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OOC: If you can’t come up with something you can part with… you are welcome to move on. This is an open universe you can negotate with anyone. You burnt the obvious bridge at Base 5 when you shot up the joint, but aside from them, you have met 5 different races, helped one, and seem to be on friendly terms with another. No one is making you negotiate with pirates aside from they have what you need and are willing to trade it.


Kelly was at an empass. Her career was also about to get a promotion or reduction in crew quarter size when she was transferred to commanding a garage scowl on the east end of Timbucktoo. Either way she could not let her morals dictate the lives of a thousand people. She was responsible for them and interpreting the Federations laws. Hell, there was a chance she would never get home so the moral conscious discussion could wait until after they got back to Federation space.

Tapping her comm badge, Kelly contacted Drayke. “Mr. Drayke, how is the assessment going on the engines,” she asked.

=/\=It’s like a rat nest from some gypsy camp that lived near a sheep farm… but it’ll get cleaned up… I always do the job you know that. =/\=

“Okay, I need you to give the ship a tune-up. Say twenty-five percent to the engines and thirty percent to the shields with the excelsior warp drive components.” Kelly looked at Alfo. With the technology being so vastly different there was no way to give Alfo exactly what he wanted but it would make him fast and better protected than before. Hopefully, this would give them some if not all of the supplies they needed.

Kelly Bordeaux

Jacen paused for a second before the reply came. =/\= That’ll take longer, you do know that right? =/\=

Alfo squinted, it wasn’t exactly what he wanted… but 25% more speed and 30% more defense was something truly valuable. “And, how to repair these upgrade…” He wasn’t going to take an upgrade that wouldn’t last long enough to use.

“If you bring your upgrade teams aboard, You can follow us to our base of operations.”


Drayle, CE

D’vash had been listening intently to the negotiations, and though he didn’t show it, the mention of the pirate’s base did start a spark. Seeing their base and being able to get whatever info they could would be a great source of Intel. It would also put the Atlantis in great danger of being outnumbered. Basic economics: he didn’t think the profit was worth the risk.

The thought of giving the pirates an upgrade, even at the percentage Kelly suggested was a risk to this area. The pirates were already a major player, the upgrades could definately upset the balance of power. He decided to speak up.

“Captain, if I may interject,” he stated addressing his captain, “even the slightest of upgrades you are offering could cause a major upset to the local power base. WE CAN get the materials we need for our repairs from elsewhere if need be, without making a ‘deal with the devil’.”

With his last words, he shifted his gaze back to Alfo and Shade.

Odinson (CIO)

OOC: I presuming you didn’t say it in a manner that Alfo should have been able to hear… and you are probably have to offer something to get something.

“Yes but half the reason we are out here is to explore, take chances, and learn from others. Someone has to be the first to trust in a diplomatic situation. I hope that it’s not misplaced,” Kelly gave Alfo and Shade a side glance briefly.

Tapping her comm badge Kelly reached out to contact the Altantis to get the required teams over to help with the upgrades.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk looked at Odinson and back to the Skipper. “Ma’am, I for one agree with him. Maybe we take the good Captain Alfo’s offer as a potential. Reach out, see if anyone else has a better deal to offer.” and he looked at Alfo and Shade. “I’m sure you would understand us trying to see all our options… especially as we have no vested interest in the sector… and have a demonstrated desire not to upset the balance you currently have, sir.”

Mardusk, CoS


=/\= Captain, I got the teams running. We can give the tune-ups as you suggested, and we are upgrading parts that are considered intergalactic standards… consider I the Janeway Pact… it will get the stuff done as needed. Should be another two hours.=/\=

Drayke, CE

Kelly tapped her badge to reply to Jacen and indicate she understood his message. “Mr. Alfo I has been a pleasure,” Kelly said standing up. “If it is not a problem I would suggest we maybe postpone dinner so that we are able to begin the repairs to our ships. If you would be so kind as to get the supplies for my ship I will set up teams to help you with our refit.”

Kelly waited for Alfo to leave before she looked at her officers around the table. “Okay so what I am about to say is not going to be popular or probably liked but we need those parts. We don’t have the luxury to sit back and shop around for estimates. The Atlantis is broken. Luckily we are not so broken as to so far not be able to take care of ourselves. Everyone sitting around this table knew what it meant when we signed the dotted line joining Starfleet but I have one thousand crew to think of in this decision. Kids, wives, civilians that signed up to explore the galaxy and not be left to die in some far-off corner of the galaxy. My job is not not only complete missions, but get them home. Now we all swore an oath to the prime directive and many of you are going to say that trading with them is a violation of it but the only part that is iron clad is we do not interfere or alter the course of a non-warp capable species. Alfo and his crew are clearly able to achieve interstellar flight. Us helping them is not changing the course of their development. Helping Alfo and his crew could change the power of this sector but that precludes we are not going to share the same information with others when we get to the space station. The reason we are out here is to explore, take chances, and gain and share knowledge. At some point we gotta give something up to get something. Even bloodied and bruised we still have the upper hand with these guys but we are lost, alone, blind, and are not going to make it long without supplies, information and help. So we are going to help Alfo and his crew with increasing his engine’s efficiency and shielding by thirty percent. This will get us what we need and hopefully to that base where we will get a better idea of what’s going on and how to get home. As to the prime directive, before anyone starts to quote rules or regulations, think about all the times we have broken those rules and regulations for what the Federation or Starfleet has deemed the greater good. The prime directive is not the ten commandments. It is more like the old Constitution of the United States. It is a living breathing document we are meant to interprete with our own best judgment with our best moral and ethical standards in place. Any questions?”

Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk just looked at her and said “One. We’re being recorded. Two. Greater good doesn’t equate with saving our own asses, Skipper. You have the majority of your senior leadership here, and most of us are telling you this is a bad idea… at least for now. But you also know we’ll do what you say. But we’ll also tell you you are making a rushed choice with not enough info. But… that’s the Captain’s prerogative. Right? So let’s get on with it.” Mardusk wasn’t mad, but he wasn’t going to hide the fact he thought they were rushing in blind.

The improvement will require more time than that. As to put even Excelsor class items with require a more refined warp chamber. It would have to be done with either increasing the size or improving the mechanism itself by introducing the use of dilithum crystals. Either would be discussed in terms of days, the crystal route taking less time, 5-6 days vers 9-11 days.

It shouldn’t be an issue as repairs to the Atlantis would take longer than that anyways.


OCC: I am 100% okay with debating the moral dilemma of this situation. In fact, it might be fun but to move the sim around I am going to say that if Luke wants to start a new thread moving us forward please post to that in addition to this one as you debate with Kelly the pros and cons of her decision. No one has to but I am open to hearing everyone’s stance. We are just going to however proceed with the repairs and helping the pirates to move the sim along.


Mardusk, CoS

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