Medical/DH check-in (Tag CMO)

Posted April 19, 2021, 11:35 a.m. by Civilian Evrilla (Doctor (Pathologist)) (Leonora V)

Posted by Civilian Evrilla (Doctor (Pathologist)) in Medical/DH check-in (Tag CMO)
Having explored the ship a bit more, Evrilla had managed to find Sickbay more-or-less on her own, excluding Tatyl’s requests to helpful Ensigns for directions. The two stopped in the hallway, almost simultaneously, and Evrilla obligingly opened her mind to her daughter. Amma? Are you nervous?

Perhaps a bit, Evrilla allowed. It’s been many years since I began work at a new place, and this is very different from anywhere on Andoria. Tatyl nodded fiercely. Like going to school! Exactly like that. I think it’ll be alright though. Tatyl frowned, deep in thought. Because you have me now? And because we left? Evrilla nodded. Yes. She set a gentle hand on her daughter’s head. Lead the way, little Tatyl.

Tatyl nodded quickly, and set to walking a step or so in front of her mother, leading Evrilla into Sickbay. She turned to the first person she saw and held out her hand with a grin. “Hi! I’m Tatyl, and that’s my Amma.
-Tatyl and Dr. Evrilla


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