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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Bridge Main Sim

Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (GM) in Bridge Main Sim
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Jen pondered this. He did want this to be a viable initiative but he simply wasn’t sure it was viable. But, where he couldn’t see it, maybe they could help him to see it. “Okay, here is a list of the damages and where it is. This incorporates a lot of time and a lot of people not to mention materials. Can we get away with this?” He brought up the damages on a side screen for everyone to see.

Central Power Conduit:
Decks 5-9 burn out – Damage 38% Effectiveness 70% - Projected time of repair 900 person/hours. Materials required, star-base preferred.
Computer Network:
Multiple terminal burnouts – Damage 9% Effectiveness 99% - Projected time of repair 200 person/hours, minor material needs
Sensor Systems:
Long Range Damage 32% Effectiveness 82% - 3 emitter pallet destroyed, 5 damaged. Projected time of repair 71 person-hours – materials required.
Holographic Systems:
17 forward - Offline, Gym - Offline, Cargo Bays - Offline. 17 forward, Gym repairable 170 person/hours. Cargo Bays no parts available.
Warp Drive:
Main Manifold Damaged/Warping - Damage 18% Effectiveness 72% - Star Base required.
Impulse Drive:
Damage 24% Effectiveness 82% - Parts required, Star-Base preferred. 1800 person/hours
Damage 14% Effectiveness 62% - Parts required – 2400 person/hours
Phasers Damage 32% Effectiveness 68% - 1200person/hours – parts needed
Torps Damage 8% Effectiveness 99% - 200person/hours
Probes Damage 14% Tubes Down 2 Effectiveness 92% (repaired with torp launchers above)
Other Systems:
Science Labs, Tractor Beams, Transporters, Crew Quarters, Arboretum, Shuttle Bay – parts required

Jen, XO
OOC: Thought this might be a better picture of what we are looking at and the time involved .. Gene

OOC: I’m going to move us a little ahead in terms of location. You can continue playing without a jump if you’d like.

IC : The Pirate Ship, whose name they finally learned to be Craven’s Nest. Led the Atlantis deeper in the asteroid field and behind a layer of mobile mines. Out of providence or just based on a well designed search pattern, the probe the Atlantis launched earlier was beginning to close on the location of this base. The pirate ship basically landed in a cleared area . In an area surrounded by dozens of habitation units.

The Atlantis was also asked to land. Over time they erected a huge flexible bubble around the Atlantis, but not the Craven’s Nest, and pumped if full of air. Like an army of ants the crawled over the exterior of the ship fixing both critical and cosmetic damage. They also using trucks, and if you are willing your transporters to send massive amounts of raw material to repair some of the internal damage.


Lera had assisted with prioritizing the systems in rank of need. She was glad, to some degree, that the Arboretum wasn’t stuck at the bottom of the list with the gym. Sure it wasn’t hydropnics or Science Labs, but the oxygen and sanity benefits were something she couldn’t see the crew going without. Especially with everyone slightly on edge and on personal guard at all times while the repair happened.

She came to the bridge once the barriers were set and aired up and the repairs had begun. “Captain, we have begun repairs. Breathable atmosphere outside the ship, as well. I have to admit, they are efficient. I had expected space suit repairs or smaller atmosphere tents in some of the larger area. We have decreased our original time estimate a bit. I don’t have the numbers, exactly, but I’m sure we’ll not be here as long as we first thought. Is there anything in particular you want watched over more than others? Obviously those mechanics in the ship are security escorted and we can do most internal repairs ourselves if we have the materials.”

OOC: Yes strangely efficient.

She then stepped to the nearest console to see if everything was running smooth or if there were glitches to report already.

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OOC: Looks pretty good to me .. though the CO is still to my knowledge on the pirate ship/base .. gene

“Very good,” Jen said. “Make sure that we have two impulse engines online at any time in the event we need an exit strategy.” Warp would be useless in the asteroid field. He felt confident that there would be no major issues however there were others about that were behind the pirates and he didn’t know what hand they held in this celestial poker game. He knew the impulse engines needed work but they had four to work with.
Jen, XO

Impulse engines would be better repaired by them being off, but it wasn’t impossible. The pressing issue right now was figuring out how to use the tools available to straighten the warp manifold. What should happen is the drive chamber is removed and the manifold is straightenen by brute force. But removing the chamber requires a high tech holding system which they don’t have.


“We’ve got four engines. Lieutenant I will take your recommendation of two or one being available. And with that would that slow repairs too far? Are there further issues with the system that we may yet have? For pirates they seem pretty orderly.”
- Jen, XO

Jen pondered what they might do next. He wasn’t feeling confined like others in the ship might feel with them being Navy and the openness of space their home. He was used to bunkers and limited areas of engagement. This was nothing less than a base in hostile territory to keep secure. Perimeter security, as Mardusk has said, was their forte and the marines would be best at that. And would give them a good focus. These people wanted a trade in tech. Nobody wanted to have casualties and they likely didn’t want to risk their basket of goods. Pirates preferred an easy target and a battle risked the destruction of this ship and anything they might gain. Still, Jen didn’t want to make it look ‘easy’.

He hoped to be in touch with the Captain. He had a failsafe option that he wanted to go over with her.
- Jen, XO

=^= Yes Counselor =^= Jen replied to her chirp on the comms.

OOC: Sorry forgot to cross post here too.

=^=Marines are all set and RSM Qrow is deploying the marines. He’s going to run it on a four shift rotation. Also he said he’ll be by to inspect the security officers wearing fatigues to make sure it’s believable. He raised concerns about the security officers not wearing armor like the rest of the marines. He also raised the point that Alfo and his group have already seen both Lt Cmdr Mardusk and Lt Styxx. I’m on my way to speak with Lt Cmdr Mardusk.=^=

Jen pondered that news and frowned, thinking. =^= A light inspection, Counselor. One can’t go too wrong with fatigues and they know which end of a weapon is up. As for the armor, lets keep the marines on the exterior of the ship and entries to be geared up. Any marines ‘inside’ the ship can be without the armor - that goes for the marines as well. This way when they see us they will see that there is a consistency with the uniform for what might be ‘operational - or outside dress’ and ‘observational - or inside dress’. It would perhaps make sense to the pirates that one was more ‘mobile’ on the ship and hence less body armor. =^=
- Jen, XO

He had been handed a report that suggested that it would be approximately a week for them to complete the bulk of the repairs. That was acceptable and they could pull off a firm security stance in that time without exhausting anyone.

This brought up the next question that he needed to look ahead to - once this exchange was over, what would they then do in this space and how did they get home? Or should they linger here longer to see what good they could do for relations. Which, as Jen mused over this thought that to be a tad ironic that they were consorting with pirates and had created a potential ‘diplomatic’ incident on a station. Yes, they were getting a grand old reputation here.
- Jen, XO
OOC: I can’t recall .. do we know where we are in relation to the galaxy and how far away we are from home?

Beta Quadrant, 50,000 light years… give or take.
Lt Edman
OOC: Meh, just a walk in the park for travel .. 50k eh? Okies.

OOC: It took less than 5 minutes by Quantum Ellipse.

The Pirates seemed unaffected by the close in security. There were a number of questionable items that security officers/marines had to request engineering to review to be sure that was used for engineering tasks. During the searches there was one other thing of note. Every once and a while a part, cable, or panel… always something fairly large with a radioactive isotope.. nothing biologically dangerous, but it did radiate in a detectable range.


Lera spent the time going over the rotation of engine shut downs and maintaining at least a modicum of normalcy and usage in case of an emergency. She double checked everything and sent the repair rotation schedule to the XO’s terminal to look at at his leisure. The next thing she did was double check internal cameras to be sure all repairs and guests were being monitored.

When the radiation level spiked a moment the first time, she made note of it, then dismissed it. They were dealing in less than perfect parts. Certainly some things would be contaminated depending where it originated. When it occured the second time, she frowned. The third time, she shook her head. “Commander,” she turned to glance at the XO, “I am picking up nominal radiation signatures from several pieces of replacement parts coming across the ship. Do you want to me to investigate or just track the pieces?” She wanted to run down and find out where the irradiated pieces were coming from and where they were being placed. Too much radiation in some places on the ship would have adverse affects. Was it hiding something else, or was it just ‘bad junk’ the pirates were trying to pawn off on the Atlantis. And if it was the later, were they aware and conscious they were doing it?


Jen rubbed at his chin. That sounded more like intentional than incidental. Radiation. Possibly used for targeting? Was there something ‘in’ them? “What are they and where are they? Is it something we can pull one of them out to examine more closely? These could be sensor markers - to locate us in space, or perhaps even aid in weapons tracking. But that is just my suspicious mind working.”
- Jen, XO

OOC: You can do either, stop them before they put them in or pull them out afterwards. The pieces were non-mechanical items, metal beams, wall replacements. with only a few exceptions were the parts even necessary. Most of the strangely irradiated items were cosmetic. Just get an person to do it and I’ll forward more information.


“Run a full scan of them. Are they just irradiated or are they infused with something else? Pull a couple without the work teams noting it and give it a full analysis. And speculations on they why. This isn’t random. Do they all have the same radiation level. Can it be shielded or neutralized? Painted over if need be.”
- Jen, XO

The parts were uniformly radioactive, as if they were made from the same ore/material that had an isotope that was breaking down. Thus they all did have the same radiation level. This was not a paint or an post production addition, the item itself was radioactive, there were ways to make the radioactive element to break down faster but its much more intensive than removing the items would be. The radiation shouldn’t be too detectable outside the ship, but it definitely would leave a trail if someone was looking.


OOC: Bump .. awaiting the report :) .. Gene

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