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Posted by Civilian Evrilla (Chief Medical Officer w/ specialty in Pathology) in Sickbay

Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Sickbay

Posted by Civilian Evrilla (Chief Medical Officer w/ specialty in Pathology) in Sickbay
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Jen came into sickbay. He didn’t need to but wanted to see what was happening there, if anything, and make an inquiry.

Pausing in the doorway he saw Evrilla. He had not met her and, admittedly, had been behind in his checks with newer crew, especially the officers. His military past tended to have closer contact with his next in rank soldiers. This Starfleet model appeared less connected. Or perhaps he was not in that swing of things. What he had first noted was that Evrilla was Aenar, but yet, not appearing typical of her kind. It had been a while since he had seen anyone of his ‘kin’ per se.

Pressing his legs back into motion he approached her. “Doctor. Apologies for my tardiness in not greeting you earlier.”
- Jen, XO

Evrilla turned quickly, caught off guard by Jen’s sudden appearance. “Commander!” She paused as she registered what he had said. “There’s no issue, really, this is a hectic time. You can’t be everywhere at once, and a single doctor is hardly the most pressing item on the list.” Truth be told, she wouldn’t have been surprised if he ignored her presence altogether. “What can I help you with?” Having regained her equilibrium, Evrilla took the time to look Jen over. She didn’t see any obvious injuries, and she was surprised to note he was slightly shorter than herself.
-CMO Evrilla

His antennae caught her vibes so to speak and didn’t miss the obvious physical examination to triage him into the patient or other category. “I was curious,” he began, moving about slowly and running a hand along a bio bed. “The .. pirates are aboard doing repairs and replacements of equipment. I was curious .. whether there had been any work related injuries from them. Or for our people for that matter.”
- Jen, XO

Evrilla flushed slightly, realizing he had noticed her scrutiny. “Ah, I don’t remember any unusual reports. Small burns and cuts on our side, no reports from the pirates.” She pulled out her PADD to check, skimming through quickly. “No, everything is par for the course so far.” She paused, debating digging further. “You have… concerns?”
-CMO Evrilla

Jen had had very little exposure to the Aenar. He had a fascination aversion to them with their telepathic powers, and wondered how she would physically examine someone she could not see. That may be for another time, however. However, some were not which made it more confusing. Perhaps she was one of those few -and seemed to be.

“We’re stuck in a whole different quadrant with no backup and essentially letting pirates fix our ship while we’re docked at their reputedly ‘secret’ base,” he replied dryly but with a tone suggesting that he found the challenge appealing. “As for injuries, I would expect some. If I was a pirate with any element of curiosity I’d work in a way to get to see sickbay too.”

“Fair enough. They may be avoiding seeming weak by being injured,” Evrilla offered. “I’ll let you know if anyone suspicious comes through.”

“Thank you,” Jen said simply. He had not considered that as an option. It didn’t sit well with him that it would be so, but that did not make it impossible. Cultures were many and varied.

“How do you handle the hot temperatures that are .. comfortable for most others here?” he asked. Evrilla could tell it was an honest question.
- Jen, XO

Evrilla simply gestured down at her outfit. “I made my daughter’s clothes entirely out of cooling fabric. My own have cooling panels in between layers. I don’t wear the uniform, but I did my best to match the color and style.” It payed to know how to sew. There was no point in confusing everyone about where she belonged.

“It fits,” Jen said. “Cooling panels. Very clever.” He had had suits before but they had been uncomfortable and negated the benefit. Soldier uniforms did not easily allow for such creature comforts. He tended to have his quarters cool, but not too cool. There was something about training and not getting too inflexible physically. A daughter. To Jen she didn’t look old, though he was a poor judge of age, and the Aenar were ever enigmatic to him. “You are mated then,” he said simply, logging that, which was a distinct assumption on his part.

Evrilla smiled wryly. “It doesn’t bring it down to a comparable temperature, but this is hardly the most uncomfortable I’ve been for the sake of survival.”
-CMO Evrilla

That perked an intriguing thought to Jen as to what she may have been through. So few Aenar were off world, at least to his understanding.
- Jen, XO

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