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Revna was listening to the conversations around her. Alfo’s provision about communication had been in the conference room, being recorded and watched. Odinson, Mardusk, Nash, Ian, the Captain, had all been aware of it, why no one told the XO was beyond her. And then fully taking part of the blame on herself as well. It had been a long time since she was in the middle of tactical conversations and she’d dropped this one. That was on her, and the rest of them as well. “Alfo was surprised and slightly impressed we were able to disable their weapons and communicators. He took the weapons in stride, knowing he’d do the same if he could. The loss of communication irritated him. So it’s tit for tat. We took away their communication he’s doing it to us.” She considered, “This officer is willing to talk. It could be he is eager to get information to pass on to Alfo and Shade to earn favors or importance. It goes without saying that if we give him the information as to why we really want it that he will tell Alfo and then we loose that as a trading point. He is very interested in our weapons, which the captain made very clear she won’t trade in. He wants our engine specs and transporter technology, would be my educated guess based on his comments. We don’t have much else that they want.”

Jen pondered this but was not overly concerned over the loss of communications to the team. They were busy. This discovery was serendipitous in a way. “I agree that the weapons tech would be too much. Engine tech I can see as a good bargaining point. It doesn’t cross any Prime Directive lines and it would take them a long time to retrofit and design what they need and we could seed the others with the same information for a balance. I’ll let the Captain and others find other tech or things they might like.”

She grinned, “We could say that your woman wants them since they are so scare and precious where we come from. They don’t have to know why she wants them. Alfo and Shade were quite amused by the the Capt and her husband arguing in the conference room. Alfo seemed to particularly sympathize with the captain about working with their spouse.”
Lt Edman, Counselor

“If they think the Ferrite crystals are something we value as a gem for trading then it could give us better insight on how common or uncommon it is and where it could be found.” One corner of his lips turned up. “Good call on a reason, Counselor.”
- Jen, XO


Lera nodded. “I agree with the XO. We use dilithium in our universe. If these gems are rare here, perhaps they are rare elsewhere. Maybe we can offer to share whatever we can mine. It gives them a bit more of their ‘rare’ gems and gives us something to use, but also maybe use as bargaining and trade as we make our way home. I wouldn’t think of giving them enough to monopolize the quadrant,” she laughed lightly. “But a handful of ‘diamonds’ never hurts to gild the pocket of someone who lives on negotiations.” She had already sent a message down to engineering about how to work the gems into something the ship could use.

((What do you mean, ‘can the carrier be converted in their design’? Converted to… ? (think I missed something))
OOC: Like Rob said :)

“My thought is whether ‘that’ can be converted to a dilithium warp capable craft,” Jen said, pointing to the carrier. “Their engines are big now. I wonder if they would be happy with the tech for a .. future design, or one for one of their other ships, or if they want something they can use now. How forward thinking are they really?” The last comment was more of a muse than anything he would suspect anyone else to really answer, though the Counselor could have an idea.

“Alfo strikes me as forward thinking but not simply for alturistic reasons. He is quite taken with Atlantis, her design, her power, our technology. We could give them dilithium technology and simply tell them it will only work so far with their current design. Then offer the design technologies as further payments. Hopefully the Captain doesn’t offer it all at once to them. Each system/technology/design that they need to make the dilithium work should be a seperate form of payment. Will he agree? I can’t say for sure, but he does want it. And we have to keep in mind, I have no doubt that if they think they can get away with it, they will come after us and try to take Atlantis.”
Lt Edman, Counselor

“You would be quite valuable in a bazaar where haggling is used, Counselor,” Jen remarked. “I like the way you think there.”

Revna grinned appreciated the compliment. “Thank you, Cmdr. Though I hope we don’t have to test my haggling skills too much.”

He looked to the engineer. “However, you are right too. While we use a recrystallization methodology for the dilithium matrix we should not discount that they have anything that might be of value to us - apart from the repairs. Perhaps there is an property with these gems that can be of use to us back home. Something that we can learn. But yes, can that handle higher warp?”
- Jen, XO

“Engineering .. how many different tech stages can you see us working with here as .. offers in barter for repairs and materials?”
Jen, XO

OOC: My understanding was, if the carrier’s warp drive can be retro-fitted to use the dilithum. If that is the question then the answer is yes, but poorly. The ship’s hull, power conduits, are not designed to sustain higher warp speeds then 7.5. Further the way the engines are designed do not have the space for a dilithum matrix.... You could jury rig a small one but it won’t work well.


Lera thought for a few moments. “I’m sot sure, exactly. Perhaps three or four steps, after the initial idea and dilithium exchange. But you are right. Their current matrix can’t go much faster than they have now. They would have to retrofit this ship significantly just to eak out a few more percentages of warp. But they already have a good foundation for their next build. With our ‘nudge’ they will be fine.” She wasn’t crazy about just giving the tech away. But this wasn’t like teaching prewarp how to fly, this was simply another gear in an already working ship.


“Okay, let’s change gears for a moment. Their fighters. Small craft. Impulse only? Or are they warp capable? From our scans are we able to tweak their engines a bit or power plant or something?” He inquired to the engineer. If they had an idea of their station or base they might be able to expand their options.

OOC: Something for the GM to help with there on the fighters

Their fighters are not warp capable, nor were the fighters from Base 5… although it is not uncommon for fighters not to be. A warp drive is big and expensive to put on a ‘disposable’ ship. There is no evidence that their shuttle type ships are warp capable, but to be equally fair you have only seen a couple of shuttle class ships.

Revna had been mulling over the issue of what to bargain with and the captain. She admired Kelly, but she’d noticed her tendency to talk round and round in circles during their previous meeting with Alfo, until the crew came up with something. It was a good delay tactic, but Revna wasn’t sure how long that would work and keep the Captain’s team safe on the other ship. “Cmdr, we know we can’t speak directly to the captain. But we can talk to that eager young man on their bridge. What if we had him get permission from Alfo to beam a list of trade items to the captain. We could encrypt the pad so she has to use her security code to unlock it, or better yet let Odinson hack it open. We could list all the different stages of technology we could offer in trade. Transporters are one thing they want, but it is similar to a replicator. We could offer that as well, but one that only creates organic compounds, like food but not mechanical parts. It would give the captain and her team a heads up of what we know of the Alfo’s ship. We could also list the Ferrite crystals to explain what they are for us and maybe suggest she mention them being of precious gem status and if we can freely ‘collect them.’ Get his permission, pamper his ego a bit by asking permission. It’s worth a try. If Alfo knows it’s a list of things we might have to offer, he might be willing to let us send ‘the list.’ “
Lt Edman, Counselor

“Good call there,” Jen said. “You and Lera prepare a draft transmission to send. Between you two all the bases will be covered between technical and ..” his lips curled up in a smile. “.. sneaky.”
- Jen, XO


Revna got up from where she was sitting and moved toward Lera, but paused and looked at the XO. “Sneaky? Me? Surely not, Cmdr.” Her laughter flowed out as she sat down next to Lera. “Alright so what if we start with a small replicator, like on a shuttle. One that can only make one or two items at a time. And only able to replicate, say non living organic material. So food stuffs, but not medicines or weapons. Their shuttles and fighters aren’t warp capable because their engines are far too big. Maybe not start with that, but something to add to the list. What about shields? Some times defensive capabilities can be the deciding factor in survival. And let’s not forget the Ferrite crystals. I do so love to be showered in precious gems,” Revna grinned at Lera. Lera as a good friend so of course she knew how absurd the statement was, but Revna was more than willing to play the part of a kept woman if it helped them get access to the crystals.
Lt Edman, Counselor

Lera smiled. Despite how Revna was pressing her to deal with her traumatic background, they had formed a quick bond and the idea of the two of them coming up with the list was perfect. Especially with Revna being tagged as the sneaky one. “Yes, you… sneaky one!” She laughed at the Counselor. She started typing out the list on the console as they came up with it. “I think a simple boost to their defenses is acceptable.” As she added to the list, she shook her head. “Perhaps a download of entertainment as well? We have novels, movies and such that wouldn’t do more than entertain, or perhaps spark their imaginations. Seeing the span of that across another species might be worth it.” She tapped out the addition to the list and bit her lip. “What would you want to keep if you were going to be stranded away from the Fleet? What sort of tech, protections, or comforts would you want?” Maybe that was a better way of looking at what to offer.


Revna listened, “I’m not sure the entertainment will go over well. Alfo isn’t interested in creature comforts, in his words ‘I can get those myself.’ It might be useful for minor trading with individuals though. Or since they find Ferrite Gems so worthless we might exchange such for that. So we have a low level replicator, dilethium crystals, but then with that at varying levels a reworking of their engine core, their plasma relays or the introduction of, structural integrity improvements, small ship design. They can polarize their hull, so shields.” She was adding it all to a PaDD and at the same time working on an encryption that only D’Vash would get.
The search for the answer has begun you must ask All Father’s Son.
As was asked of King Heidrek
What creature is that
which cradles men,
it bears a bloody back,
and shelters fighters,
from shaft and point,
gives life to some,
and lays its self
inside a soldier’s grasp?

And then for good measure a second one:
Would that I had now
what I had yesterday,
find out what that was;
mankind it mars,
speech it hinders,
yet speech it will inspire.

Revna looked up, “What else have we got?”
Lt Edman, Counselor

OOC: Tolkien .. nice ..

After perhaps another 10 minutes of probe cruising. The fighters fell back a little and there was a weapons lock placed on the probe.


OOC: Ohhhhhh …

Jen moved about the bridge, restless and not wanting to sit. He didn’t like negotiations like this. It wasn’t his strength. He distinctly relied on others for that, but then that was good. He couldn’t do it all and couldn’t be expected to. But his concern at the moment had to be the ship and, if need be, to pull the Captain out of whatever fire they got too close to. They could limp along with the damages they had taken, but, why if they could get a repair? He didn’t trust the pirates and would rather take precautions to mitigate any .. issues. He looked at the status on the screen. Something had changed.

“Tactical. Report.”
Jen, XO

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