Pre-Sim: CNS Check-In

Posted May 1, 2021, 12:45 a.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Aandras Kaa (Chief Science Officer) in Pre-Sim: CNS Check-In
Aandras walked up to the entrance door to the Atlantis Counselor’s office and extended his right hand to activate the chime to notify the Revna that he had arrived for his appointment. He had set it with her earlier in the week and looked forward to begin getting to know the various members of the Atlantis crew. He knew that his evaluation with the Counselor was Starfleet mandated and had to be cleared by her prior to beginning his duties as the Chief Science Officer. He was a Starfleet journeyman having been on several vessels in the past. This was routine and definitely not out of the norm for him in any way, shape, or form. He had just arrived on board as scheduled and had several appointments to get through on his first day on assignment.

  • LT. (j.g.) Aandras Kass, CSO

Revna heard the chime and got up from her chair. It was easier these days, after the surgery. She could tire easily if she wasn’t paying attention, but that was to be expected while she got used to the fact she could take truly deep breaths and actually breathe. she had just been reviewing her appt list and her next patient was one Aandras Kass, a Betazoid. Revna always found the counseling experience with a Betazoid an eye opening experience. Betazoids were an emotional people, and many believed that meant ‘sappy,’ or ‘weepy’ but in fact it meant they embraced every emotion with gusto and honesty. They allowed themselves to feel their emotions completely no matter what it was. Revna found them an emotionally enlightened people.

She walked across her office, smoothing the wrinkles of her dress style uniform created from too much sitting that day and knee high boots clicking across the floor. She pressed the button and the door slid open. “Please come in.” Upon entering the office it was very subdued. The harsh grays and blues that came standard were replaced by earth tones of browns, bronzes, greens, yellows, oranges, and deep reds. There were several areas to sit, couches, chairs, floor pillows. There didn’t appear to be a desk anywhere. The shelves were filled with pieces of art and memorabilia that honored her heritage. The pictures were a mix of landscapes and abstracts, carefully placed around the room so as not to clash with each other. The shelves also included an array of different objects, from singing bowls, to art supplies, to mandalas. There was also a computer interface to allow patients to choose the background noise of their choice.
“Please have a seat Lt. Kaa. I’m Lt. Revna Edman. Would you like something to drink?” She marvelled at how just 2 short months ago her voice was barely louder than the air through the conduits, and now it had regained it’s lily and richness. Many things to be greatful for indeed. Kaa would fine Revna refreshingly easy to read for a Human and calm.
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