Mike's Place - Some Stew Is Not Meant To Be Eaten

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Mike set another bottle in front of Revna and said “You’re taken, and I like ‘em more.” and then leaned on the bar between Revna and Mardusk. “So… are you single?” he asked with a slight grin.

Big Mike

Revna set the bottle down leaned foward, chin in hand and grinned. “Single?” She gave Mike a good once over, took in the area behind the bar, shook her head as she took another sip of the mead. “Yeah I’m single, but you couldn’t handle me, Mike.”
Lt Edman, Cousnelor

Mike grinned back and said “Oh, you think so?” and he laughed heartily. “Care to put your money where your mouth is? Two dates. Dinners. I cook one, you the other. If you think after that I can’t, I’ll go on my merry way. But if you don’t think that… well… we can see where we go from there.” and he stood up and stuck out a large hand.

“So? Is it a bet?”

Big Mike

Revna sat back and crossed her arms and devilish smile on her face. “That’s not fair to you Mike. And I do have a reputation to uphold.” She took the bottle, finished it and uncorked the next.

Gravel watched the exchange and just shook his head and took a long drink from the pitcher. Wiping his lips, he said “Now that is an approach I have never seen. Betting a girl to date you… well, Mike… you are certainly an original.” and he took another drink.

Mardusk, CoS

“It wouldn’t be the first time a man has dared me to date them. To date I’ve never lost a bet. My sister has though.” She eyed Mardusk, “We need some kind of even measure here. Your mug is bigger than my bottle.” She glanced back at Mike. “You should know what you are getting into before you offer that hand. You might want to speak to Odinson first.” Now that was dangerous. D’Vash knew FAR too much, but mostly about her sister. “Plus Dinner is tame.”
Lt Edman, Cousnelor

Mardusk just smiled and said “And my beer is stronger than yours. It evens out the mass difference. Now drink.” and he took a long pull.

Mardusk, CoS

“Your beer is stronger than this? Have you had this?” she tipped the bottle towards him. Okay so in all honesty this stuff was tame, compared to what her Da made, but it wasn’t for the weak hearted either. “Hey Mike isn’t this the stuff you gave my sister and told her the last person started a fight so she needed an escort to drink it?” She glanced at the beer, “Alright that’s not fair. If the beer is stronger I want the beer, and if it’s watered down swill we’re going to have an issue. And then I’ll go get my personal stuff.”

“The beer is mine, Doc. Back off.” Mardusk said with a growl.

She laughed, “Oh save it for someone who’s impressed. You’re friend over there,” she jerked a thumb at Mike, “apparently doesn’t know how to serve a woman. If he’s got stronger stuff, then he needs to produce it. If he doesn’t…well I guess his reputation isn’t earned.” She could always go to Harry down in 17 forward. He had her drink of presence and the really good stuff.

Mike laughed again and said “Honey, you don’t what dinner we are gonna have yet. And I think I know enough about you to be interested.” and he leaned forward on the bar directly in front of her, his green eyes locked onto hers. “Besides, you said I was scared. But you’re the one not taking the bet. So either you don’t think you can hang…” and he reached under the bar and pulled up a clear glass bottle with no label and a brownish-gold liquid inside and two shot glasses, “… or you’ve already decided to take the bet but want me to fight for it.” and he poured two shots and slid one to Mardusk and left the other one between them. He looked down at it and then slowly looked up at Revna. “Sorry… this is reserved for people who don’t back down after talking a big game.” and he winked at her and smiled.

Big Mike

Revna held up a hand, “Whoa, I think all those held onto grudges are making your blood pressure make you muddle headed. I never said nor implied you were scared, simply uniformed, maybe that’s your own insecurities talking? But, you wanna jump in without all the facts, that’s on you.” She leaned in her voice dropping and a deadly serious look coming over her face. “I spend time with people Mike, because I enjoy their company for who and what they are. Not some game to make them into what I want. I don’t play games like that.” She sat back up, never breaking eye contact, the smile back in place. “Oh and if you’re going to challenge me like that,” she pointed at the glass, “use the real stuff not a cheap imitation. But I tell you what, you produce something from behind that counter worth drinking, I’ll give you your two dates.”
Lt Edman

Mike didn’t move or change expression and his eyes never left hers. When she finished, he just slowly slid the glass towards her and grinned. “Deal.” he said flatly.

Big Mike

Mardusk chuckled and said “Well, Doc… you asked for it.” and he picked up his glass and threw it back, but savored the liquid as it glided down his throat.

Mardusk, CoS

Revna picked up the glass, slightly disappointed. Well if it was all Mike had, oh well. She tossed the glass back enjoyed the smooth heat as it went down. This one would kick back in a moment. She set the glass down waiting for it, “Yeah just like I remembered. Another. And then something stronger than that,” she pointed at the half finished Viking’s Blod. “At this rate he’ll be drunk before I’m tipsy.” She glanced at Mardusk and shook her head. He was laughing now, which was so much better than he was an hour ago. If she had to sacrifice two evenings to help him, she’d do it.
Lt Edman

Mike smiled. “Give it a sec. You just so happened to down Napoleonic brandy. The warm’ll hit about another ten seconds or so. ” and he chuckled.

If this stuff really warmed her up it would be a first in a very long time that she wasn’t cold. “I guess well find out won’t we.”

“Like I said… reserved.” and he moved down the bar and served a few patrons before returning. “But… if the lady wants strong, she shall have what she wants.” and another bottle, this one black fired ceramic with some kind of gold markings on it was set down, with a matching cup. Mike pulled the cork and then poured the small cup three-quarters full and corked the bottle. He gently slid the cup to Revna and said “Careful. That cup is older than anyone on this ship.” and he winked.

Big Mike

Revna just waited, tapping out an even count on the counter…9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, ah there it was. Only a slight dilation of the eye would indicate it hit her, but then again it could be an effect of the lights. “Not bad.” She reached for the glass and before picking it up she glanced at Mardusk, “Is he trying to see if I’m drunk or not?” She lifted the glass examining the craftmanship. Reminded her of work Shauwn’s father used to do. But this was not familiar to her. Nor was the liquid inside. She inhailed the scent and with a mental shrug took a long swallow. “Alright Mardusk, I agreed to this, but I gotta know. How important is he to you? I mean I gotta know how far to run if I have to hurt him. Where did you find this guy?”
Lt Edman

“Mike and I have known each other for years… since we were kids, actually. ” Mardusk replied and Mike chuckled. “So… pretty important. But he’s a big boy. He can look out for his own hurt feelers when you break his heart. He owns a bar, after all.” and he chuckled and then looked at her. “Unless you are talking hurting him physically, in which case what y’all do is none of my damn business.” and he buried his face and the big smile in the pitcher.

Mardusk, CoS

Revna tipped the cup back, draining it, hiding her own smile and drowning her laughter. She refilled the cup again, half way, and downed it. “Good, we’ll have to see if he deserves the honor of getting hurt.” She cracked a grin, and set the bottle back over the edge of the counter. There was a very good chance at this point, if she stood up too fast she’d feel it. It had been a very long time. She stood up, well she was slightly dizzy that was a good start, but not enough to really be of concern, she could still walk straight. But the bar was a bit more crowded now than she liked.

Mike laughed and said “Damn straight it isn’t.” and he slid a piece of paper to Revna. “See you there, gorgeous. Gotta go back to work.” and he winked and moved down the bar, leaving the cup and bottle in front of her.

On the paper was a single line of surprisingly beautiful handwriting: ‘Tomorrow, 2000, Holodeck 3. Dress warm. XOXO, Mike’

Big Mike

Revna turned back and picked it up. Hadn’t she just had a conversation with Runa about making careless choices? The hand writing struck her attention though, it was a lost art form. She folded it and put in her pocket. “Alright Mardusk, refill that pitcher and let’s go find something that will add to this buzz.”
Lt Edman

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