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Morning folks

In the interests of keeping me sane and trying to work out the virtual pin the tail on the donkey effort for figuring who to give jobs to .. please post in here where you are in the sim - Pirate Base or Atlantis.

For those on the Atlantis .. if you’re not engaged just shout there and I’ll get you working at something sim related. I’m just a little confused on who is where right now, or where people think they are. I can suss out some of you, but want to make sure you’re about as well.

Thanks in advance. Gene

Sickbay on the Atlantis.

I’ve been going back and forth between Security/Marines/Bridge. I’m not doing anything at the moment but I’m fine continuing that role, or where ever you need me.

Odinson is on the pirate ship. –Terry

River is on the pirate ship. But I’m also playing an NE Regimental Sargent Major Qrow, the marine second in command and he’s on the Atlantis coordinating the Marines.

Beauty. Thank you for those who have posted thus far :) .. Will see about getting y’all involved there .. Gene

I believe I am on the bridge of Atlantis walking around with the repair alien (pirate) team.
(Rusty)Three of Five, engineer

Mardusk is on the Atlantis trying to get the holodeck con going… I think.


Rightie .. as there is that tour delegation going through .. let’s do alt timeline to bring us back to that holodeck caper .. I’ll bring in some of you for that … and then wing it.

Kelly is wandering about like all good captains should not doing much but just “supervising” lol. Since Gene is on the Atlantis I say we keep her on the pirate ship just so we have two command teams if that fits with what Luke and Gene have going. As always Luke if you need me to be somewhere or do something I give you full permission to pick me up and place me where you needed me and I will roll with it like I had always been there ~ Kate

Jacen Drayke is on the pirate ship. We did have to shift positions so we have a new CMO. It is Evrilla so I am not sure where she is but I am sure she is flexible enough to start up if we give her a location. ~ Kate

Nash is on the Atlantis, I think…


Ok, so I actually lost where Three of Five truly is.
Three of Five, engineer

You’re in the Holodeck - Engine Caper thread :)

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