Side Sim - Lera's second shift

Posted Nov. 30, 2020, 7:28 p.m. by Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim - Lera’s second shift

Posted by Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) in Side Sim - Lera’s second shift

Posted by Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) in Side Sim - Lera’s second shift
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(takes place the afternoon after Mar and Revna have spoken ( ) ((there is more, that’s just before snip)) )

Lera had spent the night with Mardusk, as she often did nowadays, and had left for work with him after breakfast. She was, fortunately, unaware he hadn’t gone straight to security, but to see Revna. The Counselor and her had spent an interesting evening watching an old Earth movie Princess Bride and Lera remembered a bit of a partial meltdown about what she had been thru before coming to the Atlantis.

With her usual morning bounce she set to work on the console they were working on so Astrometrics could get some boosted readings for some nebula they were passing in the next day or so.

Shortly after lunch, NE Barrows came and asked if she could cover his second shift. His wife was still sick and he was going to help out with her school class that afternoon. She agreed, because everyone knew she was the one willing to do extra shifts. For them, she was a blessing. To her, it just kept her mind occupied more so she didn’t have as much down time to think and become bored.

Near the end of the shift, the young engineer tapped out a missive to Mardusk apologizing for not being able to make dinner that night. She was going to cover Barrows’ shift. And because she’d be off late, she’d just sleep in her own quarters that night so she didn’t wake him coming in late. Once it was sent, she headed for the Chief’s office. He hadn’t worried about her extra shifts as long as he was aware of them. So, as usual, she swung her head into his office with a smile. “I’m covering Barrows tonight, Chief. His wife is still sick. Just letting you know.” She nodded her head and swung back out, about to head back to the project they were working on.

Lt Auleraine Brison

That morning the CE would receive the following:
To: CE Jacen Drayke
From: Counselor Revna Edman
Until further notice Lt Auleraine Brison is not allowed to work double or extra shifts for medical reasons.

Lera would also receive the following:
To: Engineer Auleraine Brison
From: Counselor Revna Edman
Lera after speaking with you and Mardusk I have to insist on no more extra and double shifts for the time being. You should come by my office this afternoon after your shift. We need have a chat about how we proceed going forward.

Mardusk would receive a copy of the letter as well.
Lt Edman, Counselor

Jacen held a peculiar look on his face as he read the memo that came across his desk. He wasn’t certain what this was all about, but if it was something that was forcing him to regulate the shifts of one of his officers he needed to find out more. =/\= Lt Auleraine Brison report to my office immediately.=/\= Jacen ordered as he waited for her to appear.

Drayke, CE

Lera laughed to herself as she turned around. She guessed he’d just processed what she finished saying at his door a moment ago.

Poking her head right back in, she smiled. “Yes, Chief?” It didn’t surprise her he’d want her to repeat herself. Sometimes he’d get absorbed in things and not hear. She did it, too.

(She was just in your doorway hehehe)

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“What is this about no more shifts? Right after you just came in asking for one?” he said as he turned his screen around for her to view as he waited to see what she was going to say. “Why are you not allowed extra shifts? I mean we have plenty of people to cover, so I just assumed you had been hoarding favors… but this seems to make me think something else.” Drayke asked, wanting to know more about what was going on.

Drayke, CE

Lera leaned on the desk and looked at the screen, frowning. Biting back the growl that rumbled in her throat, she shook her head standing back up. “That’s not fair!” She bit her lip realizing her outburst.

“Fair or no fair, I need details… start talking,” Drayke said as he pointed for her to take a seat as he leaned back and looked her over.

“Sir, I promise I had no idea. The Counselor is of the opinion that I need to deal with what happened to me before coming here. But I’m fine! I mean, I’ve been working at or above standard, far as I know. I haven’t caused any trouble. Haven’t been part of any accidents. It’s not fair! Can’t you override the order?”

“I may have a lot of titles, Commander, Chief Engineer, Second Officer… but I can’t override any medical orders from the counselor or CMO. Trust me, I have tried… it never worked out in my favor.” Drayke said as he looked at her with concern as he wanted to learn more about all of this.

Her voice was edged in both indignation as well as desperation. Time off meant time to think. That was the last thing she needed. And what about Mar? He’d think she was unfit for duty. Wouldn’t he?

She turned to face the Chief, unclenched her hands and with a calm that was directly opposite to her growled denial a moment ago, spoke up. “Respectfully request that you let the Counselor know I’m fit for work, sir. I don’t wish to place a burden on engineering because I’m removed after the shift has started.” It was a long shot. But she had to try.


“I can tell her you’re an Aldeberian Seacow but unless you can prove it then it’s my word vs hers and in this instance, her word trumps mine. I can handle a shift as well, it isn’t like I am so rusty I can’t step in and do double duty, wouldn’t be the first time. You need to get this settled with her and fast. Captain Bordeaux might consider some leniency but in the end, you have to prove this to the Counselor. You ran into the one person rank and power have no say in stopping on this ship.” Drayke said as he looked at the letter and wondered what he could do.

“There is perhaps an alternative, though you might not like it. Holo emersion therapy… keep you off duty but it can let you perhaps find a way to meet her criteria at the same time. You find approval I can even make a custom program, been awhile since I really used my specialty.”

Drayke CE

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