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“If we can trade with you for the military up grades that is a possibility. Then we could go to the more public starbase for the generic supplies. The goal of the Federation is for sharing knowledge in humanitarian areas. Medicine, food, shelter, education,” she rattled off the typical topics most places wanted and needed to support civilian interests. “We don’t typically share military advancements for the typical reasons you and I both know however we both do know at times it is all about the phasers. At this point however, I think we should concentrate on the butter trade instead of the guns trade.” Even if Alfo wasn’t aware of the classic economic strategy of balancing guns and butter, any person in command knew that the butter of a deal dealt with keeping people safe, healthy, and productive while the guns, for obvious reasons, kept them safe. Right now Kelly was only interested in the butter portion of sharing thier technology.

“What of your energy deflectors… they are butterish are they not?” Alfo questioned hopefully. “If weapons are frowned upon, you could not be opposed of to sharing a means so that we aren’t victimized.”

“Unless you want to join us in some privateering,” Alfo paused.... “I imagine, you have a number of gadgets that would have value… your weapons, that energy beam you used to pull the asteroids, your warp power generators, and teleportation device are things that I can tell already has value to us. Perhaps there are other things, that I am unaware of that you might also offer.”


Mardusk waited by Kelly, but leaned down and said softly so only she could hear “If they are ‘privateers’, then they are beholden to some governing authority… might want to make sure you are treading on toes that aren’t on this ship, Ma’am. He wouldn’t be the first ship captain to want to make a name for himself… even at the expense of his employer.”

Mardusk, CoS

Bordeaux, CDO

“You are not picking my ship apart…” Jacen said with a loud Irish grunt. “Captain, this is insane. I can get us out of this place if you just give me some time… what was it that Ian said, anything can be fixed with chicken wire and duct tape… whatever that means.”

“Or bubble gum and spit,” D’vash added quietly

“Your ship is powerful, but once she’s locked into a space dock she’s vulnerable and your crew is a fragile as mine. Even in space, you can beat my ship like an egg, but three perhaps four state of the art cruisers from any of the top races in the sector would be a relatively fair fight and they have hundreds… maybe thousands. How long before one of those races decide your tech is too valuable to let you just walk away?” Alfo seemed as if he were speaking to someone who didn’t understand. “Yes you have me at a disadvantage… perhaps you should make a fair deal while you have a trading partner you can… persuade.”


River finally spoke up “That’s why I’m here Sir. I’m a marine, it’s my job is to beat the hell out of anyone who even thinks of trying it Sir, and I’ve faced far worse odds then those you just described” She said respectfully. She wasn’t trying too start a fight she was just trying to inform their ‘host’ what would happen if he got any ideas. Sure if the ship was docked it was vulnerable but if anyone thought it would be a walk in the park to take such a ship then they where very much mistaken, River would make sure of it.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marines)

Mardusk cocked an eyebrow at River. So we are back to you are the savior of the ship, are we? And my department is there to what… sweep the floors? he thought to himself, although his face remained expressionless.

Mardusk, CoS

Shade smirked, “A thousand to one…” he nodded. “You’ve defeated those odds?”

“If we do trade then I might show you” River said simply. Her circumstances where the extreme but hey if it had an effect it would be worth it.

Alfo head turned slowly, “These are our guests, if the female says she’s defeated worse odds, then certainly she has....” He nodded to River… “One does not have to be covered with scars and two meters tall to be fearsome warriors.”

River shook her head “No and you don’t have to be silently walking behind a group of people, carrying rifles either.” she said simply.

Shade frowned, then smirked as if whatever annoyed him changed as suddenly amused. “Warriors show their intent…”

The CIO continued to observe and listen. Privateers meant they had some kind of governing or patron backing. Weapons appeared military grade and many members of the crew did appear to have some kind of military background. He was beginning to think his assumptions had been correct

He decided to play a hunch. “Captain Alfo, you suggested a possible partnership in privateering. That would indicate you were given a Letter or Marque. I would assume that if Captain Bordeau agrees to a ‘partnership, we would also be given a Letter as well. By whose authority was the Letter of Marque granted?”

Odinson (CIO)

Alfo paused, “Perhaps that was an error in translation. Pirate, sounds so… illegal.” He eyed the Chief of Intelligence. “We are not authorized by any power to do raids. We have black market contacts who purchase our items at a nice rate. We keep the casualties low, we take mimimal damage, and don’t hit the races that could really deploy massive forces to the area.”


“So hit and run tactics against unarmed civilians then. that’s still piracy well at least how our races define it” River added.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Mardusk stepped in front of River and blocked the view from Alfo. “Enough. The Captain is negotiating this. Pipe up again and I send you back to theAtlantis.” and he looked at Styxx with a look that said he meant every word.

Mardusk, CoS

River looked Mardusk dead in the eyes “Yes Sir. I’ll keep my mouth shut. Just worried about the situation Sir” River said respectfully.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marines)

Kelly gave her people wide berth in many matters but especially when the doors were closed. She never wanted her officers to hold their tongues or select words meant to placate one. She wanted to hear how they looked at a situation and explain how they felt about it. Engineering staff always were the ones to make it work. They tended to not worry so much about form and devoted a huge amount of energy into function. In the end, they were the ones that jury-rigged pipes and conduits to get what needed to be in a place that needed place. Jacen could probably get the ship home with what they had on board given enough time, yet time was always of the essence.

Security and Marines were always about safety. They were the ones that looked at everyone as if they were a possible threat because second-guessing a situation or individual could result in the injury or death of many. It was a hard line they toed between keeping the peace so to speak and reigning all levels of holy hell onto something. At times this decision could change back and forth within minutes between the two options. Right now watching Mardusk and River, Kelly could see the dynamic. River was keenly processing all the ways the situation could bring harm to the ship and its occupants. River was processing the reigning levels of holy hell, while Mardusk was alert but processing any way not to pop a phaser into someone. Kelly was relieved the two officers were tackling the problem this way. The more people taking in the facts meant security and marines could handle anything that was thrown at them.

Intelligence was intelligence. At times Kelly had no freaking clue what they were planning because it always seemed to be ten steps of where she was. She had learned to either trust them, take a deep breath and let it happen or fight it. Right now she was in the take a deep breath and let it happen frame of mind. Odinson would keep her apprised of his plan when he was doing it or about it.

In the end, all of it was her and the XO’s decision how things went down. The fact that Kelly did let her crew vocalize their opinions however instill a sense of loyalty and respect between her and her officers. It was why when she took a leap of faith they all jumped after her or after the mission put up an eight-by ten color glossy photo of her and played darts. Either way, it solidified the crew.

Looking her crew and then Alfo, Kelly spoke up. “Right now what if you can tell us what you can give us and we can start negotiations from there.” Looking at Jacen she signaled for him to share with Alfo the items needed for their repairs. He would have carefully crafted the list to ensure they did not seem defenseless but allow the ability to get what he did need.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Alfo glanced at the list, “We have enough diuranium, 2 kilometer of high power conduit.” He glanced at an item, isolinear chips… The engineer didn’t even bother with asking for bio-electronics. “I have no idea what that is. I believe i have or I can get 80% of those item within 2 weeks.”

Kelly felt a wave of relief. If Alfo was able to get at least a portion of the items that meant her crew would be able to get them also. Still, it was going to be more expeditious to get them here. The Atlantis may have the power and strength to bloody a few noses in this sector but not knowing who you were fighting never ended well. Kelly needed options. “Perfect. What is it going to cost us,” Kelly replied in a neutral tone.

“We want your weapons… which your refuse.” He paused, “Secondarily, trades of value would be your energy defenses… teleportation device… how you get so much power from such a small engine.” He looked about. “However I don’t know what else you might have to offer… but I will emphasize, I’m not interested in things I could get myself in this quadrant.”


“If I may have a few minutes to discuss my orders with my crew.” Kelly’s tone indicated that she did not expect the man to say no however asking was a simple way to appear polite. A lot of information was now on the table and her away team all took in the information differently, that was why she had brought them. Security, intelligence, science, engineering, marines: They would have all come at this problem differently. Getting them all on the same page was like going to be a possible nightmare but that was where Ian came in. Kelly learned long ago that diplomacy was not always needed between two sovereign entities. Sometimes it was just as needed to keep departments from waging war between themselves.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Jacen wasn’t sure what he thought about all this. Standing next to Mardusk he leaned in a bit. “Have we considered just becoming pirates ourselves? They seem to get to make all the rules…” he said as he was kinda bobbing slightly as he let that thought course through him. “On second thought I would hate to deal with all the parrot droppings throughout the ship… clog up my mechanics,” he said as Kelly began making her way over to him as he straightened up.

“No dental coverage.” the massive Orion said with a slight grin at the corner of his mouth.

“Ma’am,” Jacen said nodding with a curt smile as Ian came away from the pirate he had been talking to join. “Let me lead off with, I control all the coffee on board, leaving that right now on the table before you make any choices,” Jacen said with a small smirk.

Drayke, CE

Mardusk looked at Kelly and said very lowly “Ma’am, I may have an option we could put on the table without violating any directives or shifting power levels in the area.”

Mardusk, CoS

“That is what we have about five minutes to figure out. All options and ideas are valid. Go,” she said to her officers.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

A relevant or irrelevant point there didn’t seem to be any outward medical aliment amongst anyone they had encounters. All well fed and healthy crewmembers and despite inconsistent clothing all of that was clean and neat.


D’vash spoke up. “We give them a dilithium crystal or two. Already damaged, of course. The first time they go to use it. . . boom. Tell them, they have to power down their own systems for the new one to be effective. Maybe even a big enough boom to take out their weapons or shields as well. From what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t appear they’d be able to replicate or repair anything of that power we’d give them.”

He looked to the CE. “Drayke, is that something you could rig up. My background in demolitions might be helpful if you need it.”

Odinson (CIO)

“It’s good to have a backup plan but can we do something on remote with the explosion. I would hate to be the aggressor but in the off chance they try to screw us over I don’t want to be caught with my pants down.

Mardusk looked at the CIO and said “And why, exactly, do we need to that?” and he shook his bald head in disapproval. Looking at the Captain, he said “Skipper, looking at their weapons on hand and their shuttle, they are pretty basic. Styxx and I could probably help their armory just with some basic, standard reorganization without even delving into tech. But if that isn’t enough, we could probably make their existing tech more efficient without giving anything away. Life support, sensors, that kind of thing. That would help them out, and that would in turn help us out.” and he looked back at the CIO.

“And we’d get a look at a lot of what they have and then you can decide if you want to blow something up.”

Mardusk, CoS
“I agree with Commander Mardusk. We have to be cautious. If we kick the hornets nest we may not be able to deal with it, especially if who ever is hiring them is powerful” River said respectfully. she knew she’d probably get chewed out for daring to speak in Mardusks presence, but the captain had asked for all of their thoughts.

“I am not sure they are going to give us the keys to the kingdom like that but you and Styxx work on that angle,” she replied to Mardusk.

“Anyone else have anything to say before we go into negotiations,” Kelly looked at the crew.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Drake mentioned he controls all the coffee on the ship. That’s not quite right, he controls all the instant coffee, not the real stuff. They may not have the liquid gold here, it might become a more valuable trade good than they could possibly imagine. Give em a cup, and negotiate for a few of the plants in the arboretum as part of payment for the parts we need. They cultivate them right, they will be out of the pirate business and living in beach front condos within an Earth year.”

Lt Cmdr Nash

“While that is a good idea, don’t think I don’t control that coffee too. How do you expect to make that coffee? Power goes out on the hydroponics, power goes out in the heating units… “ Jacen said as he turned to Kelly with a small smirk. It was clear he was teasing but the truth wasn’t that far off.

“Now my egomaniacal tendencies aside, comodoites they don’t have, or techniques they don’t know are a good idea. Plus get them hooked on big coffee and then we can hike the price up for expeesso.” Jacen said with a slight head nod at the idea.

Drayke, CE

“I’m talking a fail safe. We disable them. Take a little bite out of their bark. We then sit back and see who comes to THEIR rescue. OR who comes to attack them. . . .”

D’vash let his voice trail off.

Odinson (CIO)

Nash nodded. “I do like that option. Turn them into they who need it most. As long a we don’t overdo it and end up using their scrap as a patch.” He grinned, then glanced back at Drayke. “You didn’t know Kelly had me aquire a Tactical Option? I got a BOB from IFEA, a Battery Operated Brewer. That combined with the two dozen empty quarters on the lower decks we filled with bags of coffee beans in stasis means if you get a mean streak she still gets her fix…” He shrugged, “but I never said that.”

“I have a feeling she has no desire to wait for brewing… think that goes against her sensibilities… if it isn’t in her hand the second she wants it she doesn’t want it, plus can you see her really brewing anything? Not sure she would stoop so low unless it was a true emergency.”

Lt Cmdr Nash

“People I am right here,” Kelly waved her hands at Nash and Drayke, “and is that why there is caution tape over that section of rooms.” She glanced at Ian raising an eyebrow. Shaking her head she got back to the matters at hand. “We are a go for Odinson’s plan. I like the idea of seeing who they run to for help and more importantly who comes to picked them up when they have the proverbial flat at 2 am. Drayke,” he directed her attention to the engineering chief, “work with Nash and Odinson to make it happen. Unless we have any new plans I will call back in our hosts.”

“Fine, fine… but I don’t do half-ass… if you want this we go full ass.” he said with a deep sigh. He wasn’t certain if he liked the idea or not, but it wasn’t going to be something he had much say in it. If he was gonna set something up, he was gonna make sure it was done right.

“Just remember it needs to be defensive insurance and not offensive. I am looking to make sure we have some way to defend ourselves if things get nasty. Not blow up their ship just because it is a Tuesday,” Kelly said. Turning to Drayke, Nash, and Odinson she paused for a second. “Can we rig something that we can activate in an emergency. Like when the Excelsior tried to jump to warp to stop Captain Kirk years ago.” Taking the “bolts” out of the nacelles was simplistic in nature but highly effective. If her three amigos could come up with some way to make sure any tech that might be used against them lost their bolts if needed, Kelly was fine with it. “If they don’t give us trouble then there is no problem with the trade,” she explained.

“I am not concerned with a tit for tat trade with our technology. These guys are not from the stone age but let’s not make them the power house of the galaxy,” she said to her group.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Kelly waited for a second before getting up and heading to the door. Alfo was probably ready and about to come back in but being polite was ninety percent diplomacy. Kelly would have had the room wired and would know when her guests were ready to start parlaying again so why wouldn’t the pirates.

Kelly Bordeaux

OCC: To move the sim along I am going to let luke take over but if you want to post to plan ideas and didn’t get a chance just pop it in and we can all run with it. ~ Kate

OOC: I’d love to but I have no idea what you are actually doing. I have some vague sabotage the ship plan to see who come by while you are mid negotiation on their ship. If they were even vaguely competent they would be watching whenever you were around something sabotageable and listening into you conversations. So I will have to ask for some specific actions… Meanwhile Alfo, Shade and the dozen security officers that were following you are still waiting.

River hoped the CE knew what he was doing. if he was going sabotage their ship then her needed to make sure it couldn’t be traced back to the Atlantis. She knew security and Marines where good but there small number couldn’t hold off an entire army for long, if things did go south. And their new ‘friends’ where back by someone massively powerful.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

OOC You know you are outnumbered about 500 to one, give or take.

Mardusk moved his bulk to stand next to River. Wholly under his breath so only she could hear, he said “Wanna know how I know this is a really bad idea? You and I agree on it. And if that has happened, then the Skipper should know better. When things go south, my first priority is getting her out of here. Try and keep the rest of them somewhat intact.”

Mardusk, CoS

“Sir this isn’t a bad plan its a totally idiotic one.” River said also keeping her voice low so Mardusk could only hear her “They are going to kick a hornets nest and it’ll be our job to deal with it. Our departments are good but their not so good they could fight an entire army” she added she was not happy with the plan. They should really let the two tactically minded officers make the decisions.

“As for getting them out don’t worry I’ll get them out. So we can beat some sense into them later.” she said after a short pause.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Mardusk snorted softly in agreement and fist bumped Styxx’s hand with his massive green paw. “Deal. I’ll hold ‘em. You hit ‘em till candy comes out.” and he moved off to stand next to Kelly.

Mardusk, CoS

OOC: Deleted communications attempt by the XO. Please do not respond. Communications were jammed locally within the ship.


OCC: No talking to XO…got it. I am assuming at some point we will try to call the XO but just remember guys if we call home no one is answering. :) ~ Kate

Drayke, CE

D’vash reiterated his thoughts to the team. “This area of space has an abundance of dilithium, but they aren’t aware of the power it can create when refined. Mr. Drayke sets up their engines to use the dilithium. We give them a show of what the crystals can do. We get what we need in return. What they don’t know is that we give them some damaged crystals. Those will work just long enough to get a deal done. We get back to Atlantis after everything is said and done. The next time they us the engines–boom. Rig it to take out shields, weapons, engines. When they call and complain or blame us, we explain their tech couldn’t handle the amount of energy created by the crystals. It’s as simple as that.”

Odinson (CIO)

Kelly moved towards the door hoping it would signal Alfo to return to begin negotiations.

Kelly Bordeaux

“Ah, Captain… I presume we are ready to negotiate.” He gestured to the seats about the oval table (in the room they were already in). There was numerous place setting with both water and wine glasses. Servers came in and out laying out foods of various types. This service were of small food stuffs, mostly bread and some sort of protein that seemed to be a meat. It was a spicy mouthful that (if you enjoyed a little spice in your food) was addictive in a tasty way.

Kelly sat down knowing her officers would follow suit.

Alfo made an effort so everyone could see that he took the first bite of everything offered.


Seeing the food concerned her for one reason and one reason only. Odinson had given her the radioactive pill before they left the Atlantis. His instructions were clear: Bite it when they needed an extraction. Kelly looked at the food and knew she did not have enough talent to keep something in her mouth and swallow at the same. Seeing her host make the effort to sample everything before they did was proof he either was immune to everything or it was a show of good faith. Kelly assumed it was the later. Reaching forward she took a slice of the bread and then put some of the protein on it. Immediately she began to cough not expecting the spiciness of the food. Bringing a hand to her mouth she was able to palm the pill Odinson gave her.

Alfo eyes widened, “My apologies Captain… I will have the cook beaten.” He gestured sharply… “Shade, 20 lashes for the head chief.” With his other hand he poured some ‘wine’ for the Captain to drink… “This will make the fire go away in the most pleasant of ways.”

Shade looked at Alfo impassively… “Yes, of course lashes.”

“No…no,” Kelly held up a hand.

“No worries Captain, we don’t actually flog chefs for too much spice. I hope you don’t think we are that barbaric… it was just a joke. Obviously a poor one.”

Mardusk fixed Shade with a look but said nothing. If the Captain didn’t say anything to stop it, it certainly wasn’t his place to speak up. BUt if some poor sod got beaten because of spicy food, someone on this ship was going to feel their pain as well.

“Kinda bites you back like Ian’s jumbalya,” she laughed pounding her chest with her fist twice before putting one hand in her lap as she reached for the glass of wine in the other. Taking a long sip of the wine Kelly decided to start the negotiations. “So what exactly is it going to cost me to get those supplies. I am not talking vague but exact items. As much fun as this is my better half is going to wonder what is going on and when I am coming home,” she joked briefly.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

River took a seat but didn’t take any of the food or water. Instead she simply watched her crew. If there was something in the food their host was immune to but not them. then at least If she didn’t eat or drink, one person would be able to do something if it was drugged. Not a lot but at least she might be able to get a message out to warn the Atlantis or take a couple of them down with her. She wondered if Mardusk thought the same, she knew that if he did and they where the only two left, then it would be one hell of a fight to take them down.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

“If your weapons and deflectors are out… Perhaps your warp drive and tractor beam technology. It seems to be at least a decade ahead of us. A working model, and design specifications for us to replicate seems fair to me. Or he chuckled, that teleportation system… 2 out of the three seems about right.”


Mardusk had wished Kelly would take their current situation a bit more seriously. He knew she couched her intellect in humorous quips, but these people didn’t seem to have a sense of humor… and they were asking for a lot in return for a little. A lot that they absolutely couldn’t give. That, coupled with their lack of communications and the severity to which they were outnumbered and out-gunned was more than problematic.

Mardusk, CoS

Why not ask for all our fist born to River thought to herself as she listened to their host prattle on. He was asking way to much for so little. She wondered what part of we do not share our technology, had he not grasped and she hopped that captain would turn him down and come up with something else. She knew their situation was bad but giving a bunch of pirates the things they where asking for, was just asking for trouble. Not just for them but for the whole sector of space they currently resided in.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marines)

“Mr. Shade it will do us no good to just hand over equipment. We have no idea if our systems are even compatible or run on the same energy source. What I am willing to do however is have my chief engineer look at your systems to upgrade them with our technology as we head to starbase you mentioned. We are friendly and explorers but we are also not stupid,” Kelly took on a more serious tone. “I can not in good faith just hand over technology that could feasibly alter the balance of power in a sector of space without knowing who is going to use it or against whom. The Federation shares knowledge freely. That is how you learn and grow. I propose we do that on the way to the starbase. Your supplies would make our repairs easier but we can just as easily get them at the starbase.” It was a bluff in sorts. Kelly needed the materials to get the Atlantis back to where it needed to be however, it would not be the first time the crew performed when all they had was their wits, some duct tape, and elbow grease.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Alfo tilted his head. “Your concerns are reasonable, but I can not reveal the location of our base without assurances, you will not take by force what we offer in trade. Especially considering that you are already reluctant to make a trade that we are interested in.”

“It seems we are at an empass Mr. Alfo,” Kelly looked at her host. “We are both reticent to talk to each other yet we both want to trust each other. I can say we will not take anything by force and be slightly frustrated you can’t take me by my word. You, however, are slightly frustrated when I say I can’t trust you but if I could we might be able to share technology. So I am willing to take a chance and show some faith. What can we do besides hand over our tech to prove to you we are friendly?”

“You and many of your officers are here… Certainly if you remain here during our trade… that would be a good means of insurance. Your insurance is that your ship could pound us into dust anytime you’d like.”

He turned and signaled to another individual. Of the same race as himself with a slightly less impressive head of hair. There seemed to be some connection with the extent of Alfo’s pomadour and his authority. “Mikeel, take the engineer to our warp drive and see if there is something he can do.”

Mikeel looked at who he presumed was the engineer.

Alfo, Shade, Mikeel.

Kelly looked at Jacen and gave a slight head nod for him to go with Mikeel.

Kelly Bordeaux

Jacen smiled slightly as he nodded See how much room in your gymnasium when I add a new addition to my private engineering lab if you keep sending me off with pirates Jacen thought to himself quietly as he looked over at Mikeel. “Shall we?” he said with a curt smile as he waited for the man.

“But that isn’t the issue… We haven’t agreed on what we are going to trade, so I don’t know why you are asking how we are going trust each other enough to trade it.” Alfo paused, “That is putting the cart in front of the horse. I am not asking for you to give me anything without certain guarantees that the trade goes through.”

“You would like to cut through the pleasantries, so be it. Weapons, Shield, Transporters, Warp Drive… three of the four for all the repairs on you ship that we are capable of performing… which appears to be about 80% of the repairs listed on your electronic device… How we do this we can discuss after we agree on this.”


Drayke, CE

How many times does this guy have to be told that we can’t give him our tech? Mardusk thought to himself.

Mardusk, CoS

OOC: If you can’t come up with something you can part with… you are welcome to move on. This is an open universe you can negotate with anyone. You burnt the obvious bridge at Base 5 when you shot up the joint, but aside from them, you have met 5 different races, helped one, and seem to be on friendly terms with another. No one is making you negotiate with pirates aside from they have what you need and are willing to trade it.


Kelly was at an empass. Her career was also about to get a promotion or reduction in crew quarter size when she was transferred to commanding a garage scowl on the east end of Timbucktoo. Either way she could not let her morals dictate the lives of a thousand people. She was responsible for them and interpreting the Federations laws. Hell, there was a chance she would never get home so the moral conscious discussion could wait until after they got back to Federation space.

Tapping her comm badge, Kelly contacted Drayke. “Mr. Drayke, how is the assessment going on the engines,” she asked.

=/\=It’s like a rat nest from some gypsy camp that lived near a sheep farm… but it’ll get cleaned up… I always do the job you know that. =/\=

“Okay, I need you to give the ship a tune-up. Say twenty-five percent to the engines and thirty percent to the shields with the excelsior warp drive components.” Kelly looked at Alfo. With the technology being so vastly different there was no way to give Alfo exactly what he wanted but it would make him fast and better protected than before. Hopefully, this would give them some if not all of the supplies they needed.

Kelly Bordeaux

Jacen paused for a second before the reply came. =/\= That’ll take longer, you do know that right? =/\=

Alfo squinted, it wasn’t exactly what he wanted… but 25% more speed and 30% more defense was something truly valuable. “And, how to repair these upgrade…” He wasn’t going to take an upgrade that wouldn’t last long enough to use.

“If you bring your upgrade teams aboard, You can follow us to our base of operations.”


Drayle, CE

D’vash had been listening intently to the negotiations, and though he didn’t show it, the mention of the pirate’s base did start a spark. Seeing their base and being able to get whatever info they could would be a great source of Intel. It would also put the Atlantis in great danger of being outnumbered. Basic economics: he didn’t think the profit was worth the risk.

The thought of giving the pirates an upgrade, even at the percentage Kelly suggested was a risk to this area. The pirates were already a major player, the upgrades could definately upset the balance of power. He decided to speak up.

“Captain, if I may interject,” he stated addressing his captain, “even the slightest of upgrades you are offering could cause a major upset to the local power base. WE CAN get the materials we need for our repairs from elsewhere if need be, without making a ‘deal with the devil’.”

With his last words, he shifted his gaze back to Alfo and Shade.

Odinson (CIO)

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