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Runa didn’t hear him behind her at first, but she kept her excitement in check concentrating on the course, until she heard it....the fast approach of another set of skis. She didn’t make the mistake of turning around. The sound got closer a lot faster than it should. She cast her eyes around landing on a small rise, she pushed off hard aiming for it using the lift to accelerate her speed, she landed, cutting across sending up snow behind her, hoping…maybe a little too much, that the snow spray would get in his way. But still he was gaining, faster than she realized. She cut across again, hoping he wouldn’t want to crash into her and she’d at least keep him behind her for a little while longer, with 1/2 the run still left to go. At this point Runa knew she’d never win, but she was going to make him work for it.
Runa Edman, Teacher

Down by the finish line Revna had requested a pair binoculars and was watching her sister and D’Vash. She grinned in approval as D’Vash waited at the very top after Runa had taken off. She gasped in shock at how fast he took off and how much speed he was gaining. Revna had no doubted her would win, there was a lack of arrogance to his questions and taunting to Runa that told of a deep confidence. Runa had missed it, wanting only to tease him about when they were young. She watched as Runa tried to cut him off and shook her head. “Computer, I want a banner, 20 feet across, 3 feet tall, across the finish line, secured at top and bottom to two 12 foot poles. The words ‘D’Vash Wins’ written across it. If Runa Edman crosses first, change the name to hers.” The computer trilled and the banner appeared. She checked through the binoculars again. Even if Runa some how managed to cross the line first, D’Vash was still going to win this round. She waited to make sure he’d pass her. Then she replaced the blanket by the fire and then called for the door. “Computer, lock holodeck door, open at Cmdr Odinson or Runa Edman’s request.” She slipped out the door and it locked behind her. She was not saving her sister from whatever bet she had made.
Lt Edman, Counselor

As she made her last cut to throw up the snow and swerve around a rocky outcropping, Runa would sense a silhouette explode from the rock and land 20 meters ahead of her position and continue to pull away by flat lining..

D’vash laughed as the banner came into view. He slowed and turned into a hockey stop as he crossed the finish line. Raising the goggles above his eyes, he looked back up the slope watching for Runa as she continued down the hill. He kicked out of the skis and rested them and the poles against a rack and waited. He needed to see Runa’s face as she crossed the line. . . . . .

Odinson (CIO)

Runa saw the silhouette appear, land and disappear down the hill. There was no way she was catching him. The speed at which he disappeared was astounding. Where did he learn that? It occurred to her at that point she was in a lot of trouble. The banner came into view and she groaned. She came to a neat little hockey stop as well, right beside him. Her face was flushed, and not from the cold. She’d lost…horribly. She’d just kept digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole, and he’d let her. This was worse than him ‘arresting her’ earlier before dinner. She’d made a total fool of herself. She lifted the goggles up and off her head. Her eyes showing her surprise, wariness, humor. She flushed deeper knowing exactly what she was going to have to do, now that he won. She stepped out of her skis, her eyes never leaving him, even when she knelt to pick them up and walk over to the rack. She leaned the skis and poles with the others and dropped the goggles and gloves there too.

It had been a long time since Runa had lost a bet, and there was no way she was talking her way out of this one. As she stood there staring at him, it hit her hard that they weren’t kids anymore. In fact, it was something she’d been trying to ignore most of the night. D’Vash had grown up, and physically made her pulse race. She made a slow appraisal of him from head to toe and back again. And if the way his sense of humor had stayed around was any indication, his personality had matured in an equally impressive way. She took two steps away from the rack and back towards him, finally looking away and at the banner and back at him. “You win.”

“I never had a doubt. Now. . . . .you owe me something. . . . “

D’vash was about to give her a break and reveal she didn’t have to show him, but before he could say anything else. . . .

She turned around, hooked a thumb into her waist band, swallowed and pulled it down, enough for him to get good luck at that dimple he was so fascinated with. Then she returned her waist band where it belonged. Now the question was…she’d wagered him the original bet. Did he remember that, or was she off the hook now? She turned back around grinning devilishly at him.
Runa Edman

D’vash mirrored her grin as she turned back around. “I was about to let you off the hook, but glad I didn’t. That dimple has gotten more cute than I remember. Or maybe it’s just that the derriere it’s attached to has filled out in all the right places. I was always curious to see if there was a matching one on the other side. I mean, you don’t have to show me, but my win was pretty definitive. I’m just saying. . . .”

He was going to let her off the hook? His mother may have raised a gentleman, but D’Vash still had a devilish side. “I always make good on my bets.” Oh and there it was, he wanted to see if she had another one? She blushed furiously. Not only at the request but his appraisal. But now with his request she was in trouble. She did make good on her bets. The original bet had been he could touch it. So now he was asking to know if she had another one…and banking on the fact he won so impressively. Did he remember or not? Well, she’d try something else instead. “You don’t know already?” She grinned, “You spent enough time spying on us, I would think you’d know the answer already.” And because Runa never knew when to stop, she wiggled her hips as she walked past him.

He turned toward the fire and poured two glasses of the now warm mead, realizing for the first time that Revna had left them alone. . . on purpose?”

Odinson (CIO)

She looked around, and no Revna. She didn’t expect to find her, not with the banner displayed so decisively. She was worried momentarily, that Revna wasn’t feeling well, but the folded blanket told her that Revna left, and was just fine. She turned back around muttering about twin sisters that meddle too much. She took a glass of the warm mead and sipped it. “I’m biased, but honestly, my Da makes the best mead.” She sat down close enough to the fire to be warm but far enough away to be comfortable. Her grin daring him to join her.
Runa Edman

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