Tomorrow, 2000, Holodeck 3. Dress warm. XOXO, Mike

Posted May 11, 2021, 1:10 a.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

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Mike was about to answer when he looked down at her. One of the advantages of having dealt with people in altered states of capacity, he could read people really well. So instead of answering immediately, he moved to her side and simply scooped her up off the ground and cradled her in his arms. “Shush. Enjoy the ride.” and he turned and headed back towards the torches.

Revna could honestly say being scooped up by Big Mike was not even on the list of things she expected. There was a soft gasp of surprise, but it hurt. She breathed, short shallow breaths till the ache eased. Did he really just ‘shush’ her? She’d laugh if it wouldn’t hurt so much. Oh that was fantastic. She grinned and made a zipping motion by her lips. Oh he’d be in so much trouble if she could breath right.

“I really dig old Earth American Country music. Its got some of the best lyrics ever. I also really like opera… from all over, not just human. I can play the piano and the steel guitar, too… so it translates really well. ” he said as his legs carried them over the shore towards the forest line.

Big Mike

She looked up at him from her very awkward position in his arms and made a rolling motion with her hand for him to keep talking. Her eyes danced with laughter. He told her to shush and so shushed she would stay…for the moment.

He smiled and said “I think music is the key to understanding people. If you listen to their music, their songs, then you can understand them of a fundamental level.” They moved down the torches lined path and deep into the woods, Mike talking about anything and everything he could. A few minutes later, they came into a clearing. “Know how you said my date set up wasn’t anything special?” and he looked down at her and smirked. “Well… let’s see what you think now.”

Revna shook her head her voice soft, “I did not. You asked if it had been that long since someone tried to impress me. I said no, just a while since anyone was origi....Oh…” Her gaze passed over every detail in silence.

The clearing was just wide enough for a long table adorned with traditional dishes and drink. The two bottles of mead were set in the center. The table had two chairs across from each other on the long sides. Each chair was wrapped in flowers and herbs that lent a soft aroma that smelled of spring and sunshine. But it was the lights that stole the show.

The aroma was a nice touch, in contrast to the frozen winter scene they had just been walking. As if they had sailed along into the Summerland.

Small motes of lights danced through the air, and on closer inspection the light came from tiny glowing winged people…


No, not the Summerland. They’d passed into Álfheimr, that world of fairies on Yggdrasil, the world tree. She held out her hand and several landed there before taking off again. She tipped her head back watching them fly away. Her gaze feel back on Mike as he finally put her feet on the ground. “Mike, this,” she looked around again, “this is incredible.”

Mike set Revna near her chair gently and pulled it out for her. He poured a mug of mead and one of water and set it near her. A hand settled gently on her shoulder and he said softly “Let me know if you need to go. I can get you to Sickbay in a flash.”


Revna sat, surprised into near speechlessness. She squeezed his hand briefly and shook her head, “I’m ok.” She waited till he sat down and then lifted the mug of mead and inhaled. No. She inhaled again. That was Paannaaq in the mead. She shook her head. She sipped it, slowly. The higher light sweetness of Paannaaq, fireweed, carrying above the smoothness of the honey. She put the mug down and closed her eyes. No one should have this particular batch. It was meant to be consumed at one point, but not…not after…she didn’t think her heart could break again. But instead of grief, it was just bitter sweet. The universe was laughing at her. She opened her eyes and looked at the man across from her. “Mike, how did you get this bottle? It was never supposed to be sold, not this batch. There was a shipping mistake several years ago. I thought we got all the bottles back. Do you remember where you got it?” Her voice was soft, and there was a hint of old sadness to her voice, but not accusation.

Mike looked confused, but said “Ummm… yeah. I think so. It was probably… oh… seven or eight years ago, maybe? Somewhere around there… don’t remember exactly. Star Fleet guy. Said he was a fan and one of my songs ‘gave him courage’ or something. Gave me a case of twelve. Said it was a special batch and that it wouldn’t be made again. Told me to hold onto to it and only bring it out for someone truly special because that was who it was made for. Made me promise. So… I have 6 bottles in storage, 4 at the bar… and two here. Never actually thought I’d open one though.” and he smiled.

Big Mike

She picked up the bottle staring at it, at the label, A Paannaaq flower overlaid on the Edman crest. Devlin, it had to be. He was the only one who would do it. She put the bottle down and stared up the fairies. “Alright, Mike, some truth of my own. The man’s name was Devlin Mattsen. He was supposed to be my brother-in-law. This batch was made for me. To be consumed at my wedding. Shauwn died in the Breen attack on Earth.” She picked up the mug again and took a longer sip of it.

Mike looked at her for a long time, a plethora of emotions dancing through his eyes and across his face. “So… but… wait…” and finally he shook his head. “So this is your mead for your wedding and I just served it to you on our first date?” He looked at her with a blank expression for almost a minute before he laughed and then said “Oh, very smooth, Mike.” more to himself than to her. “Maybe for my next trick I move these plates and stuff and you see that the tablecloth is actually your wedding dress? That would just be the perfect end to an absolutely embarrassing moment.” and he picked up the meade, looked at it, shook his head, and then grabbed the water.

Big Mike

“The Norns have their own plans for our fates, Mike. This bottle was meant to be here, on this table, tonight. That the truly special person you would open it for would be me. I’m not upset, Mike, just surprised, that’s all.” Yeah okay I get it. I told him he couldn’t handle me and here he’s been in possession of a mead that was made to represent me. Yeah okay Freya I get it! Enough hints. I’m not dead I need to stop acting like it. She leaned forward putting her hand over the water. “Please don’t be embarrassed. There’s no need to be. Drink it with me.” She sat back holding the mug in her hand, and holding his gaze with hers. A hint of challenge crossing her face along with her smile. “Unless, of course, your admitting you can’t handle me.”

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