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D’vash followed the captain’s lead and stood as well. “If you’re looking for volunteers to stay behind, Captain, I’m sure my skills can be of some use here.”

Odinson (CIO)
Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Mardusk selected ten names and then said “I need to go make the necessary preparations.” He looked at Alfo and said “I’ll send word when we are ready to receive your contingent. Shouldn’t be more than fifteen minutes or so. If you’ll have them assemble in the docking bay by our shuttle, we can beam them directly aboard… give them a taste of the process.” and he smiled slightly. He looked at Kelly and said “Captain, I’‘l go and get the necessary permissions set.” He walked out the door and once in the passageway and away from being seen tapped his communicator and said =/\= Mardusk to Atlantis. One to beam over. =/\= and he disappeared in a swirl of blue lights.

Mardusk, CoS

OOC: I won’t make a big deal out of it, because it doesn’t make a difference, but you’re communication devices have not and do not work due to jamming.

“You’ll only need 9 others, Lt. Mardusk, that is, if the captain allows me to stay behind,” Odinson added.

Odinson (CIO)

Kelly nodded at Odinson happy he volunteered. The man had a way that made him appear to blend in when needed. This was an asset because Odinson’s background in intelligence meant he could gleen info from things others didn’t bat an eye at.

Kelly Bordeaux

To do the repairs efficiently there has to be at least a half a dozen engineers, perhaps more.


OCC: We can assume that Kelly left as many people as needed if that is okay with you. ~ Kate

Barring any specific interference from your crew the repairs will be done , for the most part in 6 days… The rest of the supplies would be put in the cargo bays for eventual repairs by the Atlantis crew. The pirates presume, and the equally, feel that both sides would be best served by the Atlantis leaving their base as soon as possible.


As people began to move about doing their jobs, D’vash did his best to surreptitiously blend on with the crowd of Starfleet personnel aboard the pirate ship. And as he moved with the crowd, he was ever observant: watching, listening, smelling, sensing. . . . His intent was to find somewhere private he could sneak off to where he could tap into the ship’s computer and communication systems. . . .

Odinson (CIO)

Crewmembers were heavily outnumbered on the pirate ship. There were no times there wasn’t a half a dozen people watching the crew in engineering where 90% of the modifications were occurring. The only real chance was to pretend to be fixing or reviewing a repair and then trying to hook out a tricorder/computer into the engineering system and hope that one wasn’t seen, and that the electronic incursion was also not noticed by firewalls. But again you are welcome to try (before you try please inform me of background that would make you better or worse at this sort of electronic espionage.)


OOC: Luke I sent you an email regarding the above.

IC: The CIO finally made his way to engineering hoping to gain the assistance of Drayke and Styxx. Approaching the two, he glanced around making sure no unwanted ears were listening. Speaking in hushed tones, he said, “Commander, Lt., I’m here to (ahem) assist you. Can you set me up underneath one of these consoles or a jefferies tube so that I can break into the ship’s computer and communications? You do that, and I’ll do the rest. Just keep the pirates off my back while I’m in there.”

Odinson (CIO)

The section wasn’t patrolled as much as it was observed. There were several pirates working in conjunction with the Star-Fleet teams and several just standing around watching. The one thing that was carefully regulated what part went were and why.


Jacen arched an eyebrow as he looked over at Odinson. This was peculiar if it was any other task, now though this felt like it might as well be par for the course. “Sure, if you get caught though I never saw you.” Jacen said as he nodded for over at Styxx to help him remove a panel near a junction they had just finished. “Careful on the wiring inside, this isn’t FOSHA friendly, a lot of loose wires and open ports.”

Drayke, CE

D’Vash nodded and grabbed a hyperspanner and the pirate equivalent of a tri-corder. Once inside the jefferies tube, he began scanning for conduits linked to the ship’s computer system. Extensive intel training had given him the skills to hack into many different systems without leaving a trace of his activity. He wanted to gather as much intel from their database as he could while at the same time tap into their comms system to monitor communications. . . .

Odinson (CIO)

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