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Jen considered the next move as he looked at the split view screen. “They seem pretty protective of their base. They should know that even if we’re all blindfolded there is a thing called positioning systems. But if we’re to go there they may want that equivalent. He turned to the team on the bridge. “We are potentially going to be placed in a vulnerable position here. They want our tech and may take any advantage to gain it if they can get it. Options for going to the base to counter this? Jen had a couple in mind off the cuff but he wanted their options first and not having his skewing the ideas.
- Jen, XO

Lera had been watching the probe and maneuvered it back into the bay as ordered. Once inside she made sure the latest data was downloaded. As she flicked over the entries and the video, she frowned. “Well, I see two choices. Try diplomatic routes and see if bartering and cajoling will work. Or we can use our superiority, where we know it exists, and just head straight for it. I doubt those fighters can do much damage to us at full shielding unless they have firepower capabilities we have missed.” It was the basic of whatever other thoughts anyone had, she thought. They really only had two choices that all other suggestions would fit under. Didn’t they? Direct approach or terms and talks and negotiations. It seemed logical to her. But then, she wasn’t one to think of how to approach things. She was the epitome of ‘hit them hard and just do it’.

A quick glance at Revna and she ducked her head back to her console as if expecting the Counselor to take her to task on her thinking and then start saying it was part of her past that made such assumptions. She bit her lip and looked over the data to be sure she wasn’t missing energy and weapon signatures that would matter.


“I’m sure that the Captain is trying to work things out diplomatically. After our .. debacle at the Station we are not suitably winning friends and influencing people just yet.” His eyes flickered down the latest on the repair statuses. They were going slowly but they could only do so much and nothing they could do on the list could be completed without outside help.

“I would be more comfortable in expressing strength when we’re fixed and operating optimally be it to fight or to strategically retreat.” He curled his lip up. As an Andorian and a soldier he had trouble saying ‘retreat’.

“In the meantime, if we are taking up the Pirate’s offer of them repairing us for some form of barter, how can we keep from being vulnerable while sitting in some form of space dock?”
Jen, XO

Three of Five lifted himself up from under a panel he was fixing. “Might I suggest, we work a barter for the pirates to keep us safe as they help repair us? They are letting us use their form of a space dock, I’m sure they have security measures for if one of their enemies try to attack it, I’m sure we could try to barter for that protection to cover the Atlantis as well.” Three of Five offered, then went back to fixing the panel.
Three of Five, engineer.

“In other words, how safe are the wolves themselves?” he added, glancing at the carrier. “I would wager they have a fair security screen with fighters about the base, sensor buoys to warn of approaches and .. that ..” he said, pointing to the carrier. “Not many would go after that without serious firepower. But it would be interesting to find out who it is that makes them look over their shoulders.”

Lera bit her lip. “Isn’t that asking the bad guy to keep an eye on your back? I would say we would be better set to ask for help and perhaps bring one or two of them here. I doubt they would blow us up with their own on board. Right?” She started tapping out a quick query about the exact nature of the repairs they needed absolute help with for now. Do we really need to put ourselves in a vulnerable position? She mused as she tried to ascertain the best way to get the repairs done without a complete shut down and belly up position.


“You are correct there. I’m sure the Captain has that in mind too. Besides, get people aboard and they can scope out the ship better.” He looked at the engineers. “How hard would it be to set up a kind of self destruct such that if a command code was not given every so often - say every three hours - it will got into the official three minute countdown?” He rapped his knuckle on the end of the chair. “That and give the marines something to do in bird dogging the repair crews. I’d say ship security, but in this case they are too clean cut. They would be better set monitoring access points, doors, and more covert observation via surveillance.”
- Jen, XO

OOC: wrapping up Revna a bit here…unless you are good with a civil counselor on the bridge…

IC: Revna was mulling over an idea. “Cmdr, why do we have to give them access to the actual ship? Couldn’t we rig a holodeck simulation? We could even make it look like an older warp engine. And then beam out the parts as they ‘replace’ them? The holodeck is a huge tactical resource here that isn’t given it’s due.”

Lera thought a moment on the XO’s query. “Making the self destruct countdown program would be fairly straightforward. But, as the Counselor just mentioned, the holodeck would be far better. And, if they happen to discover it’s holographic, we can always say we use it for repairs in case something goes wrong. Easier to simply have a crew working just as we did, but perhaps five minutes behind us. Like a delay. Or,” she shrugged with a smile, “simply offer up that explanation from the getgo and then it doesn’t matter.” She had been in enough simulations of real life events from her own life to know just how realistic and believable they were. She hadn’t considered using it to stay a step ahead of their ‘helpers’.


“I like that idea, you can’t assimilate what isn’t real.” Three of Five responded using his own experience as an answer. “Like she said, if you tell them from the get go that this is something we do for the protection of everyone involved, that would be a good plan.” He continued.
Three of Five, engineer

Jen pondered this. He did want this to be a viable initiative but he simply wasn’t sure it was viable. But, where he couldn’t see it, maybe they could help him to see it. “Okay, here is a list of the damages and where it is. This incorporates a lot of time and a lot of people not to mention materials. Can we get away with this?” He brought up the damages on a side screen for everyone to see.

Central Power Conduit:
Decks 5-9 burn out – Damage 38% Effectiveness 70% - Projected time of repair 900 person/hours. Materials required, star-base preferred.
Computer Network:
Multiple terminal burnouts – Damage 9% Effectiveness 99% - Projected time of repair 200 person/hours, minor material needs
Sensor Systems:
Long Range Damage 32% Effectiveness 82% - 3 emitter pallet destroyed, 5 damaged. Projected time of repair 71 person-hours – materials required.
Holographic Systems:
17 forward - Offline, Gym - Offline, Cargo Bays - Offline. 17 forward, Gym repairable 170 person/hours. Cargo Bays no parts available.
Warp Drive:
Main Manifold Damaged/Warping - Damage 18% Effectiveness 72% - Star Base required.
Impulse Drive:
Damage 24% Effectiveness 82% - Parts required, Star-Base preferred. 1800 person/hours
Damage 14% Effectiveness 62% - Parts required – 2400 person/hours
Phasers Damage 32% Effectiveness 68% - 1200person/hours – parts needed
Torps Damage 8% Effectiveness 99% - 200person/hours
Probes Damage 14% Tubes Down 2 Effectiveness 92% (repaired with torp launchers above)
Other Systems:
Science Labs, Tractor Beams, Transporters, Crew Quarters, Arboretum, Shuttle Bay – parts required

Jen, XO
OOC: Thought this might be a better picture of what we are looking at and the time involved .. Gene

OOC: I’m going to move us a little ahead in terms of location. You can continue playing without a jump if you’d like.

IC : The Pirate Ship, whose name they finally learned to be Craven’s Nest. Led the Atlantis deeper in the asteroid field and behind a layer of mobile mines. Out of providence or just based on a well designed search pattern, the probe the Atlantis launched earlier was beginning to close on the location of this base. The pirate ship basically landed in a cleared area . In an area surrounded by dozens of habitation units.

The Atlantis was also asked to land. Over time they erected a huge flexible bubble around the Atlantis, but not the Craven’s Nest, and pumped if full of air. Like an army of ants the crawled over the exterior of the ship fixing both critical and cosmetic damage. They also using trucks, and if you are willing your transporters to send massive amounts of raw material to repair some of the internal damage.


Jen was anticipating more of a space dock rather than a big garage, though it wasn’t as bad as his fears of them having a big hollowed out cave in an asteroid where they’d be camped in. At least in this respect they had options. He awaited the Captain’s return not to mention the others .. at least what others were coming and which were staying …
- Jen

OOC: Who is staying there and who is back? Don’t want to get into conversations to then know that they are not there :) .. Gene

OOC: I can be used wherever I’m needed.
Rusty (Three of Five)

OOC: You can mix and match. They aren’t preventing movement back and forth, they just want the same number of people. So if someone wants to leave the privateer ship, someone else has to come on.

Jen sat in the command chair and mused at the ‘parking garage’ they happened to be in. He was frustrated that so many of the ‘notable’ crew were over being ‘hosted’ by the pirates while they swarmed over and around the ship. He was quite sure there were a great number of recording devices about that they were unable to catch. However to focus on what they could catch.

“Counselor, with Lt Styxx at the pirate ship and with you having experience with them I want you to sort out the marines. I want them watching each work detail that comes aboard. Security will patrol the corridors, secure sensitive areas and be at the gates to scan and log these pirates. I don’t want any wanderers and I don’t want anyone to somehow get left behind accidentally at the end of any shifts.”

The pirates weren’t used to such precautions, but they weren’t surprised. Nor did the overwhelming majority of them do anything suspcious as most just were there to work. There were a number of detection type devices, but it was hard to tell the difference between normal measurement devices and recording and scanning devices.

There were also numerous tools, again most without sufficient power to be anything but a minor tool, but some were huge ‘blowtorch’ type devices, massive cranes and the like which were necessary for many of the ‘critical; repairs.

Revna nodded, “Aye sir.” She got up from her seat and onto the turbo lift heading down for marine country. She wasn’t sure how well this was going to go over.
Lt Edman
“Three of Five, Lt Brison, I want you two working together. The most sensitive areas at this time are the engines and weapons as that is what they will be focusing on. I need you to coordinate the work crews. Our engineers will do the primary work. The pirates will do the grunt work.” That only made sense for one to do what one was skilled for.
- Jen, XO

As Edman approached the turbolift the doors slid open and the bulk of the Security Chief stepped out. HE looked around the bridge and said “Commander, need a word in private. You, the Ensign there, -” and he pointed at Three of Five, “- and you too Counselor. We got minutes, so if we could step into the conference room that would be ideal.” and he turned and walked into the adjacent briefing room.

Mardusk, CoS

Jen was reminded of times of ‘foreign’ workers coming onto base to do work and the protocols necessary to ensure that that went smoothly. The difference was that they knew they were coming onto a military base. These pirates seemed to be taking things much more casually probably because, in his estimation, they were the ones on their base. However, that being said, they were away from Federation space and away from allies and had to be careful. And when dealing with potential opportunists, Jen knew, they needed to be vigilant. Besides, it gave the disciplines something to do that was in their wheelhouse without blowing anything up.
- Jen, XO

If left to their own plans there would be anywhere from 10 to 40 people on the hull, and 25-40 people inside the ship. With out scans there was no way to tell how many people were in the base. Although given their crew rotations the number had to be over 250 perhaps much more.


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