Side Sim - Lera's second shift

Posted Jan. 10, 2021, 8:06 p.m. by Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim - Lera’s second shift

Posted by Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) in Side Sim - Lera’s second shift

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim - Lera’s second shift
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(takes place the afternoon after Mar and Revna have spoken ( ) ((there is more, that’s just before snip)) )

“Fair or no fair, I need details… start talking,” Drayke said as he pointed for her to take a seat as he leaned back and looked her over.

“Sir, I promise I had no idea. The Counselor is of the opinion that I need to deal with what happened to me before coming here. But I’m fine! I mean, I’ve been working at or above standard, far as I know. I haven’t caused any trouble. Haven’t been part of any accidents. It’s not fair! Can’t you override the order?”

“I may have a lot of titles, Commander, Chief Engineer, Second Officer… but I can’t override any medical orders from the counselor or CMO. Trust me, I have tried… it never worked out in my favor.” Drayke said as he looked at her with concern as he wanted to learn more about all of this.

Her voice was edged in both indignation as well as desperation. Time off meant time to think. That was the last thing she needed. And what about Mar? He’d think she was unfit for duty. Wouldn’t he?

She turned to face the Chief, unclenched her hands and with a calm that was directly opposite to her growled denial a moment ago, spoke up. “Respectfully request that you let the Counselor know I’m fit for work, sir. I don’t wish to place a burden on engineering because I’m removed after the shift has started.” It was a long shot. But she had to try.


“I can tell her you’re an Aldeberian Seacow but unless you can prove it then it’s my word vs hers and in this instance, her word trumps mine. I can handle a shift as well, it isn’t like I am so rusty I can’t step in and do double duty, wouldn’t be the first time. You need to get this settled with her and fast. Captain Bordeaux might consider some leniency but in the end, you have to prove this to the Counselor. You ran into the one person rank and power have no say in stopping on this ship.” Drayke said as he looked at the letter and wondered what he could do.

“There is perhaps an alternative, though you might not like it. Holo emersion therapy… keep you off duty but it can let you perhaps find a way to meet her criteria at the same time. You find approval I can even make a custom program, been awhile since I really used my specialty.”

Drayke CE

Lera sighed. She didn’t like it that she was given no choice. Well, she did have a choice. But the alternative was to be seen as unfit for duty and eventually put off the ship. She wasn’t going to let that happen.

As Drayke mentioned an alternative, she frowned. “Holo emersion therapy? What would that mean and what wouldn’t I like about it?” She wondered if acting out would be better than talking. So she was willing to take the offer under advisement, depending on what all it entailed. Her biggest concern was Mardusk. Would he be willing to accept this holo idea or was he hard set on her talking things out with the Counselor as he originally proposed. “Tell me what you have in mind. If it’s not worse than sitting on her couch and pouring out fake sob stories to get thru this, I’ll fight tooth and nail to make it a viable alternative.” She was getting snippy again and not realizing it. But she was upset at feeling manipulated.


“I mean this is all just theoretical, you have to get the counselor to agree. I have done this with my wife before, she had trauma from an attack on her planet that left her badly scarred and scared to open to others for a long time. Relann… she is amazingly strong and working right now off ship to help reunite her people, but she needed to relive the moments of her greatest trauma to be able to find a way back to her normal. Even then it took a long time to get her 100%, but that was less to do with the trauma and more to do with…” Jacen paused as he thought on the term. “Alien ghosts?” he said, it sounded bizarre but he had been there and seen it all through their link himself.

“In theory being able to conquer your greatest fear head-on could help, or… and this is just me spitballing here, could make you spiral too. That’s where the counselor would need to come in and monitor as this goes on. It’s worth a suggestion, but that’s all I can do for you is to give you a suggestion to take to her.”

Drayke, CE

Lera frowned. “So you think me reliving it will make me better? I don’t see how. I mean, I’m fine now. I relive it every time I close my eyes.” She laughed, but it was nervous and shaky. Fine was a relative term and she doubted, with this transpiring, that her idea of the definition and the Counselor’s was the same. “I’m going to go sort this out. I’m sorry about the shift. I’ll be back before the end of it, I’m sure.”

“Reliving it isn’t exactly the idea, it’s confronting it head-on. As I said, it’s just an idea, but fighting the events in a controlled environment might help. It really all depends on what you think you can handle.” Jacen said, knowing nothing like this would ever be easy. Sometimes the hardest thing was to confront what you feared the most. Sometimes though you had to get to a point where fighting something head-on was something one could handle. Fresh wounds were hardest to go head on against.

She stood up and shook her head. “I don’t get this. I’ve been functioning fine, I have a relationship with an Orion, for all that’s dark and holy! I’m not damaged.” The words weren’t meant for anyone in particular, but she muttered them none the less. “I’ll straighten this out and be back shortly.” She glanced at him. “Permission to go, Sir?” The words seemed a bit off for her. She wasn’t sure what made her ask now, and her voice was as uncertain as her mind.


“No one said damaged, but we all live with our baggage. I watched as my sister was assimilated by the borg as her fiance’ had to kill her before we could escape. That was… a very long time ago… but it’s not something I often want to think about. It is though a part of me… always will be. You have to find a way to deal that doesn’t burn you at both ends, otherwise, you will be good to no one.” Jacen said as he took a deep breath as he stood.

“I am here for you, but I can’t counter the counselor… and if my idea doesn’t appeal to you then there are perhaps other ideas to itch around. I don’t want you to think you can’t come to me for help. With that said… I guess I don’t need you for anything else.”

Drayke, CE

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