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Posted Jan. 14, 2021, 6:24 p.m. by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (GM) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Damage Report

Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (GM) in Damage Report
OOC: I know I had written a prior damage report, but that had been several months ago. Please use the below as the new and actual damage report

Central Power Conduit:
Decks 5-9 burn out – Damage 38% Effectiveness 70% - Projected time of repair 900 person/hours. Materials required, star-base preferred.
Computer Network:
Multiple terminal burnouts – Damage 9% Effectiveness 99% - Projected time of repair 200 person/hours, minor material needs
Sensor Systems:
Long Range Damage 32% Effectiveness 82% - 3 emitter pallet destroyed, 5 damaged. Projected time of repair 71 person-hours – materials required.
Holographic Systems:
17 forward - Offline, Gym - Offline, Cargo Bays - Offline. 17 forward, Gym repairable 170 person/hours. Cargo Bays no parts available.
Warp Drive:
Main Manifold Damaged/Warping - Damage 18% Effectiveness 72% - Star Base required.
Impulse Drive:
Damage 24% Effectiveness 82% - Parts required, Star-Base preferred. 1800 person/hours
Damage 14% Effectiveness 62% - Parts required – 2400 person/hours
Phasers Damage 32% Effectiveness 68% - 1200person/hours – parts needed
Torps Damage 8% Effectiveness 99% - 200person/hours
Probes Damage 14% Tubes Down 2 Effectiveness 92% (repaired with torp launchers above)
Other Systems:
Science Labs, Tractor Beams, Transporters, Crew Quarters, Arboretum, Shuttle Bay – parts required

Awesome Luke. Thank you.
When it says parts required and parts needed and no parts available .. do we ‘have’ any parts that can be had or what can be replicated? Which of those needs to be garnered through the locals and what can we do? Is there a percentage of those ‘repair hours’ that we can manage on our own to prepare for the arrival of said parts?

Parts required means that there are things you can’t replicate, but may be found in the technology of one of the nearby races. No parts available means the items are not replicatable nor do any of the races nearby have the ability to provide it.

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