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Having explored the ship a bit more, Evrilla had managed to find Sickbay more-or-less on her own, excluding Tatyl’s requests to helpful Ensigns for directions. The two stopped in the hallway, almost simultaneously, and Evrilla obligingly opened her mind to her daughter. Amma? Are you nervous?

Perhaps a bit, Evrilla allowed. It’s been many years since I began work at a new place, and this is very different from anywhere on Andoria. Tatyl nodded fiercely. Like going to school! Exactly like that. I think it’ll be alright though. Tatyl frowned, deep in thought. Because you have me now? And because we left? Evrilla nodded. Yes. She set a gentle hand on her daughter’s head. Lead the way, little Tatyl.

Tatyl nodded quickly, and set to walking a step or so in front of her mother, leading Evrilla into Sickbay. She turned to the first person she saw and held out her hand with a grin. “Hi! I’m Tatyl, and that’s my Amma.
-Tatyl and Dr. Evrilla


OCC: Hey I am going to start this off with a bit of banter if that is okay. I am sure Tyra will pop in and take over. I play a nurse under her on the OP42 and we do this back and forth from time to time. Sorry it took me so long to catch up with posting to you. It has been a crazy week, month, year…all of them :rofl: ~ Kate

IC: Dr. Lauren Shan looked at the little girl and her face slowly spread into a grin. “Well hello Tatyl I am Dr. Lauren pleased to meet you,” she stuck her hand out to shake the little girl’s hand. There was something warm and inviting about the little girl that lit up sick bay. So often kids either loved it here or were terrified. Lauren was glad it was the former.

“Nice to meet you, Dr. Lauren!” Tatyl clasped her hands behind her back, trying to seem professional.

Over the years, Lauren had spent her career working with many children even though her specialty was not pediatrics. If she had to do it again, Lauren would have specialized in the field of pediatrics but hindsight was always twenty-twenty. “And this is your,” she let her voice trail off. The medical records showed there was a new doctor coming to the department. The fact the new doctor was an Aenar and the woman before Lauren was an Aenar meant it was probably the new pathologist. Still little kids liked to be heard and listened to. Lauren didn’t want to jump the gun and stop the conversation with kiddo immediately moving to the adult.

Dr. Lauren Shan

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Tatyl smiled. “My Amma. I have an Amma, Appa, a Mama, and a Papa. My Amma takes care of me though. She’s a germ doctor.” Evrilla nodded to Lauren, smiling gently. “Evrilla, pathologist.” She offered a hand as well. “We’ll be working together I presume.”
-Dr. Evrilla & Tatyl

“I hope so,” Lauren took the woman’s hand shaking it. Already Lauren’s mind was racing with possibilities. She had to have Rand do some research on this Dr. Evrilla and not the boring how good were her credentials. She would never ask the woman to follow her on some of her excursions especially because of Tatyl but the woman’s knowledge of pathogens could help Lauren out greatly in the refugee camps. “Sickbay is pretty laid back here and the CMO is amazing. The woman has more knowledge of just about anything medical than I have ever seen. She is also exceedingly relaxed about protocols. No one worries about rank so much which isn’t an issue since you are a civilian. She should be around to meet you but I can start your official check ins and give you the nickle tour if you like,” she offered gesturing to a medical bed.

Lt. Lauren Shan

Evrilla smiled and nodded, relieved. “I would appreciate that, thank you.” Lauren seemed nice, someone she could work with happily. “Tatyl?” Tatyl nodded to her mother and hopped up onto the biobed, swinging her feet. “How is medical accompaniment on away missions usually handled?” She inquired for two reasons, the first being to start a conversation and the second being her own quiet panic that she’d be trapped aboard the ship rather than on the frontlines as she had wanted.
-Dr. Evrilla

“Usually Ashlynn assigns it typically on the nature of the situation. Routine meet and greets, anyone that wants to take it goes. Starfleet officers tend to get assigned to the official away missions but with you being a civilian I am positive if you want those rotations it won’t be issue. The Skipper is always around someplace to get everyone off the boat on a much more regular basis I feel like than most ships so even if you miss an away mission or so you definitely will get a chance to get you and this one,” Lauren nudged Tatyl playfully, “off the boat quite a bit. With your specialty in pathogens, however, I can see you being placed not only with the main away teams but also the science departments at times so you won’t be stuck in the black unless you really want to. Do you prefer fieldwork over stationary locations?”

Lauren Shan


Evrilla nodded vigorously, then blushed a light blue. “I spent years in the same place, but all my work was sourced elsewhere. The opportunity to see for myself… If I could, I would be somewhere different every day.”
-Dr. Evrilla

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