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“At ease,” Jen said automatically, his eyes flickering over her uniform in what was again another conditioned habit, of inspections. “I did,” he continued. Half swiveling to the main viewscreen that had four different screens up, two of them with tactical information flowing along a margin. “That,” he said, “Is this sector’s equivalent of a pirate ship.” He said that with a tone that suggested he didn’t quite believe it. “If you are not aware yet, they attacked a freighter. We chased them out here and are in a bit of a stand off. We have them, and they surrendered, but we are not in any authoritative position to do anything about it, having been swept into this region where Starfleet is far far away. They are,” Jen paused. How much was necessary to say? “They are offering help to us in effecting repairs. Somewhere in this asteroid field is their base.” His lips curled into a thin smile. “How would you storm a Carrier? Or would you?”
- Jen, XO

River’s uniform was immaculate as expected the only addition where her side arm holstered on her belt along with a sheathed knife. She looked at the screens and thought for a few seconds “If I didn’t have good intel i wouldn’t, I’d send ten marines in and lose eight. However if I had good intel” she said a sadistic smile on her face “then the fun would begin. I can think of three ways to do it. The first is, I would beam marines in EV suits onto the hull of the ship to either cut through the ships hull with cutting charges, or get in through access hatches. By the time the crew of the ship go suited for an exterior fight we would already be in and causing havoc. The second would be if I could secure the hanger I would send marines in with heavy weapons teams on shuttle to secure the hanger and fight through the ship form there. The finale way would be beaming marines into strategic areas of the ship to take them, the bridge, engineering a so on.” She said simply she would need time to plan any of those assaults but that is what she would do.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marines)

Drayke, CE

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Drayke, CE

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He turned again to Styxx. “Scans show there is a significant crew over there. Not quite your stealthy privateer that would prey on an occasional freighter. A ‘pirate’ could not afford that much crew.” He stabbed a finger at the screen where the irate ship was displayed with data scrolling down the side on its status. “That with their fighter compliment could pillage a whole city, moon. What would they be doing going after a little freighter? That is, to use a Terran term, peanuts.” No, they’d not be ‘taking’ it but if things went bad they may need to extract people. But he wanted to know more.

“What are your computer skills, Lt? Experience in covert ops?”
- Jen, XO
“Any size crew can be dealt with easily if you know the right way to do it, gas in the environmental systems, a bomb on the warp core, an electric pulse that knocks out the whole ship. etc,etc, but you’re right these priates are more like privateers, probably one political rival trying to take the others out discreetly, then blaming it on pirates.” River said restfully the sadistic smile still on her face.

“As for my computer skills I’m ok but I can always bring an engineer if i need to. As for covert ops” She paused “Officially no, unofficial I’ve been taught a thing or two and not all federation tactics either. A couple Romulan friends taught me a few things” she added before looking at the screen “If you need me just say the word” she added.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Jen took that in. “I’d like you on that away team,” he said, casting a look toward Odinson. “You have a good field record and know what a combat unit looks like, and what skaggy troops look like. And you know how to talk to soldiers. I want you over there to see what that ship is like. What kind of condition is it in inside. What are the troops doing there? Is the crew typical ‘pirate’ or is it a military operation pretending.”

“Mr Odinson, do you have any objections to this?”
- Jen, XO

“I agree, that going after a small freighter wouldn’t make much sense for a ship with those combat capabilities, unless there was something on the freighter they desperately wanted,” Odinson added. “But as I mentioned, Cmdr., having government backing or a very powerful patron would allow pirates to have a ship with fighters. It could be something akin to the Orion Syndicate but on an even grander scale.”

“I agree. To hit on something that small has to indicate a prize equal to their using a carrier to do it.” He pondered that while looking at the screen.

The CIO paused before returning to a previous topic. “As far as a cloaking device, sir, the USS Wolverine employs a holographic projector which is able to disguise that ship in many different ways. If I search my personal files, I may be able to find the specs for that device. I believe Mr. Drayke may be able to put something like that together, not big enough to disguise the Atlantis, but a small version should still work on a shuttle or runabout.”

OOC: That you probably could design given time.

“That is something worthy of a second look,” Jen said with a nod. It was a good option that could be useful in more a venue than just this, he thought.

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IC: =/\= Mardusk to Odinson. Hope you have your new team put together. I think Skipper ‘You want a bad idea? I have your bad idea right here‘ just activated them. Oh, and you have about two minutes to find a transponder capable of being tracked and hidden on a her person. Meet in the shuttlebay.=/\=

=^=Odinson here. Official announcement for the team has not been made, nor have those lucky ones been notified. But we can be ready. I’ve also got a transponder that should work. It’s not the most pleasant, but it is effective. On my way.=^=

D’vash looked the XO questioningly if he was free to go.

Odinson (CIO)

Jen sent Odinson a wry smile. “To add insult to injury, if you are going on a trip and people are asking for wish lists I have one of my own. You don’t have any kind device that may access their computer systems so we can hack in and find out who is behind these … simple pirates?” He was going to ask what the mission was but it sounded like Odinson was as in the dark as he right now. “Do your thing, commander.”
- Jen, XO


Tapping her comm badge, Kelly opened a channel to the bridge. =/\=Commander we are departing in ten minutes. If we do not report back within standard protocols feel free to promote Leroy Jenkins to command.=/\= Kelly had not worked with her XO long but few in command did not know the acronyms FUBAR, WTF, TARFU, and SNAFU and what they stood for. She doubted her new pirate friends would understand if she had to report to Jen that Lt. SNAFU was operating as expected but Kelly hoped that Jen would know and understand her covert order of promoting Leroy Jenkins. Leeroy Jenkins was slang for a person or thing that causes everything to go wrong for everyone else, usually in some extraordinary fashion much like his cousin Murphy and his laws. Kelly knew that this mission was a gamble but if it didn’t pay off, Jen had her blessing to take down anything or anyone to get the crew home.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Jen’s antennae shifted even as his brows furrowed. Another Earth term, evidently. NE Marshall King at comms came to his rescue. “She means that you’re free to ruin their day, sir,” he said.

=^= I am confident that all will go according to protocols Captain. If there is an interruption I am sure that it will make Mr Jenkins’ day to have this opportunity. =^= He was about to say ‘good hunting’ but instead changed that to =^= Fare well Captain. We’ll keep things together here. =^=

And figure out how to best take things apart there if need be. He could wreck that carrier, but that wouldn’t do too well to likely keep the Captain alive. But there were other ways to do this. But they needed to get on some of these repairs. They had 300 engineers or ‘associated crew’ that could help. That was 100 per shift in a day and at least then 500 effective man hours each shift with possibly 1500 in a 24 hour period. Surely ‘that’ would get them ahead.

=^= Bridge to Engineering. Status report on damage repairs =^=
- Jen, XO

Revna left the shuttle bay and returned to the counseling suite. After determining there were no pressing appointments, they all decided that their hands could be put to better use as man hours in helping with what repairs could be completed or started. The rest of the counseling staff took it upon themselves to report to those departments they felt they could cause the least amount of trouble in. They all had their interests and of course basic engineering courses from the Academy, their hands, they all figured, could be put to use helping the ship.

Revna proceeded to the bridge, not sure if Cmdr Jen would want her point of view of the meeting with Alfo and Shade or not, but she proceeded there anyway and she could find out what he wanted her to do. Minutes later she stepped off the turbolift and onto the bridge. Her boots making a clean but muted sticatto on the carpet as she stepped out. “Cmdr.” she said in greeting.
Lt Edman, Counselor

While Jen was waiting for the reports to be compiled - it wasn’t like they only had some paint scratched, though that was a small blessing as they ‘looked’ fine on the outside - he was more concerned over what exactly was going to happen with the material needs. Starships were fine for general damage and being able to patch things up and move on. This was like they’d been dragged through razor-frost and hung out to bleed out. Navigating their way around to getting materials without selling technology was potentially a sticky subject. His antennae picked up the approach of someone before he turned.

“Counselor,” he replied. He had recalled she had been down at the meet and greet. “Your opinion on our pirate guests?”
- Jen, XO

“They are very good at what they do. Alfo seems affable and reasonable on the outside, but it’s a game for him. He’ll remain that way as long as he gets what he wants. He claims he wants us and our superior ship to leave him in peace, so he will give us materials in exchange for it. He likes to show off his position and his medals and accomplishments. He wants others to be in awe of him. Shade is a totally different scenario. I have honestly never met a more scary man. He didn’t speak a word the whole time, except when he got caught out. When they realized their weapons and communicators didn’t work, impressed or surprised I can’t tell. But our gift of a peace offering made him extremely mad. He took it as an insult of some kind. Apparently, the offering of a gift means they owe us at some later date. That may work in the captain’s favor. They were ready to leave and return to their ship and the captain came up with this idea that she have dinner with them on their ship. They were surprised but very eager to get her and her staff on board. Whether for good or ill intentions, is hard to say. The captain requested to make repairs at their base, but Alfo is reluctant to give her the location, that we could easily over power them. I think he’s just trying to flatter her.” She had advised the captain not to go. She glanced, finally at the view screen and she turned back to the XO. “That is their ship? To be that big, they have to either be extremely successful or they have a backer.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

“So the nature of the beast is essentially a bribe? They recognize we don’t belong here, don’t want us here. To use a Terran expression, ‘here’s your hat, what’s your hurry’?” Jen inquired as clarification. The Captain on board could be a calculated risk to get something out of them, though. Shade, from the visuals that he saw, was someone who was like a mafia enforcer, which made him the more dangerous of the two. Alfo could play the flamboyant crime boss. But they weren’t dealing with a crime lord in his lair but one who had a very large and very powerful footprint that was not far off their bow. He shook his head. “No, it is the other way around. We have the tech on the ship to get the upper hand. Once docked or close in they have numbers and ability and they know it. The only thing, I think, that they want to avoid is that not having their base advertised. They don’t trust us to keep that secret.” He glanced at Edman. “With good reason. They don’t know us. We don’t know them. But that,” he said, pointing to their ship, “is not a low profile pirate ship that scurries back to its hole after a raid. THAT can easily upset the balance of power - and we don’t know if there are more of them. Support ships. Smaller sally vessels.” For all they knew they could simply be biding for time until they could bring in reinforcements. “Tell me, did they, even though we, in theory, bettered them, seem like they were beaten? Or waiting.”

Revna shook her head, “It was clear that Alfo wants to get rid of us, but the chance at getting, like a Ferengi, profit out of this encounter was too appealing. He asked for a tour of the ship and our technology, even though he knew he wouldn’t get it. He didn’t press, but Atlantis would be a huge boon to his riches. They are waiting, for reinforcements or waiting us out, I can’t say, I wouldn’t be surprised it it is both. He, and if his conformational nod from Shade is truthful, are eager to not get in a fire fight with us again. They took damage, but were not as concerned as I would expect over the severity of it. That could be that they are good at playing poker, or they know they can get help easily.” Revna paused, silent, thinking over it. “Mayans. They worked like the old Mayan kings of ancient Earth. They had two kings, one for peace time and one for war. The other becoming the main advisor of the other. Alfo and Shade worked together like that. I’m sorry commander, they were hard to read, and I’m no telepath. The only thing I am sure of, is they are dangerous, not just in numbers, but in tactics. I got the feeling this meeting was nothing more than information gathering for them.”

The long forgotten probe reported back to the bridge. It located a 29 ton asteroid with a course and speed that was inconsistent with the asteroids in their proximity. It was almost as if a ship had pushed it with a tractor beam… a technology they had not seen in this quadrant as of yet.


“Well, look what we have here,” Jen said. -=^= Computer magnify image and scans. =^=

=^= Engineering to the bridge. =^= he said.
- Jen, XO


Lt Edman, Counselor

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