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Revna stepped off the turbolift and stopped the first Marine she saw asking for the officer in charge while Styxx was on the pirate ship. After being pointed in the right direction she headed down the corridor and pressed the chime on the door.

The Marine pointed Revna to the quartermaster an antiquated term but something River was keen on having. The door opened to reveal a man in his late thirties he had salt and pepper hair and distant grey eyes. But the most notable thing was the four scars across his face they went form the top left of his forehead to the lower right of his jaw. His uniform and insignia showed he was a regimental sergeant major

He looked at the counsellor and smiled but there was something sad about it. ” Regimental Sargent Major Qrow. what can I do for you?” he asked his voice was gruff and stern but their was an undercurrent of respect


“Cmdr Jen sent me down. We are about to have work crews from the pirate base all around the ship.” Revna had a lot of respect for marines but she didn’t exactly feel right giving them orders either. “He wants a team of marines to escort each of the work crews. With Styxx on the other ship at the moment he asked me to help coordinate, I guess.”
Lt Edman

NE Qrow raised his eye brow “Really. Well come in and we’ll get started” he said stepping aside and leading Revna into his office. It was smaller then most but even so the Marine corps flag still adorned the farthest wall, with a desk in front of it. On the desk where a handful of pictures. One of which was turned face down on the desk.

“Please sit. do you want drink?” he asked as he went over to his small replicator.

“Thank you Sgt Major. Black tea please. It’s going to be a long few days.” Revna always liked the loyalty and honor apparent where ever marines were. She had a great deal of respect for them and they shared many of the values she was raised with.

Once he had acquired any drink that may have been requested he took as eat “Are you sure you’ve got security to agree to this. It seems the Lieutenant commander Mardusk has a stick up his backside when it comes to marines securing anything.” he asked his tone serious “I don’t want to do this, then find half of us marines in the brig. Which is what we’ve come to expect, if we even blink at anything out of our usual roles” he added his tone showed he was annoyed by the notion.


“Well, at this point the chief isn’t here either, so I’ve been tasked with coordinating between. And this comes from the XO who is above him. The XO’s specific orders were: with Lt Styxx at the pirate ship I want them watching each work detail that comes aboard. Security will patrol the corridors, secure sensitive areas and be at the gates to scan and log these pirates. He doesn’t want any wanderers and he doesn’t want anyone to somehow get left behind accidentally at the end of any shifts.’ It sounds to me like the XO has a pretty good idea of what the ‘rules’ are. Security secures the ship, if the pirates get into some where they shouldn’t then security will be there to protect sensitive areas and take over the escort. Marines will be escorts in areas that you all are allowed and outside the ship. And in the end, we’re all following orders, and the XO trumps us all except the captain. I’ll make sure the XO knows your concerns and addresses them. If it comes down to it, the Chief can yell at me.” Revna had a whole heaping amount of respect for Mardusk and for Styxx and they both knew it. And despite Mardusk having to do his job despite the difficulties of having security and marines on board Mardusk respected them. At the same time the XO put her in a tough position.
Lt Edman

NE Qrow nodded and smiled “The CO said you where a good one. If she trust you so do I. If the COS makes waves we’ll have your back” he said taking a sip of his coffee

She shook her head, there wasn’t going to be an issue there. That was why she was the go between. Her next stop was security.

“As for our guest we can escort them outside the ship and in the corridors. their the only places, aside from civilian areas that we have clearance for. But they are not allowed near marine country under any circumstances. Any repairs here will be done by star fleet engineers. Do we have any idea as to the numbers?” he asked


“There is no reason for them to be in this area. I’ve already checked with security and this is what we came up with so far, tell me if it works. Marines on the hull repairs, shuttle bay and shuttles themselves, to bring the pirate crews into the ship, and around the perimeter of the ship itself. You all can check in everyone coming onto the site, and that leaves internal-ship to Security. Then if it all goes to he## you will already be outside and can deploy your heavy weapons against the pirates without being restricted by space and civilians.” She was reaching for her own combadge when the com chirped.

=^= Jen to Counselor Edman. I have revised numbers for you. Exterior workers on the hull plan for 40 and the same number within. That is fewer than I had thought so we have room to work with - but plan on round the clock shifts of these numbers. =^=
- Jen, XO

=^=Acknowledged commander.=^= She closed the com and looked at Qrow, “80 total.”
Lt Edman

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll deploy the marines in four lots. Morning, afternoon, evening and night. That’ll keep the ship secure 24/7” Qrow said simply as she looked on his computer for the names of the sergeant he was going to need “We’ll be in full kit and I’ll deploy a heavy weapons team at the main check point. Nothing says back off like a group of fully armed and armoured marines.” he added.

Revna nodded, she’d seen it first hand. If that didn’t make the pirates pause she didn’t think anything would.

“Do these people have any cultural taboos like women are lower in class or men are?” He asked.


“No. Or if they do it is well hidden. The cot and I spent a long hour with Alfo and Shade, their leader and his head military advisor. Dealing with just women didn’t seem to phase them at all. What also didn’t phase them, was the sight of our massive security chief. Their leaders at least are not faint of heart.”
Lt Edman

“Or their good at hiding it.” Qrow said simply “It would be interesting to meet this Shade. Get to know him and might giv us a clue as to how he conducts his ‘Military’” he added taking another sip of his copy “What was your impression of him?” He asked


Revna shook her head, “He’s scary. He has exceptional self control. Through an hour long meeting the man never moved. And I mean never. No shift in weight, no fidgeting, nothing. Not even when they realized we’d disabled their coms and weapons. Not unless Alfo directly spoke to him, and even then it wasn’t even words just a nod or a flick of his eyes. Except,” Revna grins wickedly, “when we gave him a gift. I arranged for the captain to give them each a small token of good will. It made him very very angry. Alfo said it was because he is now in our debt. It’s possible and a common concern of different cultures, but Alfo wasn’t bothered by it. So I’m not sure that is the whole story. But my over all impression is he is formidable and someone to watch with caution. Alfo was animated, talked, he had tells, though I wouldn’t hazard a guess what they mean. I’m sure Shade has them, but he’s very good and keeping them concealed. He’s hard to get a read on and make any judgement.” She glances up at the clock, “You might get more out of the CoS. He’s back on board now and he’s the only one who has returned so far.”

“OH and before I forget this tidbit…remember I’m just the messenger. The XO has told security to dress in fatigues. Oh how did he put it....’ He wanted to be devious. He wants to put security on detail with the workers in the ship dressed in fatigues. Not to ‘be’ marines, but to disguise that there is a ‘second’ force that is more knowledgeable about the ship defense. He’d like the pirates to see overt forces and think that is it. He said it’s not a matter of making them marines in any form but subterfuge. He doesn’t trust them and wants as many aces in our hands as possible. Right now they see soldiers and they see these Starfleet uniforms and they look different. If they think all they have to contend with is people in fatigues then we have a very strong ace in the hole.”
Lt Edman

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