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Mardusk walked into the conference room and stood by the table. He had a hail-mary plan given in nods and winks and he had less than ten minutes to bring it together.

Oh how he loved his job!

Mardusk, CoS

She turned and followed with everyone into the conference room and too a seat. She was interested to know what Mardusk had to say. They were operating in pure guess and what she’d observed during their little meeting.
Lt Edman

This was the first time they’d had any contact with the away team and Jen was eager for an update. They could only plan so much in the dark and with the scope of the repairs there was only so much they could fabricate. Easy might be more efficient than complicated, but security trumps all in this case, and Mardusk had come in like a green storm. This was going to be interesting. When the people were assembled, he said, “Sit rep, Commander. We’re making lots of plans based on best guesses.” And tell me you didn’t beam over and reveal that we have transporter tech … he thought.
- Jen, XO

“No time right now, COmmander. We got maybe ten minutes to pull off a large scale con. So the Skipper agreed, in exchange for help, to allow a contingent of the pirates… yes, I said pirates. All these folks are pirates; although they may prefer ‘privateer’… to come aboard for a tour of Engineering. Her idea is to have them tour the holodeck and the Engineering section of an older ship. How old? Didn’t say. But we will need Engineers on hand who are familiar and knowledgeable enough of those older systems to at least fake like they know what they are doing and answer questions. I’m thinking an old Excalibur-class might do the trick. Regardless, we gotta get it set up, running and real enough to fool them inside now nine minutes. Ten of ‘em are coming. So we gotta move.”

Mardusk, CoS

Revna nodded, “We had a similar idea.” She tapped the controls on the table in front of her. “We have a simulation in the ship’s computer of the USS Camelot (NCC-85011). It shouldn’t take too much to have the program adjust for more modern uniforms, tell it to call the ship the Atlantis and then stick some real engineers in there. The Excalibur class was a huge advancement in our ship and engine designs, it was covered in basic classes that we all had to take. Engineering should be more than familiar with it. What do you need us to do?”
Lt Edman

Jen let out a breath that he didn’t realize he had been holding. Some might have ascribed to a full ship simulation which would have made the whole business of repairs a nightmare. Dredging up an Engineering scene would not be hard by comparison. They were a mythology ship and had lots of room that way. Detail was everything. “Details are everything,” Jen said. “Modify the scale of it to be similar to ours.” He was looking at Edman’s working the controls. “As well, modify the consoles to be standard to now. We don’t want them to be looking at a century old console and then see everything else as today. That will help the engineers as well for continuity. They don’t need to re-learn things - just the specs to keep in mind from the Excaliburs.” He looked at the others present. “I’m open for opinions on this.”
- Jen, XO

“We bring ‘em by shuttle, land in the bay. We walk them through the passageways making sure all hatches and doors are secured. Straight into the holodeck. Like its not even a thing. Then them look, poke, prod, ask questions… then send ‘em back the same way. I’ll have a security escort meet us landing and with us all the time. If things start to look like it may be going sideways, we start a fire from a blown power relay and send them rushing out.”

Mardusk, CoS

She looked up, “You’re gonna yell at me, but let’s use half Security and half Marines for that escort. That frees up more of your people for actual sensitive areas. They are going to the holodeck so the marines won’t be anywhere sensitive that they aren’t allowed. Also, we have two very efficient fighting forces on this ship. It is prudent to make sure these pirates are aware of that. I met Alfo and Shade, I talked with them and observed them at length. A small show of force will work in our favor.” She looked at Mardusk and then at Jen, “That is my official recommendation and opinion.”

“Also Cmdr,” she said looking at Mardusk again, “Cmdr Jen has asked me to coordinate between security and the marines. I’m thinking letting them escort those working outside on the hull, and then from entry, after security checks them in, through the corridors to their work area, where either the engineering teams or security will take over. That way our teams are always in location and not moving around. Then Marine’s can escort the previous work crew out and to the security check point. If that doesn’t work tell me what will.”
Lt Edman

Mardusk thought for a moment and then said “Let’s simplify, less cross chatter and more tactically sound if we deploy the Marines on the hull repairs, shuttle bay and shuttles themselves, and around the perimeter of the ship itself. They can check in everyone coming onto the site, and leave internal-ship to Security. Besides, if s#!+ kicks off, they’ll be outside and can deploy their heavy weapons against the pirates without being restricted by space and civilians.”

Mardusk, CoS

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