side-sim Girl Time: Revna meets Maybelle

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Revna raised a brow at the young lady. Oh yes, Nash failed to warn her of quite a bit about this young girl. “Well Miss Spunkler I am starving. Would you care to join me?” Revna stood up to follow Kelly out of the office. She certainly was not leaving this precocious girl alone in the captain’s ready room. If Maybelle didn’t want to go then she’d get a security detail for her. Or maybe she needed it for herself as protection?
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Sure they are serving Chili Mac at Mardusk’s place. That’s the security mess station. They have a replicator that is run by Mr. E. Mr. Mardusk told me Mr.E stands for meals ready to eat. It’s a joke,” Maybelle looked at Revna making sure she understood the ship humor. She wasn’t sure what kind of placement the counselor was at before.

Revna grinned. Every ship had a Mr. E’s place. If you were lucky it had a replicator. If you weren’t then it was the old fashioned kind. Revna actually liked them. Fixing them reminded her of home, even if the flavor wasn’t as good.

“Mr. E’s is usually only for the security people on duty but I know a guy,” she said as casual as a con man. “Mr. Mardusk says that it also prepares them to have an iron gut if they are deployed in the field with no replicators. I am not sure I want to be security one day so I am just starting iron gut training. He always lets me in on Chili Mac days. It is the best. There’s no question. Oh and not only is the main food ah maze ing,” she sang the word moving to the edge of her seat. “You also get a pound cake, jalapeno cheese spread and crackers, candy, and beverage powder. I have heard,” Maybelle leaned forward in her seat even more as if imparting a huge secret, “they have these coffee packets that come with a match so you can start a fire and brew a cup of coffee but Mr. Mardusk had that removed when I asked about it. Who wouldn’t want me to have fire?” The statement held the innocence of a child.

“More likely Maybelle you asking reminded him of how dangerous fire is on board a space ship. And well, when people get bored accidents happen.” And it was true. Look at how those two ensigns were acting the other day in the lounge. And fire and children was never a good idea. Not without supervision. Revna and Runa…well their Da wasn’t too happy with them when he had to rebuilt the mast head on his ship....

“If you want something different we could do to the diplomatic suites. Their food is what I call pokable. See half the time I don’t know what is on the plate. One time,” Maybelle got up and stood up in front of Revna and dropped her voice low, “I think it was still moving.” Wide-eyed she nodded at Revna. “The dip staff says it will broaden my horizons but there are sooooo many forks. Anyway, they are on my Thursday route because they sample menus for any upcoming meetings the following week. Mr. Ian and I call it Tasting the Galaxy. He keeps trying to infuse jambalaya in the meals but it’s so spicy.”

Moving towards the door, Maybelle hooked her hand waving for Revna to follow her. “If you are looking for exciting though we can drop in on my Wednesday stop at Sciences. Mr. Chris and Mr. Kai always work as they eat so it is like dinner and a movie. One day,” her tone got so excited. Maybelle bounced slightly like she was talking about going to Vaughn-Teller land. “So they have this exploding goo when you get too loud. We ran a chomping experiment.” Her tone was so serious and slightly proud. “See we only ate things that were loud like chips and tacos and tried to figure out what we could eat if we were trapped in the same room with it. I am not sure they will redo that particular experiment but they might.”

“That sounds like an excellent expirement. However I think I’d rather not eat where Lt Kai works. That could be quite dangerous I think. Those sciencie types tend to forget they are eating and the experiments end up in the food and eaten. Now I’m all for trying new things, but I might have a better idea,” She winked at Maybelle keeping the idea to herself for the moment.

Maybelle hit a series of buttons. Depending on Revna’s choice they would just get off on that floor. “While I like medical they tend to eat healthy so let’s skip that. They are a nice bunch but always serve some sort of vegetable and who needs that.”

Revna laughed. “It depends on how they are made. Where I grew up meat was not the main food. But I understand what you mean. Food is no fun when it’s all super healthy. It’s got to taste good, amIright?”

“Monday’s are my Mr. Drayke and me’s day to talk about the new engineering project. We only get sandwiches because we eat and move. He calls it brown bagging. It took am a moment to realize what he was talking about. It’s like a,” Maybelle looked up at the top of the turbo trying to find the right words, “moving picnic. If you don’t carry your food around you might only get what your holding. The warp core is always out of variance so if you eat sandwiches that lets you either put it in one hand to use a tool. If you need to put bit more oomph is tightening a bolt or something you can also stick the sandwich in your mouth and free up both hands. The upside is if you set your IMaP watch to physical mode all the walking does my PE homework. Saves time later.” The numbers on the turbo ticked by as Maybelle talked.

“One day, Maybelle, we’ll do a walking lunch and go find the coolest places on the ship.” She paused to consider the girl. “Do you like engineering? Building and creating things?”

“On Tuesday I eat with Mr. Nash and Mr. Rand but they keep saying Intelligence doesn’t have their own lunchroom. I think it’s because they are spies so I touch everything in their offices. One day I know I am going to pull a book or move a picture and find the secret lunchroom but until then,” she let her voice trail off. “I’m gonna find it though. I think they are just testing me but I am quite resourceful.” Rising and lowering herself on her heels and then toes showed Maybell saw Rand and Nash as a challenge.

Revna let out a snort. Oh she could imagine the look on Nash’s face as Maybelle touched EVERYTHING in his office. The deep brooding go away look hiding his amusement at her antics. She could certainly see them ‘hiding’ the location from her just to get some peace. The girl was practically going at warp speeds in the small lift. “You know Maybelle, my brother is the CIO on board. I bet he could help us,” her eyes twinkled. Vash was always up for a good prank. She just had to make sure he didn’t get all up tight over it being a prank on a fellow officer. She might have to enlist Runa for this one.

The doors opened to the main mess hall level. Across from the turbo was the large glassed room filled with people. “This is my Sunday spot even though today is not Sunday. The holovisions tend to have some sort of sporting event on so people are laughing and having fun. It is also a great place to people watch.” A smile shone on Maybelle’s face. “Since you are a counselor maybe we should eat here. I can tell you what you need to know about everyone if you want?”

“You know Maybelle, I get to people watch all the time. And I would love to compare notes on the people on board, but how about we go create a little havoc?”

Taking a step out of the turbo Maybelle looked at Revna. “Don’t worry about all the extra floors that are lit. I see it as preparing the turbo for someone on another floor.”

Maybelle Spunkler

Revna grinned, how could anyone NOT like this child. Oh she was sure she caused all kinds of mischief, but she reminded Revna of herself and Runa at that age. As they passed through the turbolift door, Revna hit the ‘clear’ button so the turbo wouldn’t stop everywhere on the way to pick someone up. She figured it was gaining a little positive karma for what she was about to do.

Revna headed for the diplomatic mess hall. “I think Lt Ian is right. They need to expand their horizons. I have the perfect meal from my home. Don’t worry we won’t eat it. I’ll get us something much better. And when they aren’t looking, we’ll hide all those extra forks from them.” She led them into the diplomatic mess and grinned at Maybelle. “Think you can distract them for a few minutes?”

“Pffft that is what I do when I am not trying to do it,” she waved a hand at Revna as if it were the silliest suggestion she had ever heard. “Mr. Jenkowski,”Maybelle waved widely using a volume that was far louder than needed. “You have no idea who wants to come to lunch with us. Ms. Revna and she is so much more fun than you said counselors are. She didn’t try to introduce me to that Freud guy or ask me if I see that butterfly in black paint so I think you have her mixed up with someone else.” Maybelle didn’t have a filter for things like this because she was only ten years old. She also did not have a clue why adults tended to be scared of the counselors. Principals were one thing but the counselors always were fun and happy. They played great games to get you to meet other people and taught you all kinds of exciting things about different people.

Jenkowski smiled at Revna weakly before motioning Maybelle over to him.

As Maybelle set off on her ‘mission’ Revna snuck back into the kitchen. She moved to the large replicator and put in for the ingredients. She also changed the orders for what to make and added the recipie.

Smalahove (Sheep’s head)
Of all traditional food from her homeland Smalahove might be the most off-putting and weird Norwegian food to try. Revna would NOT eat it, but it would certainly expand the horizons of the diplomatic staff. The sheep’s head is either boiled or steamed for about 3 hours and is usually served with rutabaga and potatoes. Sometimes the brain was cooked inside the skull as well before eaten with a spoon.

Revna snuck back out the kitchen and over to the replicator. She ordered a large portion of Norweigen waffles: they were heart-formed waffles that were just as delicious as Belgian waffles but usually served with jam and cream as well as a dash of raw sugar. She also ordered Lingonberry jam which was her favorite. She added Skillingsboller as well. They were a traditional Norwegian version of a cinnamon roll. This circular pastry is usually associated with Bergen. The rolls are made with a combination of flour, milk, yeast, eggs, sugar, cardamom, lots of butter, and chopped almonds (optional). After the baking, skillingsbolle are brushed with additional butter on the top and the bottom while they are still hot. The top is also sprinkled with extra sugar and cinnamon. Then milk and hot chocolate. If they were going to eat, it might as well be deserts.

“What do you think? Deserts for lunch? These are all things from my home,” she asked Maybelle as she sat down with her.
Lt. Edman, Counselor (Fun loving Adult)

“I told you she rocked,” Maybelle squealed happily sliding into her seat.

“Is this homemade Skillingsboller,” a junior diplomatic officer asked. “I have heard of them but never tried them.” Everyone around the table seemed to be willing and eager to belly up to the bar as the expression went to meet the counselor and her amazing food.

“You know I have never understood why desserts have to be classified as desserts. Cakes, cookies, and are made with eggs, milk, and flour. That’s the same ingredients as these waffles but waffles are considered food and cake is dessert. Why aren’t waffles dessert and cake breakfast food?”’ Maybelle asked shoving a big piece of the golden bread in her mouth. This was why Maybelle loved coming to the diplomatic wing. They debated real topics that actually meant something.

Maybelle Spunkler

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