Casino Bar and Grill - Just Lettuce go in piece

Posted Feb. 27, 2021, 9:19 p.m. by Civilian Maybelle Spunkler (Maybelle Spunkler) (Kate O'Neill)

Maybelle stood with her class in awe staring at the large casino room as John-King McKenzie explained the ins and outs of the large space. To Maybelle, it was about the most glorious place she had ever seen. The lights, excitement, and laughter made this place far better than Vaughn-Teller land. So many of her friends had talked about the themed amusement park yet all Maybelle could think about was spending a day at one of the large video game-like machines. So many adults came here and besides the boring places like armory and warp core, this was the only space kids weren’t allowed to enter unless it was under special permission like today.

Magic in the Kitchen

All the kids in Mrs. Banta’s fifth-grade class adored Mr. McKenzie. So often the man would stop by with what he termed baking mistakes for the class. His mistakes were always the kids win. Pies, cookies, and cupcakes, to name a few, always ended up in the class on Fridays along with the happy-go-lucky chef. Mr. McKenzie was always the type to bring a smile to one’s face no matter how difficult the day was. Today however the student’s not only got to see where Mr. McKenzie did his magic but also got to cook with him. The field trip was officially called Nutrition and You: Happy, Healthy, Eating only every kid knew Mr. McKenzie had something far better up his sleeve than Brussel sprouts. As usual Mr. McKenzie did not disappoint.

Maybelle and her class stood breathless watching Mr. McKenzie. What had started as a chopping lesson on how to dice onions, carrots, and potatoes had turned into a circus act of phenomenal proportions.

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