No More Excuses

Posted May 12, 2021, 3:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

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The trip started off horribly before they ever left the ship. Runa had returned to Revna’s quarters to walk with her to the shuttlebay. She knew without asking that no amount of sedative and muscle relaxer was going to ease the pain making it hard for her to breath this time. Runa sat with her for the next hour until they had to leave. Runa got Revna settled in the back of the runabout, the EMH taking over. A rebreather and a very heavy sedative later, Revna was asleep, or at least unconscious. The pilot, a young lt that had volunteered for this trip, had been the first to offer to take the counselor. She’d helped him and some of his friends through problems. There were many on the ship who she helped before they even knew they needed it. And all this time she’d been sick and no one knew it. To Runa it seemed that now that the surgery was impending Revna was too exhausted to keep up, and her health spiraled.

The shuttle was pulled into the shuttle bay of the USS Centurion two days later, the hatch opened and the inside of the runabout was swarmed with more people than the young pilot could count. Runa watched, getting a first hand look at the life her sister had led for so many years. A Trill man, about 35, wearing the forest green of counseling walked onto the shuttle, spotted Runa, put an arm around her and led her off the runabout. “Cpt Jameson will come talk to you very soon. I’m Kuno Virol. I worked with your sister. Let’s get you settled.”

Jameson was the first onto the Runabout. He walked into the medical bay at the back and took a long look at Revna. “Never could do anything without flair, could you Princess?” Revna glared at him. She hated that name. But the rebreather kept her from retorting. Once she’d got on the shuttle it was just easier to let her damaged lungs stop fighting, at least a little bit. She had no intention of giving up. He chuckled seeing the look. “Good, you keep fighting.” He nodded to a nurse. “Katie, record all these vitals.” He checked her current metabolism rate and began fiddling with a hypo he had in his hands. He pointed to the medics, “Get her to surgical suite 1,” as they prepped to move Revna onto a stretcher Jameson looked back at her. “I’m not giving you time to change your mind,” and then he administered 250mls Kayolane.

After Revna had been sedated Runa had been shown to the waiting area. Jameson came and sat down with her momentarily. “It will be several hours, Havaleigh will come give you updates, and I’ll be out when we’re done. Eat, rest, especially drink, I don’t want to find you ill as well Runa.” He hugged her. She’d never met Jameson in person before this, but they had spoken directly many times. Then he left. Havaleigh came often, always bringing water and plenty of information about how the surgery was going. She offered to let Runa go rest, but Runa stayed. She sat quietly and calmly the first 2 hours. She didn’t fidget, she didn’t pace, she didn’t bug the medical staff. Some time after that though she finally took notice that several people were still there. Waiting in the room with her. They hadn’t left her alone to await news about Revna. And that was when the stress and fear finally got to Runa. There was no end to stories, jokes, and affection in the room. Some of them weren’t even co-workers but former patients, and not one left after they arrived.

Jameson walked into the surgical suite, red scrubs donned, and the nurse pulling protective gloves over his hands for him. He was captain now, but he was still the best surgeon on the ship. He looked around at the faces in the room. Every single one had served with Revna, had been bolstered, comforted, cajoled, brow beat, and healed by Revna. “You all know who’s on that table. She’s one of ours. She’s family. I don’t care if we are here 3 hours or the rest of eternity. We don’t leave until she can too.” He checked the screens for her vitals, picked up the laser scalpel…

OOC: It’s been a great run. Atlantis truly has a gifted writing crew, but it’s time…for Revna anyway. Runa will still be here.


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