Side Sim: Angelina reports to Odinson (CRIT)

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“It can be a stepping stone, but I honestly hope that’s not the main reason for being a part of the CRIT team. You truly need to have the the Federation’s citizenship and ideals of Starfleet at the forefront. Physical skills and mental abilities are important for the job, but just as important is your emotional fortitude. Your morals and values will constantly be under pressure and scrutinized.”

He stepped aside and let Angelina order from the replicator while he continued.

“You won’t get recognition or glory. Much of what we do will be classified and most likely the only people that know what you did are your immediate superiors and your team. You may get an award or a medal but you won’t get to keep it, a notation or citation in your file, but it’ll be very vague as to what you did to earn it. On the other hand, when you screw the pooch, chances are a lot more people are going to know. It’s going to be a lot like Intel work–high risk, low recognition.”

Odinson (CIO)

Despite moving to order her food, Angelina listened in earnest. “You are right, it’s not the only reason. I want to make a difference. If I wanted recognition and citations, I’d be a Diplomat or some Admiral’s crony. I am out here,” she gestured towards space out the windows, “because I want to make a difference. I want out here to be safe for those that come after us. And to make it worth being out here for those of us already here.” She took her tray and turned to him. “If we can be successful and no one knows, all the better. That’s the point of security, intel and things like Spec Ops, isn’t it? To make other think absolutely nothing is wrong and they can go about doing, whatever they are doing, without the knowledge of what that lethargy and security costs.”

Following him to the table, she finished. “When I say stepping stone, sir, I meant in helping. In knowledge. And in doing what’s right because there is a planet full of people wanting us to succeed. Even if they never leave orbit themselves.” She bit her lip realizing her vehemence at the statement came off almost defensive. She wanted this. She wanted space, security, and now CRIT. She was out here because others couldn’t be. She had the fire in her and right now it was burning to be shown and proven.


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D’vash listened carefully to her words and noted the conviction in her voice. Sitting at the table after she sat, the CIO raised his glass and offered her a ‘Well said, Lt. That was one of the answers I was looking for even after the official interview. Congratulations. Welcome to the CRIT team.”

Odinson CIO

Angelina smiled and lifted her own glass to klink with his. “Thank you, Sir. I’ll do my best to be sure you made the right choice.” She took a sip and relaxed a bit. She was in. Now she had to figure out what to do next. “So what do you want from me between now and our next assignment?” She was eager to get started and knew she had some training to do. But she also wanted to know what he would expect from her.


“First thing–get a gear bag ready. Standard security gear, any tools of the trade you’re proficient with. We’ll get calls on a moment’s notice and most likely won’t have time to prep one prior to a mission. Have that bag ready to go 24/7.”

“Secondly, work on your weaknesses. We all have them and knowing they need improvement is half the battle. You know what yours are, so do what you can to make them better.”

D’vash paused to take a drink before continuing. “Tell me, Lt., are you a light sleeper?”

Odinson (CIO)

Listening to his needs from her, Angelina smiled. “The bag is no problem. I seemed to have had that since the beginning. Fear of an ‘abandon ship’ scenario, I think. So no worries there. And no, not a heavy sleeper. I can usually go from eyes open to ready to go in under ten minutes. And have a clear head doing it.” When it came to work issues, she knew she would have no problem.

“And I’ll work on the weaknesses. Anyone you recommend I can work out with who may push me in that area? And do we have trainings for CRIT specifically or do we train on our own?” She wasn’t going to start her own programs if there was something already in place. If there wasn’t, then she would certainly see to it there were scenarios programmed into the holodecks for them to work on various things the ship could encounter. She wasn’t one to sit idly by and wait for things she had to show up to.


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