OCC Announcement about the club not relaxing posting during the holidays.

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Hello Atlanteans,

I am not sure if you have been following the discussion in command started by the president but it has been decided that:

  1. Posting limits will not be relaxed club-wide.
  2. COs are empowered to relax their ship-specific posting limits for the period of December 15, 2020 to January 1, 2021 if they choose, but it is discouraged.
  3. All members will be encouraged to utilize the LOA system to let their fellow RPers know when they will be unavailable.

I have included the link above in case anyone is interested or hasn’t heard of this development and the discussions surrounding it.

I have thought long and hard about the above command post and of course, threw in my two cents into the discussion. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be Kate lol. Anyway, these are my thoughts and why I am planning to do what I am suggesting to the crew.

I am going with relaxing my ship-specific posting limits from December 15, 2020 to January 10, 2021 even though “it is discouraged”. The holiday limits for the Atlantis will be:

  1. No one’s position on the ship will be affected during this period.
  2. No AWOL notices will be sent to anyone that goes over the posting limit for their character in this period.
  3. Everyone will be back to posting on the 3/5/7 schedule after the holiday period.

Now let me explain why I chose this route.

This year has been extremely hard and not the year any of us anticipated or expected but we have dealt with it. We have dealt with job loss. We have dealt with having a job but being asked to go over and above what is normally expected of our job. For some that is long hours as essential workers that give us medical care, fix our cars, deliver out packages, prepare our meals, educate our children, stock our shelves, etc. The list goes on and on because this year of any year in the past has shown us everyone is important. At times we may feel like wheels in a cog but if a single cog breaks it stops the whole process. I want you all to know that while I may not know your personal struggle, you are important and valued as a writer on my ship and as an individual.

We have dealt with not seeing loved ones, maybe for the last time. We have missed being there for births, weddings, graduation, and holidays. We have felt fear, trepidation, concern, and/or hesitation leaving our homes to do even the most mundane tasks. We have times where we didn’t have the things we need (ie: food, toilet paper, internet, companionship, etc) and we have had times where we spent an afternoon getting or donating time, money, or items to others that needed it when we had more than what we needed.

For these reasons and more I think I can safely say that whatever your personal experience has been over the past nine months we are collectively exhausted in one fashion or another. Everyone’s experience may not fit in one of the areas I described above or maybe they fit several of them; however, the point I want to emphasize is I want to make sure the person behind the character is okay this holiday season.

This is why I am going to relax the posting limits and let the crew do what they need to do for themselves. If you want to post you can. If you need a breather I understand. If you just want to chit chat and relax with those on discord, your family, or even try out the idea of the holiday ship please do so. The holidays are stressful under any circumstance so do what you need to do to find the most happiness and enjoyment over the holiday break. If you are however planning to not consistently post in this time please try to take an LOA just so that everyone has a general idea of who may or may not be around.

If you have any questions please contact me or the XO.

Thank you,

~ Kate O’Neill

Thank you Kate. I’d just like to say your compassion and empathy is something I wish we had more of and I appreciate your thoughts, time and action to make sure your crew is ok and not placed under extra stress over the holidays by having to comply with a hobby club’s demands on our time.


I have to second what Dave said. I think that as a whole…okay I’m going to stop there. You know my feelings on this. And I want to thank you for putting the people, the REAL people of your crew above the rules of a game. It has been a hard year for all of us in so many different ways. Thank you for caring about us, the people, and making this an environment that we enjoy returning to for fun.

Kate, I echo your sentiments as a CO; and as a member of this crew I appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge us as people, not just players in an RP club.

I wish everyone the absolute best in these trying times, and know that if you need someone to talk to, I’m there for you.


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