Shuttle Bay - Did you miss me? The Oliver return [Open]

Posted March 5, 2021, 2:26 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Oliver Loughty (Acting Chief Science Officer) in Shuttle Bay - Did you miss me? The Oliver return [Open]

Posted by Lieutenant Oliver Loughty (Acting Chief Science Officer) in Shuttle Bay - Did you miss me? The Oliver return [Open]

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) in Shuttle Bay - Did you miss me? The Oliver return [Open]


Olly had looked forward to returning back to the Atlantis and hoped things hadn’t changed too much, though he had an extreme amount of pleasure being away during his lecture tour Olly knew his place was on board the Atlantis. Stepping out of the Shuttle he looked around to see if anyone had been waiting for him. He wouldn’t have minded if not, besides the ship was one of those busy workhorses where everyone always seemed to be doing everything and he knew they’d eventually get round to seeing him one way to another.

He jostled the straps of his bag and proceed down the ramp, there was a number of people milling around, apparently, the shuttle he was on was also brining in supplies which accounted for the minimal leg space he had injured during the 36-hour flight, he hoped he wouldn’t come of too cranky, but he knew his eyes had bags and that eh probably didn’t spell to fresh either.

One person he did hope would forgo the initial meeting was Runa, he had neglected her since his time away and left a rather short notice. He felt terrible but he always followed his scientific need for knowledge which usually came at a cost, in this case, that cost was a broken heart.

  • Lt Oliver Loughty.

Angelina was on bay watch that afternoon and watched the crew mill around to unload the shuttle as its passenger disembarked. When she saw him looking around, the security Ensign smiled and made her way through the bustle of pallet movers and people to his side. “Afternoon. You look lost. Or are you searching for someone? I’m Markeson.” She shook her head smiling, “Sorry, Angelina Markeson. I doubt I’ll ever get used to being a last name. Can I help you find someone? Or perhaps your quarters?” She hadn’t heard of any new crewmen coming aboard, so this was a bit of an unknown. He seemed to have a purpose, which didn’t sit well with her, either.


Olly smiled at the woman, he clearly could see she was both a security officer by the way she regarded herself and of course an Orion. Another thing was she was just that little bit taller than what he was, “Me lost? Nope I’m home” He said not having seen her before. “I’m Lieutenant Oliver Loughty though most just call me Olly. I’ve come back early to fill in the Chief Science slot, I just spent the past few months touring some science lectures and well I won’t bore you the detail.” He continued to look around, “I wasn’t particularly waiting for anyone but I did think there would be at least one or two of my friends oh well, you seem friendly enough. Care to walk me to my quarters? Theyre on deck 16 and I’m sure you could do with getting away from shuttle bay duty for a bit”

  • Lt Oliver Loughty

Angelina smiled. “Olly it is, then. And if I look friendly and harmless I may have to work on that. An Orion security officer shouldn’t look nice. Don’t you think?” She shook her head and smiled. “Anyway, I don’t mind walking you up to your quarters. Technically, though returning, you get treated just like a new member. So it’s fine.” She glanced to the NE Security officer with her on the shift and nodded her head to Oliver before gesturing towards the door. A hands up as signal to go ahead was all she needed. Once received, she nodded to Loughty. “Shall we? Need help with bags or they being sent to your quarters already?” She glanced back at the various containers and cargo being offloaded behind them.

Sec/CRIT Ldr

“I dont know you could be one of those Sweet but deadly types” He chuckled having witnessed an impressive display fo mutual understanding between the two security officers. “Its mostly already there” he explained answering her questions about his possession “I never really packed it all up as I didn’t expect me to be away for so long, turns out I was away longer than I thought but the things I have brought back with me on my travels are being moved shortly to the science labs, my second home.” He had brought several artifacts, seeds and other considerably nerdy items for him and his department to study. “So whats your story Miss? Mrs? Markeson?” They passed some officers and Olly nodded in their direction in greeting.

  • Lt Oliver Loughty

“Angelina, please. And it’s just Miss.” She smiled and lead the way into the corridor once they departed the bay. “And as to being sweet but deadly, something tells me you could handle anything, regardless.” She laughed lightly. As they headed down the hall, she glanced at him. “So what took you away from such a wonderful duty station? I mean, how could you leave all this?” She laughed once more, this time her hands sweeping out to encompass the ship.


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