Rivers quarters - ghosts of the past (Tag CNS)

Posted March 4, 2021, 8:36 p.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant River Styxx (OIC Marine) in Rivers quarters - ghosts of the past (Tag CNS)

Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in Rivers quarters - ghosts of the past (Tag CNS)

Posted by Lieutenant River Styxx (OIC Marine) in Rivers quarters - ghosts of the past (Tag CNS)
River sat at the table in her quarters her trigger finger stroking the console in front of her. She had manged to put the disc in but now it seemed almost impossible to press play. As she hesitated her eyes traced her room resting on the two footlockers and the small box sitting on her floor. she had received them weeks ago and still hadn’t opened them. River was scared of what they would awaken to her they where Pandora’s box and she knew of she opened them she wouldn’t be able to close them again.

With a deep breath River tore her eyes away and let them wonder before stopping at the sword on the wall it was an elegant blade with carving in an alien language few knew how to read, a bitter irony as River knew the sword so well, every Knick, every imperfection. its sheath was above it its intricate detail rubbed away by Rivers hand. The only reminder she had allowed to exist. But now she had three and a video, so mustering all the courage she had, she pressed play.

An man in his late 40s appeared he wasn’t a star fleet officer he wore simply civilian clothes. “I hope this message find you well Miss Styxx. My name is Maximillian Davidson. I’m the lead restorer of the Acheron restoration and memorial trust. I’m contacting you today to inform you that we have managed to retrieve your belongings, the belongings of you fiancé and the belongings of your adopted daughter from the ruins. we have also been able to recover some partial information from the computer as well. I have included all this and sent you your belongings to you as well as the report on your fiancé Abigail Harkin. I’m told she is doing well and has manged to read again. Her physician Doctor Selar has included a message for you and a copy of her reports. I’m also happy to inform you that we have selected a spot for the memorial park and are ready to begin reinterning the dead. we need your permission for one of the dead, so if you could send a written replay a soon as you’re able that would be very helpful. I am truly sorry for all you have endured but I hope that these belonging and these files will give you some solace. I wish you well” the image of the man froze and River sighed.

No going back now she thought as she got up and walked over to the footlockers, she could read the files later. She moved the boxes to the centre of her room and spread them out. As he moved them her hand froze on the names on the box and one of the footlockers Abigail Harkin and Lily Styxx. she smiled sadly at the name They gave her my name, the name she never got to use she thought that was when she became aware that her cheeks where wet, she wiped her eyes and went to the end of her quarters. She had to do this, she had to. But could she? Eventually River realised she couldn’t do it alone and tapped her com =^= Styxx to Revna. you know you said to contact you if i needed you. i need you now more then ever=^= She said as walked closer to foot locker and sat down on the floor waiting for the CNS to arrive.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

=^=This is Revna. I’ll be right there.=^= Revna took the time to slip a wrap dress over her uniform. River wanted privacy and this way anyone seeing Revna arrive could assume it was a social call between colleagues or friends. She stepped out of her office and looked at the NE at the desk. “Cancel my appointments for the rest of the day.” The NE nodded and Revna walked to the turbolift and entered. “Computer where is Lt Styxx?” “LT STYXX IS IN HER QUARTERS” Revna nodded and instructed the lift to take her there. She stepped off the lift and down the corridor, walking with leisurely purpose, so not to draw attention. She stopped at the door and hit chime. Luckily no one was around.
Lt Edman, Counselor

“Come in” came Rivers voice.

When Revna walked in she would see that River was sitting in the middle of her floor with two large footlockers and small box round her. River looked up at her and it was easy to see that she had been crying. “Counsellor. Thank you for coming I just needed someone to be here. for this, someone who could keep things confidential” she said gesturing to the boxes around her. “I received these a few weeks ago and I’ve been working up the courage to open them. Now that you’re here I have no excuse not to open them.” she added before gesturing for Revna to sit.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

At her request, yet not a request, for confidentiality Revna nodded, “Of course.” She looked at the trunks as River spoke and then Revna entered and sat herself down on the same side of the trunks as River, but not inside her personal space. “Why do you need courage to open them? What’s in them?” It was a sincere question but one to allow River to give name to her apprehension and resistance. Sometimes that made it easier to look at things that were hard to see.
Lt Edman, Counselor

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