. The doors swished open after the program updated and she walked through, Revna and D’Vash with her. The area in front of them was a cleared field, several large piles of wood ablaze giving warmth to the winter scene before them. Runa walked over to the wood logs set around for seating and picked up a heavy blanket, and wrapped it around Revna. She knew the cold would get to her quickly, make her hands more numb than they would be on a daily basis. She then sat next to one of the roaring fires. Near by was a lean-to holding ski equipment and a lift heading up to the top of Varingskollen. At the top was a shed for those waiting to take the challenge of Sleipnir’s Mane. Looking up at that mountain brought back a lot of memories. The last time she’d been here with Revna and D’Vash, D’Vash had not had the experience to run that slope. There was no reason to think he didn’t have it now, but if he won, he was going to earn it.

Revna let Runa wrap the blanket around her like the mother hen she was. But in truth it was cold to her. She remembered running through the snow like this like it was summer. She looked around, some things didn’t look quite right to her. Memory did that though. They were younger and perceptions were different. One of the pictures she’d shown D’Vash had been the three of them (well they all had been) but it had been taken of the three of them dancing around the bonfire to the drums. Revna wouldn’t be doing that again for awhile. She stood by the fire staring for a moment and then found a seat among the logs. She shook her head, “Runa, this is amazing.”

Runa shrugged, “I’ve had a lot of time to work on it. When you’re better we’ll go home.” Revna needed to go home, see family, come here and remember what life was like before it got complicated and she added the universe to her sphere of care. And she’d beat her sister down the slopes too. Revna had always been just a tad bit faster than her. But Runa had still been skiing when Revna was busy with her need to save others. Runa shook her head and turned her gaze up to the slope in anticipation.

She put the glasses down in front of her. “One glass, first, it’s not fair to make Revna wait while we have fun.”
Runa Edman, Teacher

D’Vash laughed again. “Oh sure. Give the guy that never drinks alcohol another one before he makes the run. Get me a little drunk, so you have the advantage. Runa, you are just as devious as you ever were.”

Revna snorted, “Just because you don’t drink doesn’t mean that Orion constitution of yours will fail you.” Revna grinned at him. Runa was in so much trouble this time.
She was always taking on situations, dares, wagers, challenges that she had no business winning and she always did. Revna didn’t think it would work out so easily this time.

Revna picked up a glass and poured some into her glass. Then with a grin she removed a packet of spices from her pocket, added them to the bottle and then placed the bottle, uncorked closer to the fire. “By the time you two get back you’ll have a bottle of warm spiced mead to warm you up. GO before I decide the winner now.”

Runa laughed, her eyes dancing with humor and challenge. “Don’t drink then D’Vash. You don’t have to be drunk for me to win. I’ll even have some, give you a fighting chance.” She picked up a glass and poured some into it and raised it in D’Vash’s direction and drank it, slowly, she wasn’t going to be stupid and let it hit her all at once. She watched Revna added the spices and laughed.

He walked over and inspected a few sets of skis, picking one set for himself and other for Runa. He walked back over to the fire and drove Runa’s skis into the soft snow. “I suppose you have the bindings rigged so mine will pop off the first time I try to cut?”

Odinson (CIO)
Lt Edman, Counselor

She looked at the skis he drove down in front of her and looked around them at him. There were several pairs to choose from and he’d grabbed hers without hesitation. She stood, setting them down, and strapping them on. “You picked them not me. But if you’re afraid you can always have the computer make you a pair to your specifications.” She grinned at Revna, “You just want to horde that bottle to yourself.” She teased Revna. She knew Revna wouldn’t touch the bottle till they got back. “You remember there’s a light that will flash when we start? And you can find your way to the finish line without getting lost?” She took off for the lift before Revna could hurl the snowball she was making at her.

She sat down on the lift, holding it till D’Vash joined her to head up to the top.
Runa Edman, teacher

D’vash sat down on the lift as the began its ascent up the mountain. Glancing down at the landscape below them, he was astonished by what he saw. “This. . .is. . . amazing!!! How old were you when you started programming this? Every run is just the way I remember them. I haven’t been back in years, but,. . . you just visited here. I lived here and it’s almost perfect.”

Runa blushed a little at the praise. “About 14 years ago. I was part of a cross sector team of teachers. The idea was to create holoprograms of famous sites and then share them, along with lesson plans for schools, cultures, colonies that would never get to see them otherwise. We each submitted several ideas and the rest of the group picked what they wanted to see.” She touches his arm briefly. “Don’t worry, this wasn’t one of the ideas. I wouldn’t do that without your family’s permission. But afterwards it got me thinking that maybe I could write a program so I could come back here. I missed it.” She looks down watching the mountain move below them. “I took a lot of pictures that trip. I used those, and ones I could find on the public library systems. I had to go back and visit a couple times to get it right.”

He continued to stare at the surroundings from above. “You even have Huginn and Muninn in the right place,” he said regarding a pair or mirrored identical runs next to each other. I can almost picture grandfather’s groomer chugging down the hill.”

Odinson (2384 Olympic gold medalist in downhill skiing)

She grins and turns in the lift chair making it rock and then leaning precariously over the side looking for something – still totally fearless. “Look over there.” Mjölnir, the large rock out cropping, was slightly below them and to the left. Only the most skilled skiers used it as a jump-off ramp. The lift stopped and Runa pushed off toward the small bridge leading to the top of Sleipnir’s Mane. She stopped, “I’m really proud of this one. Took me a year. It’s not as magnificent as the real thing, but…” She pointed out to the large iced pass that would cross a ravine on the other side of the mountain. “Computer activate Northern Lights.” The unique dancing lights appeared, but as magical as they were in the sky they reflected off the iced pass, refracting through the prism of the ice lighting it up like a rainbow. “The Bifrost.”

After a moment Runa moved to the top of the run. She pulled the goggles down over her eyes and grinned. “Ready to lose, Vash?” The lights started flashing a short count down, then a buzzer, and Runa was off down the mountain.

Runa Edman (Clueless for how much trouble she is in)

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