side-sim Girl Time: Revna meets Maybelle

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Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in side-sim Girl Time: Revna meets Maybelle

Posted by Civilian Maybelle Spunkler (Maybelle Spunkler) in side-sim Girl Time: Revna meets Maybelle

Revna headed for the diplomatic mess hall. “I think Lt Ian is right. They need to expand their horizons. I have the perfect meal from my home. Don’t worry we won’t eat it. I’ll get us something much better. And when they aren’t looking, we’ll hide all those extra forks from them.” She led them into the diplomatic mess and grinned at Maybelle. “Think you can distract them for a few minutes?”

“Pffft that is what I do when I am not trying to do it,” she waved a hand at Revna as if it were the silliest suggestion she had ever heard. “Mr. Jenkowski,”Maybelle waved widely using a volume that was far louder than needed. “You have no idea who wants to come to lunch with us. Ms. Revna and she is so much more fun than you said counselors are. She didn’t try to introduce me to that Freud guy or ask me if I see that butterfly in black paint so I think you have her mixed up with someone else.” Maybelle didn’t have a filter for things like this because she was only ten years old. She also did not have a clue why adults tended to be scared of the counselors. Principals were one thing but the counselors always were fun and happy. They played great games to get you to meet other people and taught you all kinds of exciting things about different people.

Jenkowski smiled at Revna weakly before motioning Maybelle over to him.

Revna grinned wickedly. She knew what to do with people who avoided her, professionally. Personally, it didn’t matter to her. Most people treated her like she was always on duty, so the more they avoided her after hours the more time she could actually relax.

As Maybelle set off on her ‘mission’ Revna snuck back into the kitchen. She moved to the large replicator and put in for the ingredients. She also changed the orders for what to make and added the recipe.

Smalahove (Sheep’s head)
Of all traditional food from her homeland Smalahove might be the most off-putting and weird Norwegian food to try. Revna would NOT eat it, but it would certainly expand the horizons of the diplomatic staff. The sheep’s head is either boiled or steamed for about 3 hours and is usually served with rutabaga and potatoes. Sometimes the brain was cooked inside the skull as well before eaten with a spoon.

Revna snuck back out the kitchen and over to the replicator. She ordered a large portion of Norweigen waffles: they were heart-formed waffles that were just as delicious as Belgian waffles but usually served with jam and cream as well as a dash of raw sugar. She also ordered Lingonberry jam which was her favorite. She added Skillingsboller as well. They were a traditional Norwegian version of a cinnamon roll. This circular pastry is usually associated with Bergen. The rolls are made with a combination of flour, milk, yeast, eggs, sugar, cardamom, lots of butter, and chopped almonds (optional). After the baking, skillingsbolle are brushed with additional butter on the top and the bottom while they are still hot. The top is also sprinkled with extra sugar and cinnamon. Then milk and hot chocolate. If they were going to eat, it might as well be deserts.

“What do you think? Deserts for lunch? These are all things from my home,” she asked Maybelle as she sat down with her.
Lt. Edman, Counselor (Fun loving Adult)

“I told you she rocked,” Maybelle squealed happily sliding into her seat.

“Is this homemade Skillingsboller,” a junior diplomatic officer asked. “I have heard of them but never tried them.” Everyone around the table seemed to be willing and eager to belly up to the bar as the expression went to meet the counselor and her amazing food.

Revna grinned, “Yes it is En Waverly.” The young ensign paled, it was never good when the counselor knew your name before you introduced yourself. “It is mean to be shared, two to a head. You start with the eyes and then spoon out the brains.” It became apparent to the diplomatic staff that the confections and desert was only enough for two.

“No way that is so críos and cool.” May elle liked the idea of telling everyone at school she hate an eyeball but she was t sure she really wanted to do it. Leaning forward she stared at Waverly and Linson. “So are you gonna eat it?”

Lunch with Revna was turning out to be far more fun and interesting than Maybelle could imagine. Allí would have to come the next time. She was smarter than Maybelle on the book stuff so she could share the details on why things happened.

Lt Linson looked at the meal and sighed, why did they always have to each such weird stuff? Then glancing at the counselor and taking note of the beads in her hair, she was close enough to see the Nordic runes etched on them. She turned to Waverly, whispering, “I wonder how traditionally Nordic she is? She won’t share her wealth” she waved at the confections, “to those who are not brave and of ‘strong heart.’ If the tales of Viking women are true.”

Revna turned an amused look on Linson. “I guess, you are about to find out.” Being that Linson was sitting right next to Revna, it was not hard for her to hear the comment. They might try to refine their covert communications skills.

“You know I have never understood why desserts have to be classified as desserts. Cakes, cookies, and are made with eggs, milk, and flour. That’s the same ingredients as these waffles but waffles are considered food and cake is dessert. Why aren’t waffles dessert and cake breakfast food?”’ Maybelle asked shoving a big piece of the golden bread in her mouth. This was why Maybelle loved coming to the diplomatic wing. They debated real topics that actually meant something.

Maybelle Spunkler

“Hmmm, that is an excellent point, Maybelle. Though the old saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day does not mean that it shouldn’t taste good. Now from a medical stand point you need more than just all that sugar, it won’t last you long. But that’s why, back home, we have something savory and warm to go with it. And it’s sooo” she exaggerated the word, “good. We’ll have breakfast one day and you can try it all.” And then Revna, watching out of the corner of her eye the rest of the diplomatic staff, began to tear the waffles with her fingers and dip the pieces into the jam and other toppings on the table.
Lt Edman, Counselor

“You....ummmm…planning on sharing with us,” Waverly asked with a weak smile. “I can’t imagine eating something this big alone.”

Maybelle Spunkler

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