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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Bridge Main Sim
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“A Trill Chief Engineer,” Jen replied. “I always thought Trills were flighty,” he commented. “Like they had visited Risa and part of them never left. Had a Trill in my unit. If he spent half as much time with his training than with his card games he would have been amazing. Instead he became a General’s adjutant.” By the sound of that it was, to him, a fate worse than death. He assessed J-K. “You should be over there with them,” he added, then a half smiled formed. “Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy. You are one of many talents.” He stood and addressed those on the Bridge. “Apart from following asteroid trails and finding pirate lairs I want a plan for bartering. It will likely include technology but let’s see if we can’t sweeten the pot with gems and the like that we can replicate. With technology what is the next step forward that we can offer that they could integrate? Science, I want to know from the stars in this sector on a spectrographic analysis of its makeup of whether there are potentially dilithium deposits about? Or even in this mess of rock that we’re in. Think of this as rummaging about in the closet for something to give away.”
- Jen, XO

No detectable dilithum. Nor was there a system that had a high probably of dilithum based on the composition of the system. However dilithum could be flighty and might be at locations that were unpredictable.


Revna turned to Cmdr Jen. “Sir it will have to be technology. They barter in precious metals and minerals, those are then exchanged for credits. We can’t replicate those gems and minerals though. It’s possible we could ask the crew to donate anything they have personally but I doubt it would be enough to be worth while. Base 5 however is the closest area to exchange for credits.”
Lt Edman, Counselor

“Deflectors would be too difficult to consider with a mesh of material in the hull, at least for the ships at hand. My bet would be to consider the next step in their evolution of travel - upgraded inertial dampeners and introduce dilithium to their propulsion. not the current tech of recrystalizing and the like but a more base level tech that they could more easily handle. I don’t know if their computer systems could handle transporters. That is a massive complexity of buffer storage and containment. Food replication.” Jen glanced at the others. “I need to know if there’s any dilithium in the area in order for this to happen.”
- Jen, XO

“Scanning for dilithium pockets in the local sector,” Oliver said when he had an idea, “What about the Asteroid, perhaps there are some valuable ores they would consider bartering? If there is we could take a shuttle and extract the minerals it would be quicker than finding Dilithium.” He explained having already started a scan not he asteroid and the local area incase any other minerals or ores showed up.

  • Lt Oliver Loughty

These asteroids were primarily Iron, Nickel and cobalt. Nothing of great value.

“Good idea, Lt,” Jen said. “If nothing else we might be able to use the knowledge for barter. Knowing a deposit is somewhere that nobody else knows could be worth something as well. People in the past have killed over maps to old mines. But keep on for dilithium. My guess is that they are going to want to miniaturize their drives after seeing ours.”
Jen, XO

OOC: You might not remember that was something the Enodorian captain noted enviously.


Revna waited for a lull in the conversation, “Commander, according to the orb the precious stones they are familiar with and use to barter are standard Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire. They represent a significant enough value that they could impact the negotiation. Dilithum is not listed as a precious material, interestingly enough. Platinum, Palladium, and Gold as well but not gold pressed Latium.”
Lt Endman, Counselor

“Sir, if they consider Gold as a precious metal we could extract gold from our super conductive relays, we use gold due to its conductive materials.” He explained and then added, “we could also extract gold from any latinum we have onboard but the other minerals are more difficult to come by sir.”

  • Lieutenant Oliver Lought

Nothing was particularly easy. Jen’s fingers slid up to rub along his jaw in thought. He shook his head. “We’ll not come up with enough to make a difference and I don’t want to go stripping even more of our systems when so many are having issues now. Let’s not borrow trouble. We’re talking large purchases. A bit of gold won’t make a dent in the bill. They liked our engines. We don’t have an easy scope on dilithium. So let’s do this the hard way. We’ll have to ask. The pirates may have been around and seen things. Remember Troyius. They had dilithium as a common stone. It may be that the reason it’s not listed here is because it holds little value - provided it is about.” He didn’t much care about latinum. If it wasn’t a currency here then it was irrelevant. If they had a lake of it well, maybe they could dip in before they returned home but until then to the matter at hand.

He turned to the rest on the bridge. “Any objections to potentially sharing older warp technology for them to further develop?”
- Jen, XO

OOC: You have seen ships do warp 5 as a cruising speed and warp 7 in an emergency. So it wouldn’t be ‘that old.’

“Sir, its not so much of an objecting but an observation. I dont think any warp technology we offer unless the latest would be appealing to then. From our readings, they are capable of warp 7 for a small amount of time. Its not great but offering them older technology may seem a little bit of an insult.” Explained the standing in chief of science, his voice was apologetic and he truly didn’t want to sound condescending.

  • Lt Oliver Loughty

Jen held up his hand. He had been vague on the word ‘old’. “Noted.” Standing he pointed to the carrier. That would take a significant refit for engines based on dilithium powered warp cores. Every technology builds on another. One doesn’t simply have a duranium composite hull without first working their way through other alloy discoveries and means of smelting a composite duranium alloy hull. Andor began similarly to Terra with crude crystalizations of dilithium that were prone to stresses and the like if the engines were pushed and too much energy went through their crystal structure. Over time they worked better and better methods of quantum recrystalization that allowed greater efficiency. All that took two centuries of evolving dilithium technology. Dropping that on them would be like leaving a communicator with the Iotians - they worked it but it took a lot of time for them to develop it.”

He took a breath and continued. “My proposal is to start them off at a tech level where they can sustain a dilithium warp engine which is likely closer to Kirk’s era than ours, and let them R&D it. To give them what we have is to hand them a great deal of supplementary technology necessary to work it. We’re selling them the size, not the speed.”
- Jen, XO

Lera had been doing scans with the probes on the chunk that was slowly tumbling away. It gave her an idea. “Sir,” she turned to the XO, “another though is to help instead of give. If they sheered off the asteroid because they need the chunk, perhaps the chunk was too big for them to move? Or perhaps they needed the asteroid itself and the weapon shattering it meant it was too much for them.” She laughed and tried to hide her embarrassment. “I’m not saying we turn into pirates for the sake of it, Sir. But if we have the capability to move, or fetch or grab something that drew them to this region, perhaps that may be help enough? Like having your large cousin carry something in as offering when you couldn’t move it yourself.” She knew it was a long shot, but the idea of trying to give them just enough tech to help, but not enough to cross the line of breaking the Prime Directive, sat a bit more easily with her conscious. “Or maybe something more simple to give like a couple probes set to seek out whatever they need in a field like this where their ships are too big too get into. Doesn’t take much to program a computer to launch, recover and read a probe.”


“It is possible that they do not have tractor technology. That is not an intrusive tech and is possible for the list,” Jen said, assessing Lera. She seemed uncomfortable with her suggestion. “Turning the ship into a work horse is not a bad idea. Helping has a way of impressing more so than just giving. If they have to do some heavy lifting we may be able to help there.”

Jen stood and moved around the bridge. “We’re not facing a conflict of the prime directive here,” he said, speaking into what some might be thinking. “They have solid warp drive. It’s just big. They have a lot of technology. They have … ” he gestured to the Orb. “.. things we don’t have. The care for us is that we do not unbalance the powers in the region. If we provide a better warp tech to the pirates, I would be inclined to leak it to another to sustain that balance.”

He added, “Another concern that we have is - where are we and how do we get home? Having trade with the locals is needed but we don’t belong here. We’re a big fish in the pond but there are many who would nibble at us for what we have.” He pointed at the carrier. “Them included. They would not hesitate to take what we have - right now they see a soft target. Provide materials and trade for the tech and they do not risk undue damage. It benefits them to play nice right now.”
- Jen, XO

OOC: There is truth there, size of some of their tech is an issue… and the Lorn did appear to have tractors, the Great One used as shielded tractor beam on the Atlantis (what seemed a lifetime ago), but none of the lessor races demonstrated a tractor beam.


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