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I once again apologize for disappearing. The new job (okay I’ve been at it since October of last year-but just finished training a month or so ago) is a lot more intense than it was in Colorado. I am working with biological families as well as foster families…so it’s kinda like having a double caseload. So please understand if I am absent. I am simply trying to keep my head above water and keep up with documentation (In one month I had 200 contact notes for just one case…I have 5 cases.)

SO with that being said…where do you need me to jump in. I am carving out time for me…to do the things that I like and want to do. And STF is something that I want to do.


I am security, and I just let my characters go into AWOL cause we had a person threaten that they are going to shoot the building up, and it was just chaos, so I slightly understand what it means that your job takes over your life and doesn’t let you do what you like to do all the time.

That was a problem one of the days in the last month. We were locked down after two unidentified packages were found at our office and we had two bomb threats called yay....


Thankfully I never had to deal with that issue, outside of training. One supervisor for one of my old security jobs would take a bookbag and hide it on our patrol route and see how long it took us to find it. Most of us found it each time he hid it.

Welcome back!

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