Side Sim - Lera and ... Lera (Counselor)

Posted Jan. 19, 2021, 4:05 p.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim - Lera and … Lera (Counselor)

Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in Side Sim - Lera and … Lera (Counselor)

Posted by Lieutenant Auleraine Brison (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim - Lera and … Lera (Counselor)

She hadn’t left Engineering but five minutes prior when she tapped the chime on the Counselor’s office. Murmuring about inconveniences and ship duties under her breath, she waited for the woman to answer. She just wanted to get this done and over with. Being told she was unfit for duty was sitting worse with her than the nightmares, at this point.

Lt Auleraine Brison

Revna was surprised by how long it took Lera to show up at her door. She’d sent the message before Lera started her shift. Mardusk had come early and quickly and their discussion had been quick and informative. Revna, had spent the night before doing some checking and what she found desturbed her in more ways than one. What also concerned her was that, being on Lera’s emergency contact list, the CE hadn’t contacted her about the duty restriction. Even if he wasn’t approved she was still surprised he hadn’t contacted her anyway.

Hearing the chime, she got up and walked over to the door, she was in for a fight, she knew it, and she wasn’t sure she was physically well enough for the fight Lera could put up. She put that thought out of her mind, it didn’t matter if she was or not, it was her job, and Lera was her friend and her patient. She opened the door and stood out of the way, letting Lera come in and take a seat, or pace, or yell, whatever her preference. This time, Revna didn’t bother to offer a drink.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Lera stood a moment as Revna opened the door. She had been ranting all the way down here and yet, seeing the woman, she was left unable to scream at her as planned. When Revna stepped out of the way, she came in, oddly silent and waited for the door to close. Half way to the couch she shook her head. Her voice, oddly calm, as she glanced at the woman, crossing her arms to keep from flailing. “I was doing fine, Lieutenant. My work’s never been in question. So why take me off extra duty? It doesn’t make sense.” She knew they were in for a longer than fifteen minute session, but she didn’t care. She wanted this straightened out so she could get back to work.


Revna kept her arms down, open and relaxed. There would be a moment where she’d need to cross her arms, take a firm stance and not back down, but right now was not it. “Because you want the nightmares to stop, and that man of yours pays attention to detail. Every time you’ve had a nightmare, it’s becuase you’re over worked, taking on too many extra shifts. So until you and I find a way to manage your nightmares, no extra shifts. I didn’t say you were unfit for duty, I said no extra shifts. And you’ve put in above and beyond your share of extras, you’ve earned the break.” What REALLY made Revna furious was the utter lack of care the previous junior counselors and the engineering staff seemed to have about Lera. The number of times she almost died and didn’t from sheer dumb luck made her heart race. Lera didn’t even know that she was having episodes. Lera didn’t even remember showing Revna the holodeck program. It terrified Revna, and Lera was mad at her and it was going to get worse, but she didn’t care, it would be worth it, in the end.
Lt Edman, Counselor

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