Tomorrow, 2000, Holodeck 3. Dress warm. XOXO, Mike

Posted April 30, 2021, 3:28 p.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

Revna stared at the paper a long time. “Dress warm? What does that mean. He does realize that my standard of cold weather is so far off from the typical person, right?”

Runa shrugged, “No idea, why did you agree to this?” She was enjoying this being on the other foot. She’d given Runa no end of ribbing about D’Vash, but this type of thing was NOT like Revna. “And you were drunk!” Runa snapped suddenly. “Really you can’t breathe, but you were drunk? What came over you?”

Revna finished threading the last 3 beads into her hair. “Can’t tell you, doctor patient confidentiality.”

Runa walked up to her, deceptively calm and spun her chair around, face inches from her sisters, “You’re going on a date with patient?” That was NOT Revna, this pending surgery was getting to her sister obviously. “No, Mike is not the patient.” Runa looked at her like she was crazy. “Okay here, you get cold enough anyway.” She tossed a soft grey green heavy cotton dress at her sister, the neck softly scooped and with a narrow v cut trimmed in red and a knotwork embroidery. “You don’t know this guy he doesn’t have to know about all that,” Runa waved at Revna’s injury. “You know I could go for you. You don’t have to go through with this.” Revna snorted, “Oh yeah I do. Runa I love you, but we haven’t done the twin swap in YEARS, since we were kids. Stop mother hening me.”

Revna slipped the soft fur lined boots on. “Revna…” She took a deep breath, “What Runa?” She slipped the Freya necklace over her head and pulled her hair out from under. “The doctor…”

“Runa stop. I know and I know the risk, but I haven’t got a choice anymore do I? And if the surgery goes wrong I won’t die with a blade in my hand or be carried home on a shield! It’s two dinners.” A full length brown heathered wool jacket slipped over the dress, lined in read cinched with a leather belt and Norse wolves embroidered from the shoulders down. She hugged Runa and kissed her cheek. “You worry too much.” She’d pay for that comment left hanging, but arguing with Runa was an all week thing.

Revna arrived right at 2000 at the holodeck, the doors didn’t open, she tried the controls and that didn’t work either. ‘Alright then. You like secrets and surprises,’ she leaned back against the bulk head, arms crossed, a smirk across her face. It better be cold in there…
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