It happened one day on the fifth grade field trip

Posted June 15, 2021, 9:54 p.m. by Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) (Steven Sigle)

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The following Tuesday Drayke’s quarters
Maybelle hit the door controls and never stopped walking which is why the soft three trills was followed by a thump and small squeal. Rubbing her nose it took a second for her to process what had happened. Why was the door locked? Was Mr. Jacen even up? Had he forgotten that today was the day that held the promise of going down in history as the best day of his life? All these questions ran through her mind as Maybelle hit the door controls again. As the series of trills sounded she rapidly depressed the controls again and again. If Mr Jacen was asleep something needed to get him up. It was 7:15. Time was running short. After the third repetition of trills Maybelle added a few calls of his name and began knocking with her other hand.


Walking up to his quarters Jacen stopped as he looked at Maybelle pounding on his door. Jacen was wearing very much causal clothes, black corduroy pants with his belt tight with a small chain that looped from his belt into his pocket which held a pocket watch. He looked old earth technology and had this one passed down long ago from his father in Ireland. He had his wedding ring on along with two chains around his wrist with a white work t-shirt. Under his shirt, Maybelle would notice he had a silver chain link as well as a tattoo on his left arm she had never seen before which looked like an Irish cross.

“Your earlier,” Jacen said, himself carrying a white bag along with what looked like two cups of coffee. “Here.” he said as he handed her one of the cups as he saw her eyes get large. “It’s just hot chocolate, I’m not having you run around like a madwoman and people question my parenting skills cause I let some stray that got attached to me have coffee…” he said as he took a sip from his cup before he began to shuffle into the bag as he pulled out the biggest chocolate donut that was covered in so many sprinkles they began to fall off on the floor.

“Figured we could have breakfast on the way to the deck and you can load up on sugar, which in hindsight might be worse than me giving you coffee but I really wanted one of these too,” he said pulling out a second one as he fumbled to open up the door to his quarters as he tossed the bag through the door like he was shooting basketball hoops with the donut firmly in his mouth as he let the door close behind them.

“C’me wit ‘e mun’kin” he said with a mumbled mouth as he took a bite from his donut as he began walking with Maybelle to the turbolift.

Drayke, CE


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