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“You have five minutes to figure out something different if you don’t like this plan.” Being married to a crew held all sorts of challenges and this situation was one of them.
It was damn hard to treat your spouse as a crew and five minutes later go back to your quarters and pretend like things were hunky dorey. Ian had his diplomat game face on so it was hard to read him.

Mardusk knew better than to make a scene in front of their ‘guests’, but inside he was boiling. “Yes, ma’am. Right away.” was all he said and he stepped off to the side of the bay and tapped his communicator and kept his voice low.

=/\= Mardusk to Odinson. Hope you have your new team put together. I think Skipper ‘You want a bad idea? I have your bad idea right here‘ just activated them. Oh, and you have about two minutes to find a transponder capable of being tracked and hidden on a her person. Meet in the shuttlebay.=/\=

Mardusk, CoS

=^=Odinson here. Official announcement for the team has not been made, nor have those lucky ones been notified. But we can be ready. I’ve also got a transponder that should work. It’s not the most pleasant, but it is effective. On my way.=^=

Odinson (CIO)


OOC: A powered transponder would likely be discovered, unless it was some sort of chemical power… ie two things mixed together after the fact or a radioactive system that will pierce through a shielded ship.
Bump for Odinson

Moving across the bay she came up behind Mardusk. “Permission to speak freely is granted,” Kelly said to Mardusk after he clicked off the comm to whoever he was speaking to. While her face was wearing a neutral expression, internally she could not help but think it was laughable that the man needed permission to speak freely with her. He was only being polite because they had company. If they were in her office or alone, nothing would hold his tongue which was why she respected the man so much. He sang her praises as much as he called her a dipstick with her decisions. One could only ever respect man like that.

Right now Kelly could make two assumptions that weren’t guesses. One was that he had probably been speaking to Nash, Odinson or another member of his security detail. The second was he wanted to blow her out an airlock.

Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk looked down at the (comparatively) tiny woman and said “Freely? Ok then. You asked for it.” and he moved closer so that his words would not be overheard by anyone other than maybe Ian. “You’re being straight up stupid, Skipper. And you’re putting your ass on the line in an absolutely irresponsible manner.” and the big arms folded across his chest and his green eyes locked on hers.

Kelly looked up as Mardusk moved closer. She knew she was in for the unedited version of a lecture when he did not hold back calling her stupid but that was exactly why Mardusk was in that position. Kelly needed men to not pussyfoot around topics with her. She respected his candor and glad he knew time was of the essence and did not molly about searching for synonyms for what was exactly on his mind. Her expression was neutral but Kelly was taking in every word the big guy was sharing with her.

“You know that you are responsible for everyone on this ship. And you taking a risk like this leaves us all swinging in the breeze. And you also know that if s&%t goes sideways, damaged ship or not, we will all destroy ourselves and this ship trying to get you back. That’s why you need to be here and in command. Because you are the only one on board the crew trusts enough to listen if you say ‘We gotta go’ and we have crew outside the ship. You have to be here on the ship if that call has to be made. And you damn well know it.” The big Orion’s arms dropped to his side and he inclined his head in a barely perceptible but definitely sarcastic nod of acquiescence. “Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to figure out how to track you because you couldn’t see the bigger picture and have put your ass in a sling we may not be able to get you out of.”

Mardusk, CoS

“Mardusk,” Kelly said softly putting her arm on his to slow his exit. “I appreciated your candor so let me share mine. I have no idea how to get us out of this one. Our ship is held together by spit, duct tape, and the sheer determination of an Irish man with a hammer. We need supplies…and friends.” Kelly’s tone wasn’t chiding or angry. There was no malice in her voice but a slight urgency. Like everything over the past few days, life was moving fast and at times seemed too fast to even regroup. In a perfect world Kelly would have called a senior staff pow wow and gotten input from all; however, life had not slowed down long enough so everything was being done on the fly. It was half the reason her security chief and her husband probably debated for a split second about whether it was worth stuffing her in a closet and staging a mutiny. Since mutiny was not on the table today, the only way to deal with the frustration and tension of the situation was getting pissed at each other.

“We don’t know the politics here and this isn’t the first time the Federation has gotten in bed with societies that have less than stellar reputations simply because they needed something. I get this is a gamble and a huge one but we don’t have the time to let Ian and his team spend a week negotiating a treaty. I one hundred percent get why my birthday gift this year from you will say to Dumbarse from the man that saved your arse but sometimes we have to take a chance. If my ass is going to be hanging out bare and in a sling, there is no other guy I have enough trust and faith in to get it back where it belongs. I hate that I put you in this position but use that creativity of yours to come up with an out of the box solution if we need it.”

Looking over her shoulder slightly at Shade and Alfo, Kelly looked back at Mardusk. “They also don’t know who exactly is my command team. We can stick anyone in a uniform and call them what we want while still keeping our talent where it needs to be. Let them think Lexi is the CSO. The woman is smart but keeps Kai in place here if needed. Same goes for most positions. Fill them with who will be the best fit where and I will salute whoever I need to to pull this off.” Letting go of his arm after a small squeeze, Kelly gave Mardusk his space to do what he needed to do.



Revna was still standing at what could best be described as a parade rest. Waiting for the captain to let their guests leave. Which would be the sensible thing to do. The captain wanted to play Billy Bad Ass for their guests, but going with them was just too far. Had she forgotten how many people were on that pirate ship? Revna wasn’t sure the captain was thinking this all the way through, but then she was still relativly new to the crew and didn’t know her well. But she would not be going with them. With her injury, if something went wrong, she’d be a liability. She wondered if the XO had any idea what the captain was up to and what he though about it. From her vantage point she could see Mardusk and the captain talking, but couldn’t hear them. Mardusk didn’t look happy at all, and she couldn’t blame him. This was a security nightmare. Revna was also glad it wasn’t her making the decision.
Lt Edman, Counselor

Kelly moved back towards Edman and Ian hoping one of them was still speaking to her as she waited for whatever crew to get to the hangar to depart on the shuttle.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Revna caught Kelly’s eye to get her attention. Once she had it and the captain was within speaking distance she whispered so that the only person who could hear her was the captain, “Cpt I suggest you make some show of ordering us about before Alfo and Shade become more certain in their idea that you are not in charge. They don’t need a reason to think they can pull the wool over your eyes. Perhaps even dressing me down for speaking out of turn. Anything to show your authority, and iron grip of your crew and your ability to lead. Shock them a little.” It would be very different from the attitude she’d had during their meeting and would keep them guessing and that was to the the captain’s benefit.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“If they don’t think I have any authority that is their loss,” Kelly said softly. “If it leaves them on edge only the better. I appreciate your taking one for the team mentality but I am sure it is only Ian’s diplomatic training that has kept his tone officer-like. Isn’t that right honey?” She wasn’t sure where her husband stood on the fiasco unfolding around them. As a diplomat, Ian was hard to read at times on the job. Off the job was easier but maybe testing the waters wasn’t a bad idea.

“Uhhh yes… it’s… so stupid the way things have happened” Ian said with a wide eyed expression as he was trying to play on his feet.

“I liked it better when I worked with Admrial Perkins anyway, he was a man who knew real authority and could work to get things done.” Ian said with an almost boastful tone that only his wife would see as a slight tremor of worry. What he just said was in many ways that he found her sister prettier than her. If she didn’t see he was playing along he might really need protection afterwards.

“Get off my hangar deck. Get your crap out of my quarters and move them to that damn diplomatic suite you love so much because you are not coming back from this one with a bunch of flowers and bottle of tequila. It is going to cost you so much more cowboy.” Kelly’s tone was curt but there was a hint of humor in her eyes. She knew Ian knew that Perkins was always a button that when someone pushed it Kelly went off the deep end. It was an unbridled fury and hate few ever saw the depths of. Those that did go down that path of Perkin’s hell knew why she laughed so hard at the Voldemort jokes. Perkins…he who has no name....had been summoned. Ah just another day in paradise Kelly fumed yet she was not to be outdone.

“Revna… you’re a counselor and an expert on human behavior. Any ideas on what romeo should do make this up and get his stuff back into the captain’s quarters?” At least with the exchange going on between her, Ian, and Revna, their guests would hopefully assume Kelly was giving out orders as Revna suggested. Kelly wasn’t truly mad at Ian but the conversation easily could get animated enough to appear that way to the casual observer. It would also fill the dead time as Kelly’s crew assembled.

Revna glanced from one to the other. All in good fun, she was sure, but at this point she really had no idea how the CO and CDO would respond. She didn’t know Ian at all and the man looked stressed. And as an expert on human behavior she didn’t want to be the one to tip the man over the edge or the captain, but humor was always a good fall back. “Well there is always the standard of flowers, chocolates, a new puppy, but it’s so cliché. I think maybe sacrificing an entire year’s amount of your coffee in offering to him might be enough to get him to come back, Captain.” Revna glanced at Ian, and grinned. She didn’t know if the man liked coffee that much.

Mardusk’s jaw visibly tightened as the Captain walked away. His eyes then fell on the two ‘guests’ and his fist clenched slightly. He turned and walked away toward the side of the bay and began trying to figure out how to track the Captain. He also sent a text message to Security to bring him his Away Team kit. “Well, if she’s going to stick her neck out, I’m going to make sure no one slits her throat.” he thought to himself.

Mardusk, CoS

Kelly looked at the clock on the wall waiting for Odinson to arrive on the hangar with whatever cool tech he had and the people that would be her senior staff. Part of her was intrigued to see what her CRIT leader had assembled for a team.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomat

Four Security officers arrived and looked around, then headed directly to Mardusk. One handed him a large black bag and another handed him a PaDD. Mardusk set the bag on the deck and looked at the PaDD, nodding and quietly conferring with his team.

Mardusk, CoS

Alfo stuck he head out of the shuttle for a moment and pondered aloud, “Are we leaving soon, Captain?”


Mardusk gave the man a quick glance and then moved to the Captain. “Ma’am, we are finishing preparations now. Ten minutes.”

Mardusk, CoS

OOC: Is specific what are these preparations.. and if they are the comm systems, by what means are you hiding them from detection.

Mardusk has a polished piece of meteorite in his pocket that has a specific radiation profile. Not a communications device, but the scanners should be able to track it. And a powered down beacon. He does have his commbadge.


OOC Thanks for the clarification. Please if anyone is carrying something special please alert me, if you don’t tell me now, you wont have it later.

Kelly nodded to Mardusk and briefly wondered what preparations he had put into place. Tapping her comm badge, Kelly opened a channel to the bridge. =/\=Commander we are departing in ten minutes. If we do not report back within standard protocols feel free to promote Leroy Jenkins to command.=/\= Kelly had not worked with her XO long but few in command did not know the acronyms FUBAR, WTF, TARFU, and SNAFU and what they stood for. She doubted her new pirate friends would understand if she had to report to Jen that Lt. SNAFU was operating as expected but Kelly hoped that Jen would know and understand her covert order of promoting Leroy Jenkins. Leeroy Jenkins was slang for a person or thing that causes everything to go wrong for everyone else, usually in some extraordinary fashion much like his cousin Murphy and his laws. Kelly knew that this mission was a gamble but if it didn’t pay off, Jen had her blessing to take down anything or anyone to get the crew home.

Turning back to Shade, Kelly nodded that she heard his comment and belted out…”Ten minutes people. Saddle up.”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

OCC: If you want to join the shuttle mission I am leaving it open for whoever wants to come. If not you do have the choice to stay with the XO who I am sure has some fun in the mix to find out more about our pirate friends. Just sound off either way so we all have a rough idea of who is where.


=^= I am confident that all will go according to protocols Captain. If there is an interruption I am sure that it will make Mr Jenkins’ day to have this opportunity. =^= There was a brief pause =^= Fare well Captain. We’ll keep things together here. =^=
- Jen, XO

The shuttle was nothing like a Federation craft. A Federation ship was modern, comfortable and spacious. The pirate ship was utilitarian. The ceiling was low the seats were close together and the computerized systems were mostly black and white. There were boxes and lockers about, what they contained was unknown. “Captain,” Alfo lisped. “Perhaps while we travel and soon dine together we could work out the specific quid pro quo.”


Revna was not going on the shuttle. Her injury made her too much of a liability. So once she was no longer needed and dismissed she decided to head to the bridge to see if the XO needed her for anything.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Kelly eyed the shuttle and for the first time in a long time wondered about the structural stability of the craft she was thinking about boarding. It was not that the craft was rickety but more just antiquated. This however gave her an idea. “I like that. In fact, I was thinking. Would your ship have a problem with us taking two shuttles over. It would save time when we had to return. We could split up our parties. Maybe you and I ride in your shuttle while Shade rides in my shuttlecraft with,” it only took Kelly an instant to figure out who should be stuck with the one person in the pirate party that didn’t speak, “Lt. Commander Bordeaux.” While the same thing could have been said about her, Kelly’s husband could talk to a fence post all night. Ian wasn’t a talker by nature, unless he had to use his charm. That is why he would be perfect to try and start a conversation with Shade. The Federation shuttle would seem like riding in first class. Heck maybe she would tell Ian to offer shrimp cocktail and martini’s on the way over. The cramped pirate shuttle would not be able to offer such amenities but what it did have was a chance for an engineer, Styxx and Odinson to glean information if they could about the systems.

Kelly paused a second to think of who she should put into the pilot seat. She had to have someone behind the controls that knew their arse from their elbow but didn’t want Shade or Alfo to know the talent on the shuttle. Only one name came to mind. “Ensign Nash,” Kelly belted out and spun around as if looking for the man. Locking eyes with him she moved towards him. It was highly unlikely that the pirates understood rank in Starfleet but it wouldn’t take too much time for them to make some assumptions. No matter where you were the more shiny things attached to ones chest or neck meant they were in charge and had the experience. It was time to demote Ethan so that the pirates had no idea what the man was capable of. Anyone that assumed they knew anything about Nash was in for a shock so why should the pirates be any different. Patting him on the shoulder Kelly palmed off a few of the pips adorning his collar. “You’ll get these back later,” Kelly said under her breath. “I have an idea.”

“I accepted your conditions for boarding without counter offer?” Alfo questioned. “There is no practical need,” he thought aloud. He seemed to be considering it carefully. “If you feel so unsafe Captain, I will of course allow you a second shuttle, but you must allow us to inspect it, and your crew must fully disenbark while we are together....” He offered. “Fair enough.”

Nash blinked and raised an eyebrow. “Like that idea you had when you smuggled us into the Underground Ensigns Club and stole my rank that time as well?” Nash growled in a low tone, low enough that his lips barely moved. His eyes conveyed the full expression of what he already thought of her plan, and she knew him well enough to recognize it. No matter what he thought of it he was going to carry it out to the best of his ability. Like that fancy pants CO Dante Knight with the accent that opened more doors than his talent did, Kelly was lucky in that she had the talent on hand to make her ideas work. Most of the time.

Turning back she nudged to Nash to follow her towards the shuttle dropping the pips behind a crate as she passed it. “In the Federation, we try to not discriminate against age so we take recruits of all ages.” Alfo had not made a comment about Nash looking like the oldest Ensign in history but Kelly supplied an answer so any questioning would look like they were suspicious of Kelly and company.

“Oh that one stung. You just gotta twist the knife a wee bit, eh Captain?” Nash smirked, still speaking low enough for only Kelly to hear.

Seeing the rest of the crew in the shuttle bay Kelly gestured to the shuttles. If Alfo agreed they would be set to go.

Kelly Bordeaux

Ensign Nash, Random pilot and old dogsbody

Mardusk didn’t say a word except “I’ll be with Nash.” and stood next to the new Ensign.

Mardusk, CoS

So an Orion, Cajun, and Mintaran walk into a shuttle, her mind began what could only be the start of a bad joke. Only years of training kept her from laughing at her own personal joke. *Oh Shade you really should behave because my boys may seem nice but they can play dirty if needed.

“Agreed,” Kelly nodded to her security chief in response to his statement.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk looked at Shade and simply slightly nodded in the universal fighter nod of respect being given. Mardusk, despite his size, was more apt to engage his brain before his fists.

Mardusk, CoS

Shade looked at the security officer without an expression aside from a slight squint. Perhaps he didn’t know the nod gesture.

Alfo/Shade GM

OOC: Question–do you want the CRIT team involved here or on standby?? Markeson is the only one that has shown interest in the CRIT team. My preference would be at least one person from each department if one wants to be a part of it, as well as our resident marine.

D’vash finally made his way to the shuttle bay as per the security chief’s request. He called Kelly over for a private conversation.

He handed her a small capsule. “Put this in your mouth. Don’t bite it. . . yet. Your saliva won’t make it dissolve. It’s a chemical transponder. If there’s an emergency and you need to be pulled out, bite the capsule and swallow the contents. Scanners won’t pick it up until it’s activated. The contents are radioactive, not enough to do any permanent damage to you, but when it’s activated the radioactivity is strong enough that the Atlantis can pick it up even through screens and beam you out. . . as long as they’re in range. The down side is that it’s going to feel like the worst hangover you ever had until it gets out of your system.”

Odinson (CIO)

OOC: Of course I informed the bridge of this plan as well if it’s needed to get the CO out of there ASAP!!! –Terry

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