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Posted by Civilian Runa Siff Edman (Education Specialist) in Contests and Mead - The Holodeck

Posted by Commander D’Vash Odinson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Contests and Mead - The Holodeck

Posted by Civilian Runa Siff Edman (Education Specialist) in Contests and Mead - The Holodeck
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The holo-program place D’vash and Runa in the center of the bed, in the same position they had been in in the outside setting.

Honeymoon suite? The words invoked ideas and images of love, passion, and intimacy. The words denoted an intense and serious relationship. A small nervous shiver went though her, and there was no way he wouldn’t notice with her still in his arms.

D’vash looked around the room and then returned his gaze to Runa. “Well,” he began, his voice almost a whisper, “this is better than I expected.”

Odinson (CIO)

She kissed him again, this time it was brief but sweet. “I’ve actually never been in here.” In the real chalet or in the program. She’d programmed the room but never actually gone into it. “I got a glimpse from the door once. I helped your grandmother carry linens up there, but when I tried to carry them inside she,” she glanced away around the room blushing, but still she stayed relaxed where she was, “she, uh, had quite a bit to say on the topic of love and relationships.”
Runa Edman

“I was only in here to clean and jump on the bed when I wouldn’t get caught. I always wondered what was so special about this room that people would come out looking all googley-eyed at each other. I think I have an idea now. Mind if I show you?”

Odinson (CIO)

The mental image of a young D’Vash jumping on that massive bed made her grin. She was surprised it wasn’t something the three of them had attempted to do all those years ago. “Googley-eyed?” her voice dropped to a soft whisper, “If you think you are capable of making me ‘googley-eyed’ by all means, show me.”

D’vash just smiled and lowered his mouth next to her ear and whispered, “Challenger accepted.”

He began to kiss her neck and throat while his hands began removing the heavy winter clothing she was wearing 9for the time being. . . . )

Odinson (CIO)

His warm whisper sent shivers down her spine and his kisses were stoking the flame and making them burn. She softened and relaxed further into his arms as she kissed him again. She pushed his coat off his arms and the last coherent thought she had was that in future she better be careful what challenge she put to D’vash.

Runa had the sheet wrapped around her, eyes closed, feeling his warmth next to her. If she kept her eyes closed, he couldn’t accuse her of being ‘googley-eyed.’
Runa Edman

Lying closely next to her in a spooning position, D’vash leaned over and kissed her bare shoulder as his hand gently slid down her harm until hereacher Runa’s hand and let his fingers intertwine with hers.

Runa sighed softly, contended, lacing her fingers with his. She turned her head and kissed him softly, and then laid beside him, in his arms half dozing for awhile.

“Well, I can say that was definitely worth waiting 22 years for. I hope it’ll be sooner than another 22 years before you offer up another challenge?”

Odinson (CIO)

She rolled over and opened her eyes. Dazed, content, and an intimate shyness in her eyes, joined by a spark as her gaze landed on him - Googley-eyed. “Hmmm…here’s a challenge for you. Don’t these holodecks have timers? And I’d rather stay in your arms. So how are you going to fix that?”
Runa Edman

D’vash grinned and asked, “You afraid someone might walk in and find us in this compromising position? Or one of a dozen other positions we just tried?”

Runa tossed her head, hair swaying, but not quite as effective with her head on a pillow. “It’s only compromising if I’m ashamed, which I am not.” However, she was sure that her twin was going to hound her relentlessly about this…

He began kissing hRuna again, working his way back and forth from her neck and shoulders while working his way lower. . . . “Computer, holodeck override command, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot-0-6-9, Odinson, Commander, activate.”

The computer’s voice replied, “Override confirmed, Commander. Enjoy your stay.”

Runa sighed, closing her eyes until he started talking. She opened her eyes watching him, wondering if she was in for some prank. “Did you just lock me in here with you?” She flushed, her eyes heating up. Being locked away with D’Vash wasn’t something she would complain about. “Nice to see you’re still part pirate,” it was part tease and part challenge.

With his head now under the covers, he looked up into Runa’s eyes and said, “Rank does have its’ privileges.” before resuming his explorations. . . . .

Odinson (CIO)

Runa’s eyes flared. She wasn’t there because of his rank, and if he didn’t know that, he was going to. “I don’t give Jörmungandr’s tail end about your rank.” She let out a very feminine sigh and closed her eyes before whispering, “it does have it’s uses though.”

Runa’s eyes opened slowly, what time was it? Probably early, or late, depending on how you looked at it. She turned her head to look at him, warm in his arms, despite the cold snow and ice blowing outside. Incredible - that was the only word for what had happened between them. They’d learned about each other until they were experts. But now, in the silence of the night sky out the wall of windows, and studying his face, there was a growing gnawing in her gut. Reality was about to come crashing in.

She’d asked D’Vash, once this morning came did he want something else, something more. Of course he had, so had she. She didn’t regret it at all, but now what? Oh, Runa had had relationships, flings, but D’Vash was different. She’d known it back then, and she had no doubt about that now. More with D’Vash was both a thrilling, stomach dropping out from under you feeling, and a peaceful one. If she had her choice, they would stay there, until they figured out exactly what had happened between them. The bonfires would still be lit, and, depending on how strict to the old ways they were, they’d jump them. But this was a holodeck, and illusion. What was not illusion was how much she wanted to see how far that ‘something more’ went. What was also not illusion was the ticking clock of reality that was going to intrude eventually. Reality had a way of breaking what was precious and right, if one wasn’t careful. She sighed softly, sitting on the edge of bed, trying not to wake him.
Runa Edman, Teacher

Years of Intel work was ingrained in D’vash which made him a light sleeper. Runa’s movement of sitting on the edge had easily awakened him. Instead of letting her know immediately that he was awake, he lay there silently for a few moments. Hearing her sigh, he spoke up quietly.

“Trying to sneak out on me? You seem to have forgotten I locked you in here with me.”

She turned to look at him as he spoke, her voice as soft as his own, a soft smile crossing her lips. “I am far too willing a captive to sneak away,” heat flared in her eyes at the admission. She wondered how long he could keep the door locked before someone came looking for them?

He slid closer to the edge and turned so he was looking up at Runa, his head resting next to her bare thigh and his left hand gently caressing her back.

“I know, it’s back to reality now. . . .any regrets as to what just happened?”

Odinson (CIO)

Runa looked down at him as he settled next to her. She shivered against the warmth of his hand against her chilled skin. She brushed her fingertips along his temple, brushing back his hair. She shook her head, “Not one. You?”

Then she trailed her fingers down his shoulder and across his chest. Hesitating at the scar that marked his otherwise sculpted body. She hadn’t asked and he hadn’t said. But if she was honest, at the time, she was too focused on other things to consider where, how, who, and when the injury that caused that scar had occurred. She gently smoothed her fingers over the scar, hoping it was soothing and not painful. He would not see pity or fear in her eyes, but a fierce pride in him for enduring and surviving a wound as deadly as that. She was starting to understand why her female ancestors would claim blood feuds and go off to fight when their men came home wounded or dead. But that was the thing: here, behind a locked door, D’vash was hers, for a little while anyway. But on the other side of that locked door reality could be a very different thing.

As her fingers traced along his scar, he looked down and winced slightly. Not from the pain, but the thought of how the scar came to be. The betrayal tha came with it had caused more pain than the wound itself. It had taken him a long time to trust again because of that wound, but he had finally given in with Pretha when fate tore them apart, stationed them to separate ships after the Olympic had been decommed.

He gently took her hand, raised it to his mouth and kissed it. “That story’s for another time. . “

She leaned down and kissed him, and there was no less fire, no less passion in it for the night they had spent together. After several long moments, Runa pulled back slightly. “What does reality look like now?”

D’vash leaned back and looked into her eyes. “Now, we get dressed, walk out that door and spend the day doing our jobs. You spend the day with your students with a satisfied smile on your face. I, on the other hand, try to keep my mind on what I need to do..”

His serious face turned to a grin. “You, meet with Revna for lunch and tell her how completely satisfied you are, because I KNOW you two tell each other everything. Then you thank her for leaving us. . . .and thank her for me too. Then, we get together and . . . talk about how our day was. If that’s okay with you?”

Odinson (CIO)

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