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Posted April 20, 2021, 3:29 p.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

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“I didn’t mean to say you should be. But there are just some things that are too personal to share with a complete stranger. Even one trained to listen to secrets.” Revna stopped infront of a door, “Here we are.”

“I would imagine it will be exciting to be the first to examine such data and test your hypothesis early and be able to track it as it happens, rather than compare your predictions against what did happen?” Revna waited to see if Evrilla wanted to go in or continue the tour.
Lt Edman, Counselor

Evrilla nodded politely, signaling that she would follow Revna in. “Exciting, dangerous, all two sides of the same coin. My predictions were rarely inaccurate, but I felt so… useless. What good is it, to predict the future of a disease that has run its course?” She’d always been frustrated with being trapped on Andoria, especially from a lack of oppurtunity.
-Dr. Evrilla

Revna nodded she could empathize, to an extent, the frustration. “I imagine it gave you great insight into how to mitigate, at least some, of the out break but being too late to have an effect would be frustrating. I would imagine this position, with its potential to effect the results, is exciting.” She stepped inside and of course anything that Evrilla and Tatyl had brought with them had already been transferred. Revna moved over towards the couch but didn’t invite herself to sit down. “So tell me Evrilla, is there anything you want or feel you should discuss with me? It seems there are a lot of changes for you both, and I’m here to help if you need it.”
Lt Edman, Counselor

Evrilla shook her head. “I am used to change. Tatyl may struggle,” she admitted, “but I believe this will be almost relaxing compared to Andoria.”
-Dr. Evrilla

Revna filed that away. Evrilla was certainly a closed book. “Tatyl strikes me as a very inquisitive young lady. There is quite a lot for her to experience here. Now, normally I would ask new civilian crew about any questions or concerns they might have about serving on a Star Fleet vessel. The military protocol some times being difficult for civilians to adjust too. However, I have been told that Andoria is much more militaristic in civilian life than Star Fleet is on a regular basis.” Revna gave a self deprecating smile, “Though I have no first hand experience. What do you do in your off time, Dr?”
Lt Edman, counselor

Evrilla smiled ruefully. “Prepare lesson plans. Tatyl’s education may have been skewed, but I was not about to leave it entirely deficient. Other than that? We spent a great deal of time with my parents. They never truly accepted Tatyl’s sudden appearance, but they were willing to shield us nonetheless.” She wasn’t going to mention that she was so practiced in avoiding people it was almost a pastime or that, while Andoria was militaristic the Aenar were not, but she still wouldn’t be bothered by protocol.
-Dr. Evrilla

Revna paused a thought occurring to her, “I think, Evrilla, I may have stuck my foot in the mouth. Aenar are not Andorians are they? I am unfamiliar but I believe I read somewhere that your societies are very different?” It was a question. Revna hated making mistakes like that but she was not so proud as to ignore it or point it out. She’d rather be corrected that have misconceptions. “I have found, and I know Runa would agree, that all education is skewed. What ever governing body has decided to patron the school determines what is taught and how to an extent. If you did your best to provide Tatyl with the information she needed to be successful, the rest doesn’t matter. Does she know how to get information she doesn’t have? That skill is more valuable than rote facts. But I believe I see no reason to not clear you to do your work. If you need anything I am available, even if it’s not counseling.”
Lt. Edman, counselor

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