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=^=Thank you. We’ll scope out this Base 5. =^=Are the pirates that prolific in the area? In the meantime, return as soon as possible. =^= Jen said, frowning. More information to gather, but this was significant if the pirates are manifest and pervasive. The pirates had to do ‘something’ with their goods. His eyes flickered to the other screen that held the pirate ship.
- Jen, XO

OOC: I know the sim has been long. You just left Base 5 after meeting members of the significant races. One of your crew members lost their phaser, another shot up the security officers there. Then the landing party escaped in an escape pod which you beamed them aboard from while the Base was launching their fighters in a defensive action. So the base is known to you and a shuttle approaching might be in a little bit of trouble.


Lera sighed and nodded to the CMO. “They are also curiously strong about wanting to see the Atlantis and our tech, I am assuming. They were trying very hard to get extras from me while I was in engineering. Even went so far as to bribe me, but then swiftly turned it to a gift when he thought he would lose help if he continued.” She nodded to the bolt of gorgeous fabric she had brought aboard that was not cargo strapped to one of the walls. “I think pirates and scavengers come in all shapes and sizes. And despite The Nine seeming to be the better of the two sides, I wouldn’t recommend letting anyone aboard the Atlantis if we can avoid it at all.” She knew it wasn’t a nice report on her end. But it was what had stuck out the most in her encounter and an impression she couldn’t shake easily.


OOC: I saw what you did there… ‘curiously strong’.

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‘Too late on that,’ Jen thought relating to letting people on board. And as for ‘all shapes and sizes’ he didn’t think that a ‘pirate’ crew North of 2000 was quite in that mix. It did go to be said that others would be interested in their tech. Something new. Something shiny dropping into their laps. After a pause he replied =^= Acknowledged. Let’s get you back aboard. Note that there is a rather large craft nearby. Approach us without crossing their path. We’ll see you aboard shortly. Jen out. =^=
Jen, XO
OOC: Unless there is a problem, Luke, can we get them back to the nest?

OOC: Nothing going to stop you from getting back to the Atlantis, but the time line is off. You technically spent more time on the Curiously Strong than has past on the main time line, but I don’t think there will be significant temporal conflict as those two places aren’t strongly related. But this will block you from going back to the Curiously Strong. Okay?


OOC: So if I get it right, we can go back to the Atlantis, but no one can get back to the Curious right now?

OOC: Pretty much. Its a one way turnstile.

Lera was glad to be out of there. She wasn’t great at first contacts because she felt for the ship and knew their tech would have helped the Curiously Strong immensely. It was hard to say no to someone you knew would suffer because of it. But, to her credit, she understood the reasons and knew better than to do less than comply.

“All right, back to the shuttle it is!” She laughed and nodded to the others to pick up their stuff and get going.

((let the GM decide if we are back in our engineering or play on the shuttle a bit to kill time for ship sim to catch up))

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