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Shade listened for a moment and then looked about sharply during the speech. He had no idea whether this was standard operating procedure, a joke or some sort of code. He was alone on the ship, unarmed and outnumbered. It wasn’t an ideal circumstance.

OOC Depending on what you do on the trip over this can be an instantaneous move of you can role play it.

OCC: I am going to suggest if you want to RP out the trip over we create a thread for banter but I say we move the sim along and pick up on the ship. Any thoughts on this ~ Kate

Kelly stood at the exit of the shuttle taking in the pirate ship for the first time. If anyone wondered if the pirate ship physically was a match for the Atlantis, one look around the hangar put that wonder to rest at first glance.

The size of the ship was quite impressive. Large was something they did well in this sector of space. The landing bay was long but narrowed as it went along with pods. The best guess was the ships landed and then were immediately prepped and funneled into launching pods. If a ship needed an unusually long landing area the craft had to do so along the long center line as the sides quickly disappeared.

There were at least 20 landing crew, or at least what appeared to be landing crew, and another 20 people clearly dressed in a tactical garb. It was not uniform in terms of what they wore, but each carried identical rifles and side arms on an identical belt. But that is where the consistency ended. The people were of at least four different races and while they varied in height the all appeared fit.


“Here we go,” Kelly said low in a volume only the crew from her ship that stood around her would hear. Moving over to the shuttle with Shade, Kelly hoped the man would be a little more friendly. Her eyes drifted around the area. The crew appeared to be mixed with multiple races which to her was a good sign. It meant on some level they weren’t xenophobic. To Kelly the group looked more like a loose coalition of individuals. They had belts that seemed to hold some significance but nothing else matched....excpet the weapons. Where ever they were getting the weapons, they were getting them in bulk. This could mean that while the pirates were not an official peacekeeping force they could be a force for someone else.

Giving a side glance to D’vash, Kelly spoke trying to move her mouth as little as possible as she spoke. “So what are you noticing about our new friends home?”

She would get Mardusk’s and the rests opinion later about what the trip was like over here with Mr. Congeniatlity.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

As he exited the shuttle behind Kelly, D’vash took in every detail, from the various races of the crew to the placement of stations in the hangar bay, to the types and similarities/differences in the shuttles. “Well armed,’ was his quiet reply. “Weapons look military grade. Either they have a powerful patron supplying them, or they’re all former military and now act as mercenaries.”

Odinson (CIO)

“So either way they can be bought,” Kelly mused agreeing with D’vash’s assessment. While the idea of buying someone off wasn’t the top on things to do as a Starfleet captain, it was something she would consider under the right circumstances if it got her people home. “Think you can figure out which one of those options it is before dessert?”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“So Captain I believe, you have a number of parts you require… as well as a base to do such repairs.” Alfo spoke as he walked them through the ship. It wasn’t an intricate floor plan, mostly a grid with a main line and then branches off of that. There were elevators and ladders, all at fairly regular points. What was notable was a hatch system that was far less advanced than the force field more commonly used on star-ships.

What was clear, Alfo was more willing to negotiate while the Captain was on their ship. “You teleportation device… perhaps you will trade that technology for some of your needs.”


Mardusk and the contingent from the second shuttle had fallen in behind Alfo and the Captain. When the man suggested bartering for a transporter system, Mardusk’s face remained flat but inside he thought Don’t even let him entertain that thought, Skipper.

Mardusk, CoS

“Please do not think I am insulting you or your tech. It has been my experience that one should never judge a book by its cover so when I say even I don’t understand half of the physics behind my transporter system it’s not a cop out. We can have our engineer talk with your engineer to see what is and isn’t compatible.” Kelly was used to lying with a straight face and a calm demeanor. This approach had been honned to keep her out of trouble since she was sixteen and discovered boys and booze. Transporters were her ace in the hole. She had no idea if the systems were even compatible but for as well as she honed the I am being completely honest tone Drayke, like most engineers, had the There is no way we can do that expression only to turn around two hours later with the job completed. There was no harm in Jacen talking to the engineer. Whether or not they would share the tech would remain to be seen.

“No no no… you need a… flux capacitor… yes that was an invention by Doc Brown, great Earth scientist and we don’t just have spare ones lying around… but…” Jacen pondered a bit at the idea as he looked over at Kelly with a slight smirk. “I will get Ensign McFly to look into it… maybe he has a spare in the cargo bay,” Jacen said, hoping that would give them some time as the idea of giving away transporters was not what he assumed Kelly wanted.

“Excellent idea. See to it,” Kelly nodded at Jacen grateful for whoever decided the Throwback Thursday movie night last week threw back centuries instead of decades. Turning her attention to Alfo she continued to discuss trade options.

Alfo looked between the two of them for a moment, “Even if we couldn’t replicate the device for years, that would only mean the technology was more valuable… not less.” Alfo didn’t seem dissuaded by the alleged complexity.

“What I can offer is several other handy dandy gadgets. I am not sure where your medical is but I can say ours is rather nifty in how fast it can heal someone. Literally in minutes for most cuts, breaks, and burns. The more the extensive the injury the longer it takes but for the most part we have little to no illness or injuries. We also have replicators which for the most part can make many things out of energy. The drinks we offered you on the ship were replicated. It is the basis for most of our food and beverage consumption.”

Kelly Bordeaux

Drayke, CE

“Gadgets, Your technology does seem wonderous, but ‘gadgets’ would have to be a larger number items, and of course, testing to see if it works.”

“Of course,” Kelly said. Her use of the term gadgets was to give the impression the tech she was sharing was rather routine. The truth was it was routine. Kelly had no idea if medical tricorders that worked like midevil magic wands was something that abounded in this area or if they had replicators that could make thins literally out of thin air. If they didn’t these simple items might be worth a lot to the pirates. If they weren’t of value that was when things would become more tricky.

“Captain…” Ian said as he walked up next to Kelly as he placed his arm on hers as he pulled her close to whisper into her ear.

She motioned for Mardusk or one of her other officers to take her position next to Alfo while she figured out what Ian wanted.

Mardusk moved ahead and positioned himself between Alfo and the Captain. “Our Skipper is always willing to lend a hand where needed… sir. I’m sure the two of you can come up with a mutually beneficial arraignment.”

Sliding one body over would give her and Ian a second to converse and be just fr enough away to either not be heard or make it very hard to be heard. “Commander,” she responded softly.

“We can’t give away technology… it goes against the prime directive to give them items they do not have access to”

“Whose to say they don’t have it here? I mean this is a huge section of space,” Kelly tried to find something to refute what she knew was correct.

”… it creates power imbalances… “

“So does not sharing. What if only the Romulans had something and we didn’t. By us getting it, it creates a power balance

“but what do I know I’m just the chief diplomat… well I’m you’re the only diplomat.”

Bordeaux, CDO

She mulled over Ian’s words. He was one hundred percent correct however sometimes being correct did not solve a problem. Kelly needed a way around the rules but not necessarily break the rules. “So what if we call the first one humanitarian relief,” Kelly she mused in a low tone. “Kinda hard to say you withheld treatment to widows and orphans. As to the replicators what if we load it up, forget a few parts, hit the box with a crow bar a few times nd give them that. They can call it damaged on arrival but that is not on us since they don’t have the flux capacitor and a reliable method of delivery,” she whispered back into her husband’s ear. “Think like Jacen,” she gave her husband a side glance and directed her attention back to Alfo.

Kelly Bordeaux

As Kelly came back, the Massive Orion fell back towards Ian and whispered so that only he could hear “Do. Not. Let. Her. Give. Him. Tech. You hear? That is a bunch of report forms I have zero intention of making use of.”

Mardusk, CoS

“I’m trying… she is a bull in a china shop…” Ian whispered back as he looked over at Kelly smiling. “Have you thought about mutiny?” Ian said, the tone was serious but his face clearly said he was joking.

OOC: One could argue that this is a trade agreement since they are warp capable and can negotiate for a exchange. Also the argument that is create an imbalance usually refers to internal planetary events - not interplanetary relationships. Although the issues that plagued Voyager would argue against this point.

River stayed at the back of the group eyeing everything she could, the XO had ordered her to accompany the team and nothing said don’t mess with us the an armed marine and a literal tank of an orion. River was content to hold back and stay silent there was no need to say or do anything unless she was asked or needed to. Her one job as far as she was concerned was to learn as much tactically about their ‘friends’ and work on way to deal with them should the need arise. When she heard Mardusk she raised her eyebrow. She was not going to let that happen either, their technical advantage was key if things went south.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

The group was followed by two ‘soldiers’ with powered long guns. There was also a pair of soldiers every 20-30 meters standing at something that vaguely resembled ‘at attention’ but if this was a military ship their attention would get them written up for the non-professional demeanor. If this was normal or not was difficult to tell. Alfo and Shade for the most part ignored these people.

River eyed the soldiers and was not impressed but she knew it could just be an act and these soldiers could be the best of the best. She looked to the rwo behind her and surveyed them. Long guns where good but at close range could be cumbersome, if she got close enough she could deal with both those solders easily. As she looked around she noted the placement of the soldiers and how far apart they where it could prove very useful. She wondered if there was a way to see them in action so she could better gage what they where dealing with.

Moving back to walk next to Alfo, Kelly decided to move the situation and conversation along. “So is there someplace we can sit down to talk. You said you were willing to trade information about the area and where we might get items for repairs. Is this with the Alfians, Castes, Nine, Dilgar or Enodorians?” Kelly knew about as much as she just stated but they did have the orb of knowledge the Lorn gave them back on the ship. At least if Kelly knew who they were about to come into contact with it might speed up the process in getting home.

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

“My dining hall is only a few meters ahead.” True to his word they were only a few more paces away from a room, non descript from the outside, but inside was lavishly furnished. There were more than enough seats for all and there was both candle and over head lighting. There was numerous place setting with both water and wine glasses. The table was oval, and Alfo stood by the narrow end of one of the sides of the oval.

“Trade can be done with any race, I imagine, but rates and services would differ. In all honesty, Base 5 might have a better ‘ship yard,’ but it is not a military base so some of the thing you need will have to be imported. We have more military needs, so those things probably would be easier to get from us. Also we don’t ask too many questions, and won’t insist on our people helping you. So you won’t have the same difficulties in keeping your secrets… secret. ”

“Unless you want to join us in some privateering,” Alfo paused.... “I imagine, you have a number of gadgets that would have value… your weapons, that energy beam you used to pull the asteroids, your warp power generators, and teleportation device are things that I can tell already has value to us. Perhaps there are other things, that I am unaware of that you might also offer.”


Mardusk waited by Kelly, but leaned down and said softly so only she could hear “If they are ‘privateers’, then they are beholden to some governing authority… might want to make sure you are treading on toes that aren’t on this ship, Ma’am. He wouldn’t be the first ship captain to want to make a name for himself… even at the expense of his employer.”

Mardusk, CoS

Bordeaux, CDO

“You are not picking my ship apart…” Jacen said with a loud Irish grunt. “Captain, this is insane. I can get us out of this place if you just give me some time… what was it that Ian said, anything can be fixed with chicken wire and duct tape… whatever that means.”

“Or bubble gum and spit,” D’vash added quietly

“Your ship is powerful, but once she’s locked into a space dock she’s vulnerable and your crew is a fragile as mine. Even in space, you can beat my ship like an egg, but three perhaps four state of the art cruisers from any of the top races in the sector would be a relatively fair fight and they have hundreds… maybe thousands. How long before one of those races decide your tech is too valuable to let you just walk away?” Alfo seemed as if he were speaking to someone who didn’t understand. “Yes you have me at a disadvantage… perhaps you should make a fair deal while you have a trading partner you can… persuade.”


River finally spoke up “That’s why I’m here Sir. I’m a marine, it’s my job is to beat the hell out of anyone who even thinks of trying it Sir, and I’ve faced far worse odds then those you just described” She said respectfully. She wasn’t trying too start a fight she was just trying to inform their ‘host’ what would happen if he got any ideas. Sure if the ship was docked it was vulnerable but if anyone thought it would be a walk in the park to take such a ship then they where very much mistaken, River would make sure of it.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marines)

Mardusk cocked an eyebrow at River. So we are back to you are the savior of the ship, are we? And my department is there to what… sweep the floors? he thought to himself, although his face remained expressionless.

Mardusk, CoS

Shade smirked, “A thousand to one…” he nodded. “You’ve defeated those odds?”

“If we do trade then I might show you” River said simply. Her circumstances where the extreme but hey if it had an effect it would be worth it.

Alfo head turned slowly, “These are our guests, if the female says she’s defeated worse odds, then certainly she has....” He nodded to River… “One does not have to be covered with scars and two meters tall to be fearsome warriors.”

River shook her head “No and you don’t have to be silently walking behind a group of people, carrying rifles either.” she said simply.

The CIO continued to observe and listen. Privateers meant they had some kind of governing or patron backing. Weapons appeared military grade and many members of the crew did appear to have some kind of military background. He was beginning to think his assumptions had been correct

He decided to play a hunch. “Captain Alfo, you suggested a possible partnership in privateering. That would indicate you were given a Letter or Marque. I would assume that if Captain Bordeau agrees to a ‘partnership, we would also be given a Letter as well. By whose authority was the Letter of Marque granted?”

Odinson (CIO)

Alfo paused, “Perhaps that was an error in translation. Pirate, sounds so… illegal.” He eyed the Chief of Intelligence. “We are not authorized by any power to do raids. We have black market contacts who purchase our items at a nice rate. We keep the casualties low, we take mimimal damage, and don’t hit the races that could really deploy massive forces to the area.”


“So hit and run tactics against unarmed civilians then. that’s still piracy well at least how our races define it” River added.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Mardusk stepped in front of River and blocked the view from Alfo. “Enough. The Captain is negotiating this. Pipe up again and I send you back to theAtlantis.” and he looked at Styxx with a look that said he meant every word.

Mardusk, CoS

River looked Mardusk dead in the eyes “Yes Sir. I’ll keep my mouth shut. Just worried about the situation Sir” River said respectfully.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marines)

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